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Feb 18 in  Soda news

The Best Photo Printers Reviews (2019)


Need an awesome photo printer but aren’t sure which one to choose? The last thing you want to do is waste $1,500 on something you don’t need, or worse, something that breaks in 1 month.

 We took a deep dive into more than 20 printer models and these 5 were by far the best. Here are the 5 best photo printers out there in 2019 according to performance, budget, and goals.

 Best Photo Printer Spoiler Alert – READ THIS FIRST

 The Canon Pixma Pro-100S won our contest and it wasn’t even close. If you’re looking for a printer that delivers AWESOME photos and at a price WAY below competitors, get it.

Jan 21 in  Release notes, Soda news

Soda PDF 11 Release Notes


soda pdf 11 is here Are you all excited? Well, you should be, because Soda PDF is coming in strong with another new release!

Some of you may have seen our sneak peeks prior to the release, but now it’s time to reveal everything.

Soda PDF 11 is the newest update to your favorite PDF software. It comes loaded with new features, improvements and bug fixes, all directed towards giving you the best user experience possible!

We are most excited to announce that our Forms received a major upgrade! Read our post on our new Dynamic Forms here & check out the full specs and release notes below.

Jan 14 in  Soda news

Soda PDF 11 Sneak Peek: Introducing Dynamic Forms


soda pdf is comingWe have some exciting news: Soda PDF 11 is coming very soon, and it’s full of new features and improvements you’ll love!

To get you even more excited about the brand spanking new update to your favorite PDF software, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek into one of our new features. But don’t worry, a full list of new features is coming very soon…

Soda PDF 11 is bringing the love to the famous PDF forms with the addition of dynamic forms! What are dynamic forms and what do they do? Keep reading to find out!

Aug 23 in  How-to tutorials, Soda news

How to Use the Format Painter for PDF


How to use the Format Painter PDF thumbnail One the best time savers out there is the famed “Format Painter” provided in Microsoft Office applications. This tool is quite simple, it looks at how text is currently formatted, then applies that formatting to other text in your document. Learning how to use the format painter for PDF is a key tool to make you more efficient.

One of the biggest hurdles when working with PDFs is making sure the formatting remains consistent. You’d open a PDF to make some changes and need to guess the specific font settings. Sure, you could click into each text box and take note of its configuration, but what if there was an easier way.


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