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Soda PDF Presents: The Best Photo Recovery Software


Best Photo Recovery Software


No you did NOT JUST DELETE all your photos, did you? Sounds like you need one of the best photo recovery software of 2020.


It happens. Don’t worry, you can get them back quickly, and usually for little to no cost.


We spent god knows how long reviewing over 20 different deleted photo apps, and these 7 came out on top. If you want the best solution, Stellar Photo Recovery crushed it. It can recover any lost photo, file, video, or audio clip in no time. It’ll be like you never even deleted accidently (Or…not accidently…).


It’s not for everyone though. You might want something cheaper or free. If so, keep reading!


NOTE: If you’re looking to get your deleted photos back on IG, Kik, Snapchat, or other social media, skip to the bottom section.



What to Look for in a Photo Recovery App



Not every piece of photo recovery software is created equal. Far from it.


Some are only compatible with one device or operating system. Some could probably recover stolen artwork from the Louvre if they had to.


Others can scan an SD card in a microsecond. And some of the ones we tried are still working on piecing together our old photos.


So what should you look for in a deleted photo recovery app?


The 4 criteria we tested:


  1. Recovery Power: This has to come first. You want a program capable of recovering as many different formats as possible. Most just work with JPEG and PNG. So if an app can recover RAW, audio, and video too, that gives it a huge boost.
  2. Security: The last thing you want is software that jeopardizes your personal data. That’s actually a common threat from free software. We made sure to test everything. Each of these apps is malware-free.
  3. UX: If recovering your photos is harder than restoring Renaissance-era paintings, what’s the point? Some of the apps we tried were impossible. Others basically had a big button that said “undelete”.
  4. Supported Devices: Most programs are just for recovering photos from a hard drive. But what about an iPhone, Android, external hard drive, or SD card? Device compatibility was a major ranking factor here.


Quick Overview of the Best Photo Recovery Apps 2020



In a rush to get all of your precious vacation photos back after dropping your SD card in the toilet? Furthermore, or more importantly, how did you manage to do that?!


Here’s a quick overview. Choose what catches your eye!


The best of the best


Stellar Photo Recovery (Formerly Stellar Phoenix)


The best and it’s not even close. Recover, repair, and even preview images/videos before saving. Supports nearly every device imaginable, but still simple to use.


The only option for serious photographers and businesses.


The best FREE photo recovery tool for Windows




Simple to use, powerful deep scan, and an intuitive interface for Windows users make this the best free photo recovery tool for PC lovers.


The best FREE photo recovery tool for Mac


Disk Drill


A full data recovery solution available 100% for free. Familiar interface for Mac users, and even works with iPhone and Android devices.


The best paid tools


  • Yodot – Fast recovery for Mac but expensive.
  • Wondershare – The most features, but cumbersome to use


The Best Photo Recovery Tools 2020 Review




Stellar: Best Photo Recovery Software


Stellar Photo Recovery absolutely crushed it in our tests, and it’s the top rated photo undelete app on some of the biggest review hubs like Top Ten Reviews and Smart Photography.


You think the Godfather and Lord of the Rings have a lot of awards?


Try winning awards or high ratings from sites like:


  • Tech Radar
  • Photographylife
  • Top Ten Reviews
  • Tom’s Guides


That’s just the first few.


Stellar Photo Recovery is the only program on the list that lets you recover, repair, and even preview images before saving them so you get them in as close to the exact same quality as they were before you accidently deleted them.


And it’s all for a fraction of the price of some of the other big names.


It was a beast at recovering photos from all of damaged SD cards, and it supports every type of audio and video file imaginable. Did we mention that it works for all major cameras too, that way if you drop your Nikon in the river, you can still get all of those crystal clear nature shots before you drop another $1,000 on an overpriced camera.


And don’t worry if you aren’t a tech whiz, the UX is extremely easy to navigate. Just select the drive or external media, then perform a scan:


Stellar Photo Recovery Standard


Here are just a few of the file formats it supports:


Stellar: File Formats


Fast, high-quality, and more comprehensive than any other program, Stellar Photo Recovery takes the #1 spot easily.


