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Top 7 FREE Games for Zoom Happy Hour


Free Online Games for Happy Hour


Looking to host a Zoom happy hour but don’t know what to play?


With the Holidays just around the corner and several companies looking to host virtual Christmas or Holiday parties, we’ve polled everyone we know to bring you our top 7 FREE online happy hour games.


Besides, why wait until the party to spend some time relaxing and playing a fun game with your co-workers? Hey, it’s almost 5 o’clock somewhere. Use these games to make any happy hour fun and relaxing for FREE!


Ready to play?


#1) Cards Against Humanity


The world’s most hilariously inappropriate card game is perfect for a Zoom cocktail or two.


After a day of being nice to random strangers, it’s time to be horrible to the people you know best.


We just have some good news and bad news. First, the bad:


Cards Against Humanity is no longer available online for free virtually.


Cards Against Humanity


Now for the good…


You can download a deck for FREE from the website and play with your friends over Zoom.


The dealer shows a black card with a fill-in-the-blank. For example, “you haven’t experienced life until you’ve experienced ____”.


Then everyone else plays an answer in turn. Try to be as awful as you can!


#2) Uno


The only thing that could ever make the Draw 4 card acceptable is a cocktail behind your own computer.


Uno’s mobile app is one of the most popular apps available, and it’s totally free.


Just make a private room with your coworkers and start the game.


It’s on you to make your own drinking rules, but there are plenty of templates online if you don’t feel like doing all of the work.


Here are a few classic rules suggested by our voters. You must take a sip if:


  • You can’t play a card
  • You get skipped
  • You draw 2 or 4
  • When you lose the game


Super simple but lots of fun!


#3) Virtual Bingo


This is one of the easiest, lowest effort Happy Hour games out there. Our only advice is to go slow, because you could really get ahead of yourself FAST if you take this too lightly.


Here’s how it works.


Go to My Free Bingo Cards, and set up your game. The cards look like this:


Virtual Bingo - Happy Hour Games - Soda PDF 12


Select a number of players (up to 10 free), then create a custom link and drop it in your Zoom meeting.


After that, just choose Call to begin calling the game, and the site will randomly generate numbers for you.


Feel free to make your own rules, but we highly recommend against taking a sip every time you call a number. But be our guests. It’s your Happy Hour!


#4) Heads Up (Virtual Charades)

Heads Up is a hilarious modern take on charades, just a whole lot easier and convenient to do over virtual call.


In normal charades, you decide who you want to be, act it out, and everyone has to guess.


Heads Up is the exact opposite.


Heads Up Virtual Charades


Just flip the phone face up on your forehead so you can’t see it. Then, the app automatically selects a random person, place, thing, or phrase for you. From there, everyone else on the Zoom call shouts clues at you until YOU guess.


As long as everyone has the app, it’s super easy.


For example, if you’re Miley Cyrus, everyone will shout WRECKING BALL! Until you guess. If you can’t get it, you take a sip! If you do, everyone else takes a sip.


#5) Scattergories


If you’re a bunch of nerds looking to show off obscure categorical knowledge that’s utterly useless in any other situation but this one Zoom call, this is the game for you.


It’s literally the easiest way to play a drinking game over Zoom.


Just go swellgarfo.com/scattergories/, randomly generate categories, and you’re off.


Everyone in the Happy Hour has to write down as many answers to the category as possible.


For example, if the first category is “countries”, you have two minutes to write down as many countries as possible. For every UNIQUE country you write (i.e, a country that nobody else writes down), you get 1 point.


Each of those points is one SMALL sip. You can divvy them up however you please.


PRO TIP: Swellgarfo lets you set your own categories, so you can add fun work-themed topics like “annoying people in accounting” or “people I hate at work named Steve (there’s only one…).


#6) House Party


Imagine Zoom or Facetime with built-in games 100% free to play and seamlessly integrated into your conferencing experience.


That’s House Party.


House Party is a super fun video conferencing software marketed as “Zoom + games”.


It creates a virtual chat room to share with up to 8 friends. You can then select games like Quick Draw, Heads Up!, and Chips and Guac.


At the very least, it’s a fun alternative to Zoom with some pretty cool features.


#7) Psyche!


This new – but a bit confusing – game from Ellen Degeneres (who also owns Heads Up! By the way) is hysterical, great for Happy Hour, and a little bit insulting. Just the way it should be!


Psych! Card Game


Here’s how it works:


Psyche! is billed as “fake answers to real trivia”.


When playing with friends, you make up a question about someone in the group, then give a set of fake answers. Then, everyone has to choose which one they think is real!


Does that make sense?


Here’s an example. Say it’s Steve’s turn (this guy again….). You make up a question like “Steve secretly has a crush on who?”, and make up 4 answers based on people in the office: Bella, Gretchn, Svetlana, or Latifah. Then everyone votes for what they think the real answer is!


It’s not easy to play over Zoom but as long as everyone has the app, it’s doable!


The Best Apps for Zoom Happy Hour Word of Caution


The new normal isn’t easy, but with these free apps and games, any Zoom Happy Hour could be a blast. Just remember to be responsible, especially if you have work the next day.


Happy Happy Houring to all!


BONUS: 3 free games (no apps)


Who said you need an app to have fun during a Zoom Happy Hour?


A few games came highly recommended by our team here at Soda PDF. Here are the top 3:


Never Have I Ever!


This one is really easy. Everyone writes down 3 things they’ve never done.


When their turn comes, they tell the group one by one. If you’ve done it, you have to drink.


This game devolves into a confession fest the deeper it goes into Happy Hour. Enjoy! Just try not to say anything you’ll regret in work the next day!


The Most Likely To…


This one gets HYSTERICAL after a few cocktails. It’s just like never have I ever, except everyone writes down a few questions like “who’s the most likely to quit this job first”.


Then everyone writes down their answers on a slip of paper, shows them to the camera, and has a great laugh. Whoever “wins” takes a sip.


Truth or Dare


The ultimate classic game. Do we even need to explain it?


The only limitation is that doing a dare is kind of limited to whatever you can do near your camera.


Let’s keep it PG, people.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We (should) have the answers…


Q: How do you make a Zoom Happy Hour fun?

A: You make a Zoom Happy hour fun by playing some games to keep everyone awake. The easiest games are the free ones you play with just your friends and maybe some paper. But if you want something even more fun just choose some of the free apps that we’ve recommended.


Q: What do you do on virtual Happy Hour?

A: You do the same things on virtual Happy Hour that you do in a normal Happy Hour: Drink, talk to friends, and play games. The only difference is you’re in separate rooms. Just start off slow by talking about the day at work, then make your way into playing some fun games together. You’ll love it.


Q: What games are good virtually?

A: Games that are good virtually include Uno, Heads Up, and Cards Against Humanity. But basically any game that doesn’t require human contact can be played virtually. It just takes a little human ingenuity.


Q: How do you host a virtual Happy Hour or party?

A: The easiest way to host a virtual Happy Hour is over Zoom. But more than 8 people and it starts to get really crowded. Download Zoom, drop a link to anyone that’s invited, and bring a drink (plus order some food). The only thing left is a fun game to play. That’s it: You’ve got a party!


Q: How can I finish my work faster in order to play sooner?

Great question, we get this one a lot! One application that can help you get to the Happy Hour games on time is called Soda PDF.

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