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How to convert a PDF file into WordComment convertir un fichier PDF en fichier Word


If you want to modify the content of a PDF document or copy the text for use in a word processor, simply use the “export to DOC.” Note: The conversion to Word function is optimized for the 2007 and 2010 versions of Word (export in .docx).

1/ You need to open the file that you want to convert with Soda PDF. Soda PDF is capable of converting one document to Word at a time, the one currently open in the main window. Click on the “Create and Convert” tab.

Create Convert Tab

 2 / Click on the “PDF to DOC” icon.

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How to create & convert PDF filesComment faire pour créer et convertir des fichiers PDF


The term “Convert” generally means that you convert an existing PDF file into another format. We use the term “Create”for the process that consist in creating a PDF file from another format or from a scanned document.

Soda PDF can convert PDF into the following formats:

You can also create a PDF from any file that prints (Word document, image, text…)

 Le terme «convertir» signifie généralement que vous convertissez un fichier PDF existant dans un autre format. Nous utilisons le terme «Créer» pour le processus qui consiste à créer un fichier PDF d’un autre format ou à partir d’un document numérisé.


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