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Jul 26 in  Working with PDF, How-to tutorials

How to create a dynamic wireframe in a PDF document



Recently I was faced with a new challenge. I was asked to create a wireframe for a new section of our website. While there a bunch of great wireframe tools, I try to avoid adding more software to my workflow.

Before we get into it, there are definitely apps that specialize in creating wireframes. However, since I’m comfortable using Soda PDF, I realized most of the functionality I needed was already at my disposal.

I wanted to share my journey through creating a dynamic wireframe in a PDF document.

Jul 19 in  Working with PDF

How Freelancers Can Level Up With PDF


freelancers use pdf

Using PDF instantly takes your freelancing game to the next level. Imagine a single tool that not only makes you look more professional, but helps you save, secure, and collaborate with clients…all while helping you save time and make MORE MONEY. It’s really a match made in heaven.

We now pronounce you freelancer and PDF software….


Why Freelancers Need PDF


Just a quick rundown here…

PDF tools like Soda PDF (shameless plug) help you turn your documents into secure, scannable, markup-able (did we just invent a word?) digital assets. Once it’s in PDF form, no one can make changes to it without your permission.

Jul 11 in  Working with PDF

How to Practice Time Management Using PDF as Your Tool


How to Practice Time Management Using PDF as Your Tool

Many of us are Googling how to practice time management in a way that brings results. I don’t often mention myself in these blogs, but time management has been a huge focus of mine over the last while. Another huge passion of mine is how PDFs can be used as a tool to help make our lives simpler. 

It was a natural evolution for me to start considering how PDFs can be used to manage my time. Let’s start with how you should think about PDFs in this process.

The Benefits of PDF

There are many reasons to use PDF as we touch on in this infographic. PDFs are fantastic at the following:

Jul 10 in  Working with PDF

PDF Standards: Full Breakdown and How to Use Them


PDF Standards Full Breakdown and How to Use Them

“PDF standards? You mean there’s more than one type of my favorite digital file format? Can you please explain?! PLEASE!!!”

We get this question all the time from PDF diehards, so we thought we’d fully breakdown all 6 of the main PDF standards. Plus we found two bonus portable document format standards to satiate your appetite.

Don’t get too excited. You’ve still got a blog to read.

NOTE: In all seriousness, if you choose the wrong PDF format for your document, you could run into serious issues securing, printing, or sharing your docs. And you definitely don’t want that. Read carefully and choose the right format.


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