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The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Team Building Activities


corporate team building

Forging bonds among coworkers through great team building activities builds teams that work well together, solve your company’s biggest issues, and are more productive.


By helping people in the same office have fun, share experiences, and talk about themselves (who doesn’t love that?), you built trust and spawn friendships. It makes us all feel we’re in this thing together.


Corporate team building activities aren’t just kumbaya, smiles, and love— it is a real, hard-lined business tactic that pays back big. It’s an investment in your most important resource: your people.


According to Total Team Building:

  1. 70% of workers are not engaged at work
  2. Companies with engaged employees make 2.5x that of competitors
  3. Employees that are highly engaged are 87% less likely to leave your company


So what’s the best way to get them enjoying work, taking pride in their jobs, and sticking their necks out for one another?


Fun team building activities!


They increase employee performance, foster cooperation, and make people want to stay in your company. If they see you investing in them, they will certainly invest in you.


Scope these stats out:

  1. 85% of errors are attributed to poor communication in the office
  2. Only 50% of employees believe their company discusses issues in a truthful manner
  3. 50% of Millennials support the use of social apps to increase collaboration


The verdict is in: poor communication is a big problem and employees want to socialize.


5 Fun Team Building Games

Do you want to put on an awesome team building event for your company but don’t know where to start?


Here are 5 amazing team building activities for adults that don’t cost much and get everyone having a good time fast.


1. Battle of the Airbands

team building activities battle of the air bands

Split into groups of 3 or 4, and make employees choose who will play each instrument and sing. Now, it’s time for the good part….


Have rival teams pick the songs for each other and watch as everyone tries to outdo the other bands in a battle of who can lip sync the cheesiest songs the best.


Equipment: A microphone, a smartphone, and some props.

Skills: Decision making and cooperation.


2. Zombie Escape

team building activities zombie escape

The perfect game for creative problem solving, collaboration, and zombie carnage. All you’ll need is a rope, a few clues, and a volunteer to be the living dead. Hide a key in the room and leave a series of clues hanging about.


The zombie gets tied up in the corner, and every few minutes you let out a bit more of the rope. If the zombie reaches the group before they find the key, game over.


Equipment: A zombie, a key, a rope, and a few clues.

Skills: problem solving, cooperation, zombie survival.


3. Scavenger Hunt

team building activities savenger hunt

This one is great for breaking up office cliques and keeping everyone busy all day.


Make a list of goofy tasks (take a selfie with a stranger, sing Mary had a little lamb in public, do the YMCA next to a statue) and split everyone into random teams. Whichever team gets the most completed within a set time frame (2-3 hours) wins.


Tip: Create a point system based on task difficulty. Now we’re really putting their decision-making skills to the test.


Equipment: A list of tasks.

Skills: Problem-solving, socializing, prioritizing.


4. Minefield

team building activities minefield

Teams are built on trust. And trust is built on playing minefield.


Set a start and a finish line in an open space and litter the space between with flotsam and jetsam. Cones, chairs, a stapler, you name it—put it in. Divide everyone into random pairs and have one partner put on a blindfold.


The goal is for the other partner to successfully lead the other through the minefield by using only verbal clues. If you hit a mine, it “blows up” and you lose.


Equipment: Anything you can find.

Skills: Trust and verbal communication.


5. Three Truths and a Lie

team building activities two truths one lie

One of the easiest games, this is best as an icebreaker to start the festivities off.


First, have everyone introduce themselves briefly and say something that the group might not know about them.


Great. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time for the fun part.


Split into small groups and have each member stand up and say 4 things about themselves.


The catch is that one of them is a blatant lie. The group then has 5 minutes to make a decision about which one they think is false.


Equipment: None!

Skills: Teamwork and decision making.


Teams with tighter bonds are more productive, more loyal, and more profitable for companies. Investing in your people is the highest-ROI investment you can possibly make.


This guide on fun corporate team building activities will get the merriment rolling ASAP.



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