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Review: inPixio Photo Cutter 9



inPixio Photo Cutter, the last program we will be covering in our introduction to inPixio, is for users who are looking to change a background or erase unwanted elements in pictures. Simply put, if you want anything removed from your images, be sure cut it out with Photo Cutter.


Ever wish you could make it seem like your family vacation happened somewhere completely different? Looking to make holiday cards with the North Pole as your background? Does someone have a stain on their shirt that is an eye sore to say the least?


If so, inPixio’s Photo Cutter is precisely the program to use for all these instances, and any that will come into frame in the future.


There’s no time like the present, so let’s take a closer look at Photo Cutter as our introduction to inPixio’s Photo Clip 9 (sadly) comes to a close.


Photo Cutter Modules At A Glance

InPixio’s Photo Cutter comes with a few modules to help users cut out any and all unwanted elements from their images.


Photo Cutter 9 Modules


As always, inPixio provides a simple and easy-to-follow, step-by-step introduction to the software for newcomers. Should you be interested, simply click on the Tutorials tab and proceed to follow the 4-stage process to learning the basics of Photo Cutter.


For those who are seeking to learn what truly sets Photo Cutter apart from the rest, look no further than Crop, Cutout and Photo Montage tools. These are the tools that you’ll want to master, depending on what you’re looking to have removed, or looking to accomplish with your picture.


Aiming to adjust the size of your picture to fit a certain frame? Photo Cutter’s Crop module is what you’re looking for.


Is the shirt stain drawing too much attention away from all those beautiful, smiling faces? Use the Cutout module to keep your picture from showing any imperfections.


Looking to add some creative flair? Photo Montage will help add text, stickers and an entirely new background to your image.


Furthermore, the Photo Cutter 9 is truly a fantastic complimentary software to the rest of inPixio’s Photo Clip 9’s line-up, which includes a Photo Editor and Photo Eraser. But for now, let’s focus on discovering all that Photo Cutter has to offer shall we?


For more on each of these modules, let’s take a closer look at all the tools available in Photo Cutter 9.


Crop Module

InPixio Photo Cutter 9’s Crop module is specifically used to adjust your picture to fit that of a standard picture frame.


Users can choose from one of the many pre-determined sizes (5/7, 9/16, 4/5) or create a custom aspect ratio of their own. Adjust the proportions, rotate counter or clockwise and even flip your image vertically or horizontally.


inPixio Crop Module


Straighten Tool

For anyone who has been following our inPixio Photo Clip 9 introduction since the beginning, (SPOILER ALERT!) the Straighten Tool under the Crop module is nothing new.


For those needing a refresher, the Straighten Tool is perfect for evening out your picture if its off kilter by any stretch. Want to add, or perhaps fix, a tilt in your image? Then consider the Straighten Tool your new best friend!




In order to use the Straighten Tool, first click on the icon, then proceed to draw a line across your image. In the example below, I’ve adjusted the angle of the Straighten Tool with the slider.


As soon as you’ve drawn your line across your picture, the Straighten Tool automatically adjusts your image right before your eyes, like so:




Basically, those are the essentials for understanding the purpose of the Crop module for Photo Cutter.  Now that your photo has been cropped, straightened and is in the perfect frame of your choosing, its time to move onto the next module.


Cut-Out Module

The Cut-Out module, as you may have guessed by now, is likely the primary module users will be opening Photo Cutter for.


With Cut-Out, users can mark the areas that they want erased from their image by using a brush or feather to trace around elements in their images. Use Cut-Out to highlight areas of the picture that you want to keep, erase or perhaps even erase the areas that you’ve previously marked below.


The red marker icon signifies Mark the areas to erase, while the green marker icon is to Mark the areas to keep. Click on the eraser icon to Erase the marking from your picture.


Confused? Don’t be. inPixio’s Photo Clip 9 has a very user friendly interface and makes touching up pictures, whether with Photo Cutter, Photo Editor or Photo Eraser, simple and easy-to-use.


Here’s Cut-Out broken down by each specific function within the module:


Mark the areas to erase

In selecting this tool, users can trace around their image by using the Brush Size. Users can increase or decrease in size and diameter depending on how they choose to scale the brush.


Zoom into the image to mark finer details that need to be removed or erased.


inPixio Cut-Out Module


If you simply want to mark the background, start clicking away or click-and-drag that eraser marker around your image to start selecting areas that will be cut-out:


inPixio mark the background


Once you’ve finished selecting or highlighting the areas you want cut-out, inPixio’s Photo Cutter will automatically start processing the cut-out, leaving your image looking like this:


inPixio processing the cut-out


By default, inPixio Photo Cutter will mark the area (in this case the background) with a transparent background, in this case, one that is checkered in white and grey.


NOTE: You can edit the View mode of removed areas by changing the marker color. More on that below.


Now that you’ve Marked the areas to erase, we’re ready to add a completely new background to this happy family photo! But what if you just wanted to keep a certain area of your image instead?


Mark the areas to keep

As mentioned earlier, the green marker icon is used to Mark the areas to keep for your picture, thus allowing Photo Cutter to remove the remaining elements and pixels.




By marking the elements you want to keep in your image, Photo Cutter will do the reverse effect from the Mark areas to remove tool. Specifically, by highlighting the elements that need to be kept, inPixio is instantly cutting out the areas that I do not want to keep, like so:


inPixio Mark areas to remove tool


The fact that users can easily highlight areas, whether for removal or for keepsakes, makes the Cut-Out module one of the easiest and user friendly editing softwares we’ve ever come across. Seriously, inPixio Photo Clip 9 really does make the user feel like a professional with these simple and easy-to-use functions.


