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Jul 22 in  Soda news

6 Tools You Need To Use for Easier Document Management



Are you working from home or are you a business that’s in desperate need of simple and effective document management solutions?

If your desk is cluttered with printed pages or you’re having a hard time organizing your important files or finding and securing critical information, we have the 6 tools you need to use in order to simplify your document management for good.

So what are these tools and how can they help you streamline workflows, increase productivity, and accomplish any of your document goals in just a few clicks? Read on to learn more about Soda PDF, the easy-to-use document management software solution!

Jul 20 in  Soda news

How to Merge PDF Files with Adobe Reader



If you’re stuck on how to merge PDF files with Adobe Reader, don’t worry! Follow these simple tips and you’ll be merging files in no time.

What if I don’t have Adobe Acrobat DC?

If you don’t have Adobe Reader, read on to find out how to merge files with Soda PDF, a free online tool that’s super easy to use.

Get To Know Soda - May 25

Without further ado, here’s our simple guide to combine PDF files into one document. With only a few clicks, you can merge PDFs offline or online in no time.

How to merge PDF files with Adobe Reader

If you have many PDF files to be merged into one document, here’s how to do it with Adobe Reader:

Jul 15 in  Soda news

How To Extract PDF Pages for FREE!



Are you looking for an easy and fast solution for extracting pages from your PDF documents?

If so, we highly recommend Soda PDF’s FREE online Split PDF tool! Using Soda PDF’s online tool, all you’ll need to do is upload a document you wish to split into pages and in turn, convert them into new PDFs.

You can also create a FREE Soda PDF account to enjoy a 7-day trial to our entire suite of PDF tools. More on that later.

For now, here’s how to extract pages from PDFs for FREE using Soda PDF’s Split PDF online tool:

Jul 08 in  Soda news

How To Split PDF Pages on MAC (Using Soda PDF Online)



Are you a MAC user looking for a simple online solution for splitting PDF pages into new documents?

If so, Soda PDF Online is the software you’re looking for! Soda PDF is a PDF document management software that has been an industry leader for over a decade. Soda PDF has all the powerful tools you need to quickly accomplish any task with ease, including splitting PDFs.

Create a FREE Soda PDF account

In order to use Soda PDF Online, you’ll first need to create a Soda PDF account. Once you’ve loaded Soda PDF Online, be sure to click on the Profile icon in the top right corner of the screen:


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