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How HR can simplify employee onboarding with E-Sign


employee onboarding

HR departments all over struggle to make employee onboarding an easy experience. Any task that requires so many moving variables can be hard to manage. We had a conversation with Vincent Poupart-Brunelle, a talent acquisition specialist at The Solaria Group. He shared with us some insight into how Soda PDF Anywhere has helped them.

Who is The Solaria Group and what is your role?

The Solaria Group assists the companies under its umbrella. We handle all their HR, finance, legal, accounting and facility management concerns. This lets them focus on growing their brands.

I am involved with talent acquisition, which is a primary responsibility for the HR team. When a position needs to be filled, I go through resumes and perform phone interviews to find the best candidates. Once an interviewee comes in, I assist the managers with the process to secure approval for hiring as quickly as possible.

What are some of the challenges you face in terms of hiring?

There used to be piles of paper everywhere. All sorts of resumes and contracts covered in notes and scribbles. I wasted a lot of energy looking through them to double check everything was in order.

Everything needed to be signed by multiple people. I would have to email a candidate, then they would have to find a printer and scanner just to be able to send me back a contract. I would also have to look out for when the managers I needed were not busy or in meetings.

This created many stressful moments. We needed a way to manage the paperwork without having to manually track everything.

What solution did you turn to?

We chose Soda PDF’s e-signature option to get contracts signed. It’s easy to program a list of key signers – the people who would be receiving those contracts. We can update that list at any time with just a few clicks. It also lets us create templates and preset layouts for our contracts, which makes everything way quicker. Most of the time we reuse the same format.

Every time we have a new employee that comes in, they start their first day by singing the contract. I used to have to physically go see everyone who needs to sign. Now I just program them in Soda E-Sign, I press send, the first person receives it, the second person receives it, and after the third signature it gets stored into the database right away. Soda PDF also gives us the E-Sign Manager, which lets us see the status of all pending and completed contracts, including a full audit trail.

Not long after we started with Soda PDF, we stopped using as much paper. On top of automating contracts, it lets us leave comments directly on the CVs we receive. We can also update our files on the fly without needing to find the original DOC. Soda PDF has encouraged us to look into other ways to go paperless.

What benefits have you seen since you started using Soda PDF?

Soda PDF has taken over the responsibility of keeping track of everything. I don’t need to worry about it anymore. I don’t need to remember that I need to get a signature because someone wasn’t in that morning. It saves a lot of bandwidth.  

I already mentioned how we use less paper. This directly turned into savings. We don’t have to buy as much paper and ink, and everyone on the team can focus on accomplishing more each week. Making our paperwork digital also makes it easier for new employees to get started that much quicker.

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