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Nov 08 in  Release notes, Soda news

Soda PDF 9.3 Release Notes


soda pdf 9.3 release notes

Soda PDF 9.3 has just been released, and it’s packed with new features, bug fixes and feature improvements that will make your PDF experience a whole lot better.

Key features & enhancements

– New SharePoint integration with check in/check out functions

– Revamped home page design to quickly open and create PDF files and toggle viewing preferences

– New message center provides update details and tips & tricks

– New Custom ribbon allows you to personalize a menu with your favorite features

Jul 28 in  Release notes, Soda news

Soda PDF 9.2 release notes


release notes

We recently launched the latest desktop version of our software: Soda PDF 9.2. We’re thrilled to share with you all the new and exciting features, functionality, and bug fixes, including the popular “Search and Redact” and “Search and Replace” features.

Click on the image below to view the release notes of Soda PDF 9.2 in all available languages. It contains a full list of all the changes you can expect to find in the latest version of Soda.

(Available in EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, PT, RU)

Oct 12 in  Release notes, Soda news



Meet the first fully functional online PDF solution on the market. With Soda PDF Anywhere, you can work on your PDFs, well, pretty much anywhere. Available both on desktop and online, you can finally take your work with you on the go. To use Soda PDF Online, all you need is a modern web browser and a connected device (PC, Mac OS, smartphone, & tablet).

Soda PDF Anywhere also offers brand new (and exciting!) features, including batch conversion, Bates numbering, and Soda E-Sign. The batch conversion feature saves you time by letting you convert multiple PDFs at once, Bates numbering allows you to index your important documents for easy identification, and E-Sign makes it possible to prepare, send and track documents for e-signature directly within the app.

May 19 in  Release notes, Soda news

Overview – Soda PDF 8.1 Release Notes


Soda PDF’s latest software update has just been released. Soda PDF 8.1 contains several feature enhancements and bug fixes such as Whiteout tool improvement and compatibility fixes that will help your application run more smoothly.

Click on the image below to view the Soda PDF 8.1 release notes in all available languages. It contains a complete list of all the changes you can expect to find in the latest version of Soda. You’ll also find the original Soda PDF 8 release notes at the bottom of the document for your convenience.


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