Price: Starting at $39.99.


#2) Recuva


Recuva: Professional Version


Recuva is a fast, simple, and powerful photo recovery tool built for Windows that makes recovering images, music, docs, videos, or any other type of file that you’ve lost a 1-2-3 process.


If you’ve got a PC and need to recover anything from a USB, external hard drive, or memory card, Recuva can get the job done.


It’s one of the few free tools that works on damaged or reformatted hardware, so you don’t have to worry about paying hundreds of dollars to get those photos of your ex…errr…we mean “dog” back.


There’s a premium version available, but it’s not worth it at all. The free version does the trick.


#3) Disk Drill


Disk Drill


Disk Drill is the program you need to recover lost or damaged files on your Mac. It supports over 200 file formats, so you never have to worry about having to pay for multiple programs. This one free tool does it all.


It’s not just for Mac though. Quick scan works on most cameras, hard drives, and USB sticks plus Kindle and iPad!


Disk Drill: Quick Scan


This is one of the easiest programs to use in our opinion. In just one click, it scans and displays all recoverable files and lets you preview them in detail to help you make a decision.


And unlike pretty much every other free tool out there, Disk Drill comes with a suite of tools to help you prevent disaster from happening again. Free tools available include:


  • Data protection
  • Disk health monitoring
  • Mac cleanup
  • Duplicate file finder


#4) Easy Digital Photo Recovery


Easy Digital Photo Recovery


Easy Digital performed great in our tests, and even supports several RAW formats.


We tested it on a Windows 10 computer and it worked great. Actually, it scanned just as fast as Stellar Photo Recovery, which is saying something!


Easy Digital Photo Recovery: Quick Scan


The interface is super easy to navigate, and that’s really what boosts it up into our rankings. It’s clean, fast, and super straightforward, but that’s about it.


If you’re absolutely tech illiterate, this is for you.


The downside is you have to manually search through thousands of results to find the image (s) you want (The search function isn’t as advanced as the other tools), and that could take hours.


#5) Recoverit (Wondershare)


Recoverit fro Wondershare


Recoverit from Wondershare is as advanced as it gets in the industry, with more features than you could ever possibly use. If you’re a professional multimedia studio, it’s worth investing in.


It has all of the features you expect – SD card, external hard drive, camera, and computer recovery – just to the absolute extreme. It recovered video formats we didn’t even know existed yet!



But here’s the real kicker: If your files can’t be recovered, you don’t have to pay a dime.




Note: Recoverit even supports drone cameras!


Those are the best photo recovery software of 2020, but if you ever need to make your photos, files, or important work documents securable, markupable, shareable PDFs, try Soda PDF today! That way, no one can ever delete your things and you never need another recovery program again!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Have you ever tried Yodot, Jihosoft, or Minitool photo recovery apps?

A: Yes, but their performance didn’t match the price. Stellar Photo Recovery is far better and cheaper.


Q: Do I need photo recovery software  to recover deleted IG photos?

A: No, you can recover your recently deleted (Past 30 days) IG photos just by launching the Photos app and going to the Recently Deleted album. Here’s how.


Q: Can you recover deleted Snapchat photos?

A: No, not that we know of. The app deletes information usually within 10 seconds. That’s the whole draw of the app!


Q: Do I need photo recovery software for deleted Kik photos and messages?

A: Not necessarily. There are plenty of data recovery programs that can find deleted messages on Kik or other messenger apps.


Q: What is the best free photo recovery software?

A: The best free photo recovery software based on our testing is either Recuva (Windows) or Disk Drill (Mac).


Q: How do I recover photos after formatting?

A: You should download Stellar Photo Recovery or use a free program to recover your photos. These programs scan your phone for recoverable data then restore it. Stellar Photo Recovery even helps repairs old photos or videos!


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