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Jun 05 in  Soda news

The Rise of eLearning During CoronaVirus


CoronaVirus has changed education forever.

Imagine a world where you could attend K-12 without setting foot in a classroom. A world where you could earn ANY degree from ANY institution ANYWHERE on Earth. And all from your laptop.

eLearning is nothing new. But #StayAtHome has forced mainstream education to not only accept eLearning but rely on it. 

Online education will revolutionize everything from child education (and care!) to the entire university structure as we know it.

May 29 in  Soda news

A Digital Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Computer



Summer seems to be finally on its way, a sign of brighter days ahead. Not only is this one of the most opportunistic times of the year, but this also makes for the perfect time to do a (digital) spring cleaning.

Perhaps you’ve taken the time, while working from home no less, to clean out your closet or de-clutter your home by throwing out unwanted furniture or downsizing on kitchen supplies.

Your physical space seems much more organized, but what about your digital space? How is your hard drive looking? Most probably, if you’re like me and thousands of other daily computer users, your device could use some tidying too.

May 18 in  Soda news

The Power of a Custom PDF Progress Tracker


The-Power-of-a-custom-PDF-Progress-Tracker thumbnail

Progress: it is something that we all strive for as human beings.


How we determine whether we are exceeding, or perhaps failing, in certain areas or aspects of our lives is what is often referred to as progress tracking.


The ways in which we determine progress are often up for debate and can lead to differences of opinion. But the main priority is this: we must strive to improve and become better overall for our own personal growth.


After all, evolution is progress. And where would we be as a species if we never learned to walk or let alone communicate?

May 11 in  Soda news

Forgive Yourself: The Most Powerful Way to Form Good Habits


Forgive Yourself - The Most Powerful Way to Form Good Habits

We all fail. That’s what humans do.

Even the happiest and most successful people fail regularly. The only difference is they bounce back stronger. 

Read on to learn how to overcome negative self-talk, accept your faults as a human, and bounce back stronger than before. You can break any bad habit—you just need to overcome your self-doubt!

Reality Check: Everyone Fails!

“When you screw up, skip a workout, eat bad foods, or sleep in, it doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you human. Welcome to the club.” – Steve Kamb, Nerd Fitness


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