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Aug 16 in  Release notes, Soda news

Soda PDF 10.2 Release Notes


Soda PDF 10.2 Thumbnail The Soda PDF Team is bringing you the good stuff – another update to your favorite PDF software. We are happy to announce the release of Soda PDF 10.2 with striking new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Check out the features below to find out why Soda PDF 10.2 is the best yet!

New Features

  1. Format Painter allows you to copy font type, color, size and style from one text item to another
  2. Print Selection allows you to select a specific area of a page and print it.


  1. Enhanced Comment Panel behavior where you click on a comment’s ‘Replies #’ label to view only the source comment and its replies.
  2. Set As Default PDF Application is now available from the Help ribbon and offers a better user experience when setting Soda PDF Desktop 10 as the default application.
  3. Improved Banner Messaging limits assist prompts to 1 per document
  4. Disabling the Message Center from Options now removes it from the Home screen instead of only disabling incoming messages.
  5. New Uninstall Old Applications manager helps remove older unused Soda PDF builds.

View Full Soda PDF 10.2 Release Notes

There’s more where that came from!

Click the image below to access the complete Soda PDF 10.2 release notes. This includes a full list of features, enhancements, and bug fixes. The release notes are available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

May 29 in  Soda news

Soda PDF 10.1 Release Notes


It’s that wonderful time again! No, it’s not Christmas – it’s time for anther Soda PDF release. We are very happy to announce the release of Soda PDF 10.1, the newest update to your favorite PDF software. Soda PDF 10.1 comes loaded with new features, improvements and bug fixes, all directed towards giving you the best user experience possible!

Check out what Soda 10.1 has to offer!

Key Features & Enhancements 

  1. New Spell Check feature allows you to check the spelling in your documents, apply suggested solutions for mistakes. Automatic language detection for dictionaries is also supported.
  2. New Batch Processing features allow you to perform actions on multiple documents at once, instead of processing your documents one by one. 
  3. New Page Snapshot tool allows you to capture a screenshot to your clipboard of the active page in one click, regardless of page size.
  4. Advanced Crop tool on the Pages group of the Edit tab that enables you to crop the pages of your file using the boundary boxes: CropBox, ArtBox, TrimBox, and BleedBox.
  5. New Banner Messaging allows you to get clear notifications when you open your document for actions that can be performed.
  6. New My Signature tool on the Signers ribbon group allowing you to set an appearance of your Signature and Initials and apply it during the e-sign process in order to avoid creating your signature for each package you wish to sign
  7. Improved ability of the Print tool allowing you to print more than 100 copies.

View Full Soda PDF 10.1 Release Notes

This new update has a whole lot more to offer! Curious? Click the image below to access the complete Soda PDF 10.1 release notes. This includes a full list of changes made, including more features, improvements, and bug fixes. The release notes are available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Apr 30 in  Soda news

7 Easy Tips for Successful Teamwork in the Workplace


Teamwork. The buzzword to end all buzzwords. Successful teamwork fosters better communication and leads to more completed projects, which leads to happier clients, which leads to happier managers, which…you get the picture. Or so everyone says. Here are 7 easy ways to get teams working as, well, a team! Just better.


Teamwork is like the Force: it’s everywhere and anywhere and controls everything, but you can’t see or touch it. And only a select few actually know how to use it properly (for better or worse!).

Apr 16 in  Soda news

Create a Printable Calendar for PDF


Planning out your days using calendars is one of the most efficient ways of staying organized. For many people, being able to see their goals and tasks written out in front of them not only reminds them of what has to be done, but also encourages them to actually do those tasks. The printable PDF calendar is a tool that can further improve organization and productivity.

The world is changing, as are the ways that people are using calendars and planners. Many forms of text, such as books, legal documents, journal articles, and so on, have made the transition into the digital realm – and calendars are no exception. It is now easier than ever to keep track of your days while on the go, using printable calendars and your favorite portable document format – the almighty PDF. You can create, edit, save and share digital PDF calendars, using PDF software such as Soda PDF.


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