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Black Friday Sale 2022 Forecast


This season’s projected spending habits may surprise you!

Who doesn’t love a good Black Friday deal?

As the official start of the holiday season, the reverie, the incredible savings, and massive crowds (the stampedes! the trampling’s!) are all part of what makes Black Friday such an exciting time of year.

As we’ve all come to learn, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on Black Friday consumer habits over the past 2 years. Brick and mortar stores shuttered at alarming rates and both in-person and online sales plummeted to all-time lows. According to Blackfriday.com, the one trend that has been clear is that Black Friday sales have started launching earlier every season to mitigate supply chain issues and to make sure that revenues stay consistent. With mass vaccinations at an all-time high and businesses back up and running at full capacity, the hopes are high for a profitable 2022 Black Friday sale season.

Are we collectively ‘back to business as usual’ for Black Friday 2022?

👉Let’s dive into some of the projected consumer stats to find out!

 Black Friday Consumer Forecast 2022

According to an in-depth consumer study done by Future Publishing, 76% of US consumers plan to shop for 2022 Black Friday deals, with spending predictions at roughly $158 billion. Across the board, statistics are showing that consumers will still be careful, even conservative, with their spending and that it will be on par with habits from the past two years.

Online Sales Soar for 2022

The good news is that online sales are expected to soar this season, with record projections for ‘early bird’ spending for the month of October and the possibility of pre-pandemic revenues. By and large more businesses are putting out early Black Friday sales and we’re no exception!

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