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The Best Voice Recognition Software 2019: And Why Your Company Needs It


voice recognition softwareSiri, what is voice recognition software?”


Voice recognition software triples your speed and makes annoying tasks simple and convenient. If your business isn’t using it, it should be.


But what is it and why do you need it? And how can you choose the right program for your company? Tough question…aren’t you glad Soda PDF has your back (no need to thank us).


Here’s everything you need to know about voice recognition software in 2018:


Voice Recognition Software in a Nutshell

Voice Recognition - Siri

Back when we were kids, you couldn’t really talk to your computer.


Sure, you could sit at your chair, vent your frustrations, and talk about that girl you liked in class that wouldn’t give you the time of day. However, chances are your computer would just sit there and not say anything back. Not a very good friend.


Times have changed….


Now, Siri, Cortana, and a slew of other (but not as cool) programs can recognize millions of words and phrases, work at lightning fast speeds, and even **GULP**, think for themselves….




Instead of listening for individual words, today’s voice recognition programs use advanced neural networks that function like our own brains to recognize the frequency, flow, and accent of human speech. The computers then recognize this speech and either execute commands (Siri, tell me a joke) or fetch information for you (it’s how they know you want bacon and eggs instead of breakin’ and legs).


Basically, voice recognition software helps your computer understand what you are saying and respond (Skynet is real!).


Why Businesses Need Voice Recognition Programs

Voice Recognition

Today’s software is advanced enough to know how you are feeling (based on the pitch of your voice) and to adjust typos in your text based on the context of the other words you’ve said.


However, even the most basic functions of voice recognition software have major benefits that can transform how you do business and increase your productivity.


For example:


1. Triple the productivity:

Dictation is 3x faster than typing on average.


2. Serve anyone anywhere:

Google’s latest cloud speech recognition platform (we cover more platforms in detail below) recognizes 120 languages! Good luck finding a call center that does that. Oh, and what about people who are handicapped and can’t use their hands? Now you can cater to them too.


3. Complete tasks quickly:

Google, turn up the AC. Google, can you make us coffee? Hey Google, do you mind firing Joe in HR? Thanks, he’s a sloth. Life is great now that we have soulless computer slaves to do everything for us.



The Most Popular Voice Recognition Software for Business 2018

Here are the most popular voice recognition service providers on the market:


1. Google Cloud Speech-to-Text:

Voice Recognition - Google Cloud speech-to-text

Google’s speech recognition software is the industry leader. Google Speech-to-Text recognizes 120 languages so you can transcribe audio from call centers, translate, support global users, and execute commands. It even uses its own “brain” to transcribe pre-recorded audio.


It’s an amazing tool. Oh, and it comes with all of the support Google is so well known for.


2. Dragon:

Voice Recognition - Dragon

Insanely accurate, full of features, and complete with “deep learning” AI, Dragon Dictation is a Medieval, fire-breathing beast. The dictation is super accurate, and it comes with a ton of commands (open MS word, NOW!).


What we like best is the software is advanced enough to transcribe your favorite audio files (for example, a podcast) into text to be used on your site. A great option for businesses!


3. Windows 10:

Voice Recognition - Windows 10

You might actually already have speech recognition software on your computer if you’re using Windows 10. It’s nice because it’s free (if you’ve got it already), but the accuracy doesn’t stand up to competitors.


Just turn it on from your control panel and you’ll be able to give voice commands easily.


4. Braina:

Voice Recognition - Braina

Braina is an app that’s best for small businesses. You can open files, search the web, dictate texts, and a number of other convenient features all by speaking into your phone. It even lets you automate certain business processes.


Definitely a good choice if you can’t afford the most expensive programs out there.



Voice recognition software is an amazing tool for businesses. It will boost productivity, help you expand your user base, and give you the delight of having a servant on hand 24/7.


Sure, computers might slowly be taking over the world, but we might as well start making more money by using them before it’s too late!



After using one of these awesome programs to transform your verbal monologue into text, download Soda PDF to manage your new document!

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