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May 08 in  Working with PDF

A Paperless Guide to Staying Organized


Paperless Guide To Getting Organized - Soda PDF

Are you working from home and feeling somewhat disorganized? Are stacks of paper documents distracting you?

Are you having to rummage through all these printed pieces of paper, possibly exposing you and your fingers to papercuts, just to remember what task you need to accomplish?

Fear not: we have paperless solutions to staying organized that will have you and your workspace feeling organized, relaxed, and in control.

Staying organized while working from home might seem easier said than done, but we assure you it’s possible. Here’s how:

Apr 02 in  Working with PDF, Soda news

Soda PDF is Helping Remote Workers 


Soda PDF - April Access thumbnail

Like most companies, we provide our employees with the occasional opportunity to work from home. In general, most of our employees prefer to work at the office, where they can easily interact with their colleagues, attend meetings and work in a shared working environment. 


We are adapting to our new reality of working from home with the use of technology to support social distancing while also maintaining contact and productivity. 


Soda PDF is giving you access to its remium PDF services, including E-Sign, until April 30th, 2020. 


Our PDF tools can help you modify, annotate and share files while our E-Sign technology can help you approve invoices, sign contracts and maintain productivity in your workflows. 

Mar 31 in  Working with PDF

Everything Income Tax in 10 Minutes (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How)


Taxes - Soda PDF

The US income tax deadline has been extended by 91 days.

We’re going to break down EVERYTHING income-tax related in just 10 minutes. Including how much you have to pay, where it all came from (and its connection to alcohol), and the easiest way to file (FREE)!

A Rebel, A Gangster, and Carrie Nation Walk Into a Bar: The History of Income Taxes in America

Good old’ Uncle Sam earns roughly $3.5 TRILLION every year.

Thankfully, he’s somewhat of a philanthropist, giving most of his money away to fund schools, roads, defense, social security, and other public services (much more on this later).

Feb 06 in  Working with PDF

Create Your Own Valentine’s Day Card With Soda PDF (FREE Templates)


Valentine's Day Cards Templates- Soda PDF

If Valentine’s Day cards be the appetizer for love, read on.

With less than twelve nights to go until February 14th, the time to find the perfect card for that special someone is running out.

Whether you’re looking for that special significant other or looking to to make the 14th a special day for your lover, nothing quite says Happy Valentine’s Day than a personalized card.

Here at Soda PDF, we want to help you share the love this Valentine’s Day. Which is why we’ve decided to help those express how they’re truly feeling by providing custom Valentine’s Day templates for everyone to share this 


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