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How to Embed a PDF to WordPress


How to embed PDFs to WordPress thumbnail WordPress is a content management system that is used by many to build and maintain websites. There are some incredible metrics behind the number of websites that are powered by WordPress. Considering how many organizations rely on this system, knowing how to embed PDFs to WordPress will give you one more efficient tool.


PDFs are a great way to securely organize information. Websites are also used to regularly communicate ideas. Both PDFs and websites have a lot of crossover in how they are used.


When planning out a new web page, you may find that there is already a PDF containing the same content you wanted to use. Instead of double working, why not embed the PDF directly into the website?


Using an application like Soda PDF, you can edit your PDFs and make any necessary changes to your file. Once that final PDF is ready, you can embed that file to your WordPress page.  


How to embed PDFs to WordPress – The direct method

Because the people visiting your websites deal with things like internet speeds, the size of your PDF matters. The smaller you can make your file, the quicker it will load for the people reading.


If you don’t have the Soda PDF application, you can use the free online service found at https://www.sodapdf.com/compress-pdf/.


Once your PDF is ready, you can embed it to WordPress. Anything you want to embed into your page must first be uploaded to your WordPress site.

  1. Head to the post that needs your PDF.
  2. Click Add Media.


How to embed PDFs to WordPress add media


  1. Click on Upload Files.
  2. Choose your PDF.


How to embed PDFs to WordPress upload file


Your PDF will now appear among the list of media.

  1. Select your PDF file.
  2. Update the Title and other details if necessary.
  3. Choose Insert Into Post.


How to embed PDFs to WordPress choose file


You’ll see the title of your PDF appear as a text link on the page. You can modify the text to fit the look/feel of your web page.

When a user clicks on this link after you’ve published the page, the PDF will open in a new tab.


How to embed PDFs to WordPress pdf link


How to Embed PDFs to WordPress – Using Hyperlinks

When you have a link that downloads your PDF, you can easily use this link to embed your PDF into existing page elements. If you want to know how to upload your PDF to a link, click here to check out our blog post containing those instructions.


Once you have your PDF on a link, it’s a simple matter of adding that link to your page.  We’ll start with linking your PDF to text.

  1. Highlight the text.
  2. Click the Insert/edit Link


How to embed PDFs to WordPress select text


  1. Enter the URL of the link into the box that appears.
  2. Click the Arrow


How to embed PDFs to WordPress link text


You can also add this link to any images found on your page.

  1. Select the link.
  2. Choose the pencil icon.


How to embed PDFs to WordPress select image


  1. Choose Custom URL from the drop-down menu next to Link To.
  2. Enter the URL into the box that appears under the drop-down.
  3. Click Update.


How to embed PDFs to WordPress add link


When it becomes time to update your PDF, you can use Soda PDF to make your changes. As a pro-tip, if you update the PDF in the location the file is stored, when a user downloads your file they will always get the most up-to-date version of the file.




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