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The 5 Best USB Microphones for 2019


best USB microphones - thumbnailWelcome to Soda PDF’s best USB microphones 2019 review. We use our fair share of mics for meetings, work, Skyping with our grandparents, and recording, so these ratings come from personal experience! Trust us, the last thing you want to do is drop $200 on a mic that records spotty audio or has grandma asking “WHAT WAS THAT?” more than she has to.


That’s why we created this review!


Whether you’re gaming, podcasting, recording music, or in a meeting, that built-in mic that comes with your laptop won’t cut it.


#1 – Blue Yeti – The Best Overall USB Microphone

best USB mics Blue YETIThe Blue Yeti has been the best USB microphone on the market overall for a few years now, and here’s why:




There are a lot of imitations roaming the Himalayas but this Yeti is the real deal. Just plug in and get to work recording or gaming without spending hours setting up your mic and tweaking audio settings. We love how we can just plug it into any situation and know we’re going to get great audio quality no matter what.


You’ll get smooth and rich recording right out of the box. The “Tri-Capsule” technology inside gives 4-in-1 capabilities, making it great for YouTube channels, voice narration, instruments, singing, interviews, etc.


In terms of quality, value, durability, and price, Blue Yeti is #1.


  • Plug and Play
  • Tri-Capsule Tech for Great Audio (w/ quick pattern switch control)
  • Compatible with all Operating Systems
  • Great Value for Money
  • Versatile (Music, Voice, Gaming, etc.)


  • Heavier Than Most Mics


#2 – Blue Snowball Ice – High-Quality at a Low Price

best USB mics - blue snowballFor number two on our best USB microphones list, we’re moving into more cost-friendly territory.


Like its previous mountain counterpart, Blue Audio’s “Snowball Ice” model delivers crisp, clear audio right out of the box with little to no setup, and at a fraction of the price of other models from the company.


If you want great quality audio (admittedly, not as good as the Yeti) but are on a budget, this is the mic for you.


YouTubers starting their first channel, gamers on a budget, a couple of friends starting their first podcast – just a few of the groups that will love this mic. This is one of the best USB condenser mics on the market and it’s under $100. Can’t argue with that.


The downside is the low bitrate (16), meaning your audio quality is lower than other mics in the 24ish range. But we never have a problem doing voice-overs with one.


  • Outstanding Quality for the Price
  • Great Budget Mic
  • Great Hz Range


  • Bitrate Lower than Competitors
  • No Gain Knob or Headphone Jack


#3 – Sennheiser MK8 – The Ultimate Workhorse for Pros

best USB mics sennheiser mk 8We don’t have a music studio here (we wish we did), but this would be the mic that we’d use to record the next great PDF-themed pop hit (convert it baby! Mark up that doc, yeahhh).


The MK8 from Sennheiser is the ultimate workhorse for pro studio recording, home recording, and professional-level music quality. For music, it’s one of the best USB microphones. It’s the kind of mic recording you’re listening to when you’re stuck in traffic on the way to work.


If you’ve got the money, this is the mic you need hands down. The 5 polar recording patterns cover ANY recording situation from the studio to the basement, and the dual diaphragms provide warm, soothing audio quality that’ll make you melt.


The canyon-wide signal range, tri-filter option, and settings that allow you to record extremely loud sources all make it the best choice for recording pros. Of course, it’s EXPENSIVE so make sure you’ve got the funds.


  • 5 Polar Recording Options for Versatility from the Studio to the Basement
  • Huge Recording Range
  • Workhorse that Handles Everything
  • Crisp, Warm, Clear Audio


  • Overkill for Most Situations
  • Very Expensive
  • Confusing Setup (best for pros)


#4 – The Floureon BM 800 – EXTREME BUDGET MIC

best USB mics bm 800 white studio condenser micIf you’re on an extremely low budget and just need a basic mic to keep around the house or office, the Floureon BM 800 is a logical (and cool looking!) choice.


It does everything you need it to do – decent depth (16 bit), solid recording quality, desk mountable stand – and all for less than lunch for the office.


It will do the trick, but don’t expect too much. There’s a slight audible hum in the background when we use it, but we keep it only for emergencies. For basic recordings, it will do just fine.


  • Very Budget Friendly
  • Solid Recording Quality
  • Mountable Stand
  • Great for Beginners


  • Audible Hum in the Background
  • More Basic than its Competitors

#5 – Shure MV51 – Vintage, Portable, iOS Compatible

best USB mics - shure mv15If you get a hankering for pretending you’re Elvis……or if you just want a good mic that’s convenient, compatible with iOS for easy recording and sharing, and has 24-bit recording depth, the Shure MV51 is a great mic.


The vintage look is what drew us in, but the quality has outperformed even our expectations. So, it didn’t just make the best USB microphones list for its appearance!


There are a few things we really like:


  1. Headphone out jack for real-time monitoring
  2. 24-bit depth
  3. 20Hz – 20kHz range
  4. Built-in kickstand (NIFTY!)


One awesome feature that you won’t find on most other models is the touch panel that lets you quickly control volume and other features. It’s the most user-friendly entry on our best USB microphones list for sure.


The recording quality is as high as other models in the same price range, and it’s a good mic for most recording tasks. It wasn’t as “warm” as other mics, if you get what we mean.


Overall, solid choice for usability, performance, capabilities, and portability. Plus, it’s compatible with iOS, which is AWESOME.


  • iOS Compatible
  • Good Sound Quality
  • User Friendly and Portable


  • Not as Warm as Other Models
  • Some Longevity Issues

The Best USB Microphones: Conclusion 

There are tons of USB condenser mics on the market, so you’ve got to do your research. The best USB microphones for you depend on your budget, needs, and workplace (or home or studio setting).


In our opinion, the best, most versatile mic that’s reasonably priced is the Blue Yeti. But you can find great mics for $50 or less. It all depends on you. Remember, it all comes down to keeping grandma happy on your Skype calls. Enjoy!


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The 5 Best USB Microphones for 2019


And well you’re at it, download Soda PDF to create some professional documents to discuss during your business skype calls!




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