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Document Management Made Easy With PDF Software – Updated


Document management

Anyone with experience in HR knows the feeling: you want to add value to your company and create a work environment that people love coming to in the morning. Unfortunately, you’re so overwhelmed by the endless stream of paperwork that you find little time to concentrate on people. We wish the word “endless” were a hyperbole, but it isn’t. As long as employees come and go, laws change, and company policies shift, you’ll be pushing pencils (hopefully digitally).


Company policies, employee contracts, welcome kits, job descriptions, employment offers, employee files – the list goes on and on. Document management is a perpetual struggle! 


Even if you have gone paperless, dealing with the barrage of documents is still a challenge. Updating docs, keeping them secure, and even working with paper documents and scans is still a full-time job in and of itself.


Soda PDF makes document management easier, helping your HR people spend more time on things that really matter. We’re gonna run out through exactly how Soda PDF can help you with your document management.


Easily Update and Compare

If HR departments had to create a new document from scratch every time someone needed one, they would be throwing efficiency and productivity right out the window.


Enter: The Master Doc.


When you need to make a new employee offer, update a job description, or add in a new company policy into the FAQ’s, it’s as easy as opening the master document, making the requisite changes, and sending it off. Except that practice never goes as smoothly as theory.


New recruits routinely receive job offers addressed to “employee name” and job descriptions often become stale, lessening your chances of catching the eyes of the best talent. 


Luckily, Soda PDF makes it easy to keep track of changes, review work, and ensure that mistakes are avoided. You can make the process of reviewing and quality checking simple and easy with the Compare Documents feature of Soda PDF


The Compare Documents function turns the painstaking process of comparing the edited version to the master template into a simple task.


How to Compare Documents 

By going to Review → Compare Documents, you can view the two side by side. This function will highlight any of the differences between the two, helping your HR people quickly see what changes collaborators have made, so they can make sure all the necessary information has been updated.


Tutorial video: How to compare documents using Soda PDF


1. Go the Review tab and click Compare Documents.

document management compare documents


2. Choose the two documents you want to compare.

document management compare documents 2

3. Compare your documents! The two documents will appear side-by-side on your screen. You’ll be able to see all changes highlighted.

document management compare documents 3


Quick Note: Soda PDF OCR

Soda PDF also gives you the advantage of using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. OCR allows you to turn scanned documents into text searchable files.


When you upload a scanned file, it is just an image. This cuts into time and productivity by forcing employees to retype documents and use manual methods to find and compare information.


OCR puts an end to that by making the files searchable, helping HR pros locate info immediately and make comparisons.


You can access OCR from the OCR tab in Soda PDF.

document management OCR

Make Document Defenses Impregnable

Security is always a major concern when it comes to document management. Not only do you have to remain compliant with privacy laws, but there are often times when you need to prevent others from within a team from editing a document that may be pending review or has hit a snag and needs to be put to the side.


Soda PDF lets you protect your files digitally with advanced security options, giving you the peace of mind you need when dealing with sensitive data like salaries, identification numbers, and home addresses.


Some features include:


1. Password protection

Are you an administrator or team lead and want to protect a document from unauthorized viewing? Password protection allows you to easily set a password on the doc to prevent people from editing the file.

document management add password

2. Restrict permissions

This nifty feature allows you to create advanced layers to your security walls.


With Secure Permissions, you can allow members of your organization the exact amount of access they need. For example, you can allow users to fill in forms and sign a PDF only, meaning they cannot edit the content or make personal comments. This makes it so everyone can view, but only certain qualified people can make changes.

Restrict permissions


For more information on securing your PDF, check out our full blog post here


Maintaining, updating, and securing the endless stream of paperwork can be made easier with some of Soda PDF’s advanced features.


Soda PDF helps make your department’s document management processes more effective and streamlines your process. Less time spent buried in forms means more time adding real value to your company.


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Download Soda PDF to try this all out for yourself!

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