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How Freelancers Can Level Up With PDF


freelancers use pdf

Using PDF instantly takes your freelancing game to the next level. Imagine a single tool that not only makes you look more professional, but helps you save, secure, and collaborate with clients…all while helping you save time and make MORE MONEY. It’s really a match made in heaven.

We now pronounce you freelancer and PDF software….


Why Freelancers Need PDF


Just a quick rundown here…

PDF tools like Soda PDF (shameless plug) help you turn your documents into secure, scannable, markup-able (did we just invent a word?) digital assets. Once it’s in PDF form, no one can make changes to it without your permission.

This gives you the ability to create everything from graphic design mockups to terms of service in a secure format that can be instantly shared with a client.

Some awesome PDF companies even have web-based software that lets you access any document anywhere at any time, giving you the full range of amazing PDF features from your phone, tablet, or laptop (not going to say who, but it rhymes with Moda PDF!).

The thing is, most freelancers never think about using PDF. That’s a good thing for you.

Once you realize the power of PDF, you’ll be way ahead of the competition!


#1 – Improve Collaboration And Never Get Rejected Again!


Is there anything worse as a freelancer than sending over a completed project only for it to be rejected?

“Yeah, sorry freelancer. It’s not what we expected. Can you make changes?”

If you’d had PDF, it wouldn’t have happened!

With PDF, you can create digital documents that both you and your client can markup, annotate, or leave funny little drawings on—whatever floats your boat.


draw on PDF freelancers use pdf


So, if you’re a content writer, you can send over your eBook 25% completed, and your client can give you notes in real time using the highlight function or annotation. They can circle, underline, or write wherever they’d like changes (hopefully nowhere…).


highlight and comment freelancers use pdf


If you’re a graphic designer, it’s the same idea. Send over your mockups in a secure PDF, and safely get feedback without a client stealing any of your designs!


#2 – Look Like an Absolute Boss!


Imagine you’re a client fielding freelance proposals, which one would you choose?

A) Some random freelancer that sends over a Google Docs template


B) A clearly driven freelancer that uses PDF and markup tools to create stunning personal branding and sends you a pristine proposal using images, annotations, and even embedded video

Clear bias aside, PDF gives freelancers a chance to make a knock-em-dead first impression.

One freelancer we hired not too long ago used it to create a “terms of service” agreement that really blew us away. TALK ABOUT PROFESSIONAL.

You can even create a media kit or an “about me” document with past experience, clients you’ve worked for, and value your clients can expect from you.

Feel free to add anything else into the mix that you’d like.


Pro Tip: Soda PDF lets you add checkboxes into your documents. They’re perfect for making deliverables or creating a list for clients to review. Say, for example, you have a list of services to offer. Your clients can check off which ones they’d like from you.


checkboxes freelancers use pdf


#3 – Creating Interactive Calendars (Never Miss a Deadline!)


Leveling up means more money, but it also means more responsibility. You have no idea how hard it will be managing the dozens of clients you’ll land from using PDF to pitch clients!

Soda PDF lets you create fun, interactive calendars to keep track of everything from doctor’s visits to client conferences. Track paydays, due dates, meetings, and nights out with friends all in one place—and it’s super easy to create.

Here’s a quick tutorial:

  1. Choose any calendar template (Excel, Google Docs, Etc.)
  2. Click “File” and choose “Print”. Then, choose Soda PDF as your printer
  3. Click “Print”, name your file, and press “Save”
  4. Your calendar will open in Soda PDF
  5. Select “Forms” and choose “Text Fields”. Then, drag it into the calendar
  6. Click “Edit” at the top and fit the form to the appropriate calendar date



Now, you can write anything you want on the calendar date. You can even adjust the font (Comic Sans, please!), choose a color, and underline or highlight the text!

Boom! You got yourself a nice freelancing calendar. Congrats.


#4 – Seamless Integration to Virtual Drives


You can save everything right to Dropbox or other virtual drives and access anything directly from Soda PDF. That means you can work on anything from any device at any time you want.

Soda PDF integrates with:

  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Evernote


virtual drive freelancers use pdf


#5 – Create Stunning Documents From Anywhere for Free With Soda PDF Online


WARNING: We’re about to promote ourselves big time!

Soda PDF Online is the ultimate PDF creation tool, and most of its popular amazing features are 100% FREE.


Soda PDF Online freelancers use pdf


You can turn any file into a stunning PDF or create one from scratch. The choice is yours.

This is the first fully-functional PDF tool online. You can edit, convert, annotate, and secure any document in PDF format.

Now, you can have PDF on the go from anywhere without needing to have local software on your computer or smartphone.

Soda PDF Online gives you access to these awesome features:


We could go on and on about why freelancers need PDF. But we’ll spare you the preaching. If you want to level up as a freelancer, PDF software like Soda PDF Online is an amazing tool. Honestly, we don’t know how we pitched clients and managed our schedules before using it.

Try it today for FREE!


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