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The Top 5 Document Security Tools To Keep Your Files Safe


Document Security Tools

Cybersecurity is the greatest challenge facing business going into 2020, especially with the rise of the IoT and mobile devices linked to sensitive company data. According to the 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study, the average cost PER RECORD for a data breach is $148. Knowing this, you can see the importance of document security tools. 


Securing your documents isn’t nearly as hard as you might think. With a few document security tools, you can safely protect sensitive documents behind strong passwords and impenetrable encryption. We’re going to share what we use to lock our files tight as Fort Knox (HINT: #1 is totally not biased at all).


The Best Document Security Tools


A quick note on our ranking methods:


We use all of these tools, and most have many more functions than just security. But, we’re just taking the tools’ security into account here, nothing else.


If that were the case, Soda PDF would obviously be #1 in everything… which leads us to:


#1 – Soda PDF

Soda PDF Document Security Tools

Soda PDF isn’t just the best PDF software on the market, it’s also one of the best document security tools.


We’ve set up our Password Protect feature so that it is only a couple of clicks. 


With a strong password, nobody will be able to access the document without the original password you’ve chosen.


Just choose a file you want to protect and click the option. Then, choose your password (make sure you remember it!).


Our PDF encryption level offers military grade protection (256-bit AES), so you know won’t have to think twice with us. 

Easy, safe, free—Soda PDF Password Protect is the best document security there is.


Pro Tip: We also let you add another layer of security to your documents via permissions. That means you can shield the document from those without permission to see. Nobody will know your closely guarded secrets now.


#2 – AxCrypt

AxCrypt Document Security Tools


The runner up for best document security tool is AxCrypt due to how easy and effective it is. It’s PC Mag’s Editor’s Choice for document security four years running.


While Soda PDF is the star for single document protection with a password, AxCrypt lets small teams and businesses protect anything with 128-bit or 256-bit encryption in just a few clicks.


Cool features include cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox) and multilingual support. It’s perfect for international users (languages include Portuguese, Russian, Italian, German, and Korean).


All in all, it’s a great tool and super easy to use. There is a free trial, but you will eventually have to buy a premium plan (We think it’s worth it).


#3 – Folder Lock

Folder Lock Document Security Tools


This is the perfect tool for protecting your personal and company mobile devices so hackers can’t target weaker points in your company’s security.


Since the majority of our awesome team have phones with access to sensitive company data, adding protection to their devices is a huge priority.


Basically, Folder Lock lets you protect files, folders, and drivers, back up files in real time, and protect portable devices. It’s not just for mobile devices, but that’s mainly what we use it for.


Once you lock a file away, it can only be accessed through the software’s interface. Folder Lock creates “lockers,” just like vaults in a bank.


Pro Tip: You can also create wallets with Folder Lock to store sensitive info like your ATM pin and banking details.


#4 – CertainSafe


This cloud-based encryption tool is highly effective and super easy to use. With it, you can keep files, documents, photos, and even private messages safely away from prying eyes. This makes CertainSafe a great contender for the best document security tools. 


One cool perk that we love is the ability to collaborate through the software with the rest of the team and have it fully encrypted (It’s like a secret club!).


It automatically enacts certain security functions if you’re on the monthly plan so you don’t always have to do things manually. It’s a pretty solid option.


#5 – VeraCrypt



VeraCrypt is some of the most popular encryption software out there, and definitely one of the best.


Though it’s not without issues. It’s really easy to use, but it only adds password protection to your data. You also have to input a bunch of annoying data to get started. Maybe we’re just being moody about it.


The saving grace of VeraCrypt is that it’s immune to brute-force attacks. That means a hacker’s computer software can’t just randomly guess ad infinitum until it cracks your password. And the basic version is completely free.


Can’t beat that.


We know Soda PDF started off our list of document security tools, but we encourage to download the app and give it a try.

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