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This Crucial App Pack Will Keep You Organized


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Today we’re bringing you our ultimate app pack for staying organized, productive, and SANE while working from home!


We polled our whole team and these were the top apps for getting more work done, fast communication, quick meetings, and collaboration.


Work is about to get a whole lot easier for you!


The Best Apps to Keep You Organized Overview


If there’s anything we’ve learned during #SocialDistancing, it’s that we take the office for granted.


Sure, it’s not fun waking up at 6am and sitting in traffic.


But the proximity to coworkers, endless resources, and dedicated spaces for collaboration feel like godsends when you’re staring at your golden retriever asleep on the couch for 5 hours straight and your kids won’t stop screaming while playing Fortnight.


Don’t worry, these are the exact apps we use to create a reasonable facsimile of the workplace at home, including organization, note taking, white boards, and collaboration!


You’ll barely even realize you’re at home!


  1. The Best Note Taking App Evernote
  2. Best Group Chat App Slack
  3. Best Meeting App – me
  4. Best Whiteboard App – co
  5. Best List-Making Apps – Workflowy
  6. The Best to-do List App ToDoist
  7. The Best Project Management App Trello
  8. The Best Mind-Mapping App MindMeister
  9. The Best Inventory App Snupps


The Best Remote Work Organization Apps Reviews


Here’s our list of the best remote apps for work organization:


EverNote – Organize Your Notes in One Place




Take notes in every way imaginable, find information faster, instantly share anything with coworkers – the powers of Evernote are everlasting.


This is literally a lifesaver in a world where information is at a premium and speed is essential.


Evernote’s limitless note taking formats (Web pages, links, audio clips, old-fashioned handwritten notes) and instant sharing make this a game changer.


Here are our favorite features:


  1. Capture inspiration instantly – voice notes, web clippings, images, etc.
  2. Seamless collaboration – manage everything with your team from one place.
  3. Offline functionality – plan, record, or markup anything from any device, even without an internet connection.


Everything is organized in easy-to-search notebooks and according to tags. Have a voice clip for tomorrow morning’s meeting? Tag it morningmeeting. Want to save a web link for inspiration for your team? Just tag it competitorresearch. You’ll love it.


Slack – Stay in Touch no Matter Where You Are


Slack is where work happens. It’s our favorite team chat app. By the way, is that Daniel Day-Lewis in the top left or what?




Instead of an overstuffed inbox, Slack keeps chat history, images, and files all in dedicated channels. Don’t worry, you can easily search for everything.


We organize channels according to projects and teams. That way, nothing gets lost and we turbocharge our productivity instead of fumbling through endless emails.


One feature that you’ll love is scheduling. All you have to do is type the word “meeting” and Slack will suggest setting up a meeting with whichever software you prefer.


Speaking of that, how about our favorite meeting software?


Join.Me – The Easiest Team Meeting Software


Join.Me is by far the easiest meeting software out there.


Keeping projects and teams organized requires constant communication. Imagine how much easier it would be to get a meeting going if all you had to do was drop a link and wait.


Now, imagine how easy it would be to conduct that meeting if features like screen share, annotation, and scheduling were all just one click away, too. That’s Join.Me!


And, if you need to tag-team the presentation, just click “swap” and the software will switch screens.


Create a meeting -> drop a link -> get started. It doesn’t get any easier.


Mural.co – Our Favorite Digital Work Space


Mural.co is our favorite way to visually collaborate and solve key issues. And trust us, key issues are A LOT more frequent these days than they used to be.


It’s fast, easy to use, and has tons of superpowers like murals, 100+ framework templates, and timers to eliminate distractions.


You can even add notes and other markup that are instantly saved.


Now, whenever you need to collaborate or map out an issue, you can just choose a template, fill in some details, and voila – you’ve got a visual map for solving the problem.


Workflowy – Make a Quick Checklist for Anything




Imagine if your entire life could fit inside a single bullet point.


Existential crises aside, Workflowy’s infinite list capabilities give you the power to create a quick, simple checklist for anything and store dramatically more information than just about any other app.


The flexibility of Workflowy is unrivaled. Share the entire forest with the whole team or just a single tree with a single outside person. It’s up to you.


Basically, Workflowy lets you create a list, and then a list within a list for anything in your work or personal life. Housework, procurement, morning routine, pre-meeting prep_anything at any time!


Todoist – Finally: Mental Clarity




Your mind is a massive soup full of thousands of ingredients, each one competing with the others for space at the top of broth.


Todoist frees up your mental space and brings complete clarity to that mess.


This is productivity and organizational superpowers in an app. Honestly, we can’t imagine being able to work from home without it. We’ve never felt so in control before.


We start each day with a clear overview of what must be done first, second, third, etc. This lets us focus our energy on the right things, and relieves everyone’s anxiety. Plus it visualizes your progress through big projects, giving us even more motivation to finish.


Create to-do lists, delegate tasks, prioritize subtasks, integrate with just about any other productivity app_Todoist is a lifesaver!


Trello – Everyone’s Favorite Project Management App




Trello lets you get more done faster, and with almost 0 friction.


Pretty much everyone uses this organizational tool these days.


The simple card/list management system (Known as Kanban) is the easiest, most effective way for teams small and large to stay organized and on task.


And Trello isn’t just for business either. You can organize anything in your personal life with it too.


The best part? There are built-in productivity cheat codes that make Trello way better than other project management tools. Rule-based triggers, custom buttons, due date commands_there’s no better way to organize any task or team.


MindMeister – Visualize Your Thoughts




Mind mapping is an underutilized organizational tool that lets you brainstorm, plan, and then organize projects into easy-to-understand nodes.


Start with a project, break it down into categories (EX: Team members or tasks), then add specific notes or steps in a process that must be completed. Then, check each one off one by one until it’s done.


It’s the fastest, easiest way to complete a project perfectly and on time.


MindMeister is our favorite tool and by far the most popular one online. Everything is web based and sign up is 100% FREE. Just sign up and let the ideas start free flowing!


BONUS – Snupps: Keep Track of Everything


Snupps is the inventory app of all inventory apps.


It’s perfect for organizing everything you own, sharing it with others, and managing sales for everything from your home closet to Amazon warehouses.


Employees taking things from the office? Keep track of everything team members have taken with them – laptops, supplies, etc.


Working from home? Organize everything you have, create a group, and quickly share with anyone in your team! That way, you all have everything you need and won’t buy duplicates.


We love the Groups feature. Own a ton of shoes? Join a shoes group and show off your kicks (Or sell them!).



You’ve been organized before, but never like this! This app pack will keep you organized, productive, and sane while working from home. Try them out and let us know which one is your favorite!


The Crucial App for All Your Document Needs


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