But what happens if you make a mistake with your markings? Luckily for you, inPixio’s provided a solution for those moments, if and when they ever arise.


Erase the markings

First, take a quick glance at this photo and see if you can spot the marking issue:




That’s right. Dad in the picture has suddenly lost that thick dark hair of his! And it’s all because of an accidental or mistakenly marked area for removal! Surely there must be a way to fix this error?


One option is to simply use the undo arrow, which is found on the top tool bar pointing to the left, like a back button for example. While this option is certainly a quick fix, the undo will remove all of your markings.


Instead, we suggest using the Erase the marking tool. Much like when you marked elements for removal or to be kept, the Erase the marking tool uses the same brush technique.


Move your brush over the area you want to uncover to erase your markings and within seconds Dad’s hair has magically re-appeared!




So don’t fret if and when you accidentally mark an area to be cut-out. You can always undo, or use the Erase the marking tool to prevent a total re-do of your past markings.



Now that you’ve seen the power of the brush, you’ll want to perfect this technique with the Feather tool. Similar to the brush, Feather is used to blur the transition of the surrounding pixels of your marked area.


inPixio FEATHER tool


Using Feather will make for a seamless transition of cutting out elements. Take a look at the image below for an example and notice that the lines are blurred from Dad’s hand on the mom’s shoulder:


inPixio Using Feather


This way, when the family’s background eventually changes to something completely different, the background won’t seem out of place or jarring. By mastering the Feather tool, users can easily improve the transparency between the foreground and background, so that no details (or pixels) are remaining from any unwanted elements within your image.


View mode of removed areas

Again, by default, the View mode of removed areas will be a Transparent background, which is checkered in white and grey, like so:


inPixio Transparent background


Color background allows the user to select a color to represent the marker of their choice, either for the purpose of erasing or keeping. For example, here’s the Mark the areas to erase tool but now highlighted with a solid blue color:


inPixio Color background


There’s even an option to have the background turn black, again depending on whether you’re marking for the purpose of keeping or removing those elements:


inPixio Color background


Should your preference be to have a clear distinction between the elements that you’re marking, the Black and white view mode is most likely for you:


inPixio Black and white view mode


So depending on how you want to mark your image, inPixio’s Cut-Out module has a ton of options and a variety of functions to make cutting out elements from your picture a custom-made user experience.



The last module to cover in inPixio’s Photo Cutter is Photomontage.


Under this module, users can find all the facets to completely redesign their image based on what’s been cut-out (or kept) from the original file. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Adjustments
  2. Backgrounds
  3. Stickers
  4. Text
  5. Cut-out objects


Creative types will absolutely love the options available to them under this module, so let’s get to them!



Change the format of your image in contrast with a background image of your choosing (more on that a little later).


inPixio adjustment tool


For example, choose the format you want and even adjust the Opacity of your image to ensure that it meets the requirements you’re looking for.


inPixio adjust the Opacity


Re-order the layers, reduce or increase the opacity and adjust your foreground and background images to your heart’s content.



Here, users can select from the following options:

  1. Colors
  2. Photos
  3. Textures
  4. Custom backgrounds


select a new background


As previously mentioned, it is here where you’ll be able to select a new background of your choosing. In the example above (from Adjustments that is), the Photos option under the Backgrounds tool is where the family photo is suddenly transported to the heart of France.


Backgrounds tool



Looking to make this family photo into a greeting card or an event invitation? Then the Text option is for you! Add text to your images to make any type of promotion memorable and visually stunning.


add text to your image


Add text Samples to your image and edit its content. Feel free to move the text around the image to wherever you feel it will stand out the most. Adjust the text color and sizing as well and have fun making the party invitation of your own creation and vision!



Another fun, creative tool is to open the Stickers tab of the Photomontage module. Here, users can select from the following options:

  1. Banners
  2. Birthday
  3. Lines
  4. Romantic
  5. Shape
  6. Speech balloons
  7. Tags
  8. Tattoos




Cut-out objects

Looking to go all out in transforming this wholesome family photo into one that truly screams you’re having a blast with inPixio Photo Clip 9? If so, then you’re going to absolutely love Cut-out objects!


Choose from a variety of Samples, ranging from glasses, hats, beards, necklaces, sunglasses, animals and various props. Oh, you can even add a pretty cute pug, too:


inPixio variety of Samples


Now, if that isn’t considered absolute creative control over your picture, I don’t know what is! Best part is, once you’ve finished with the Photo Cutter, save your file or open it with Photo Editor and Photo Eraser.


Or, share your new image on social media like Tumblr and Facebook–all from within inPixio Photo Clip 9 Pro!


inPixio Photo Clip 9 – Final Thoughts

It’s true: we really can’t seem to say enough great things about inPixio Photo Clip 9. Whether you’re a professional photographer or simply someone looking to add some flair to pictures of friends or family, we’re confident that you’ll absolutely love Photo Clip 9!


inPixio Photo Clip 9 Pro


It’s easy to use and takes your images to entirely new heights that you might not have thought was possible.


Use Photo Editor to edit your pictures, Photo Eraser to remove areas and finally cut-out backgrounds and completely transform your file with Photo Cutter.


Best of all, inPixio Photo Clip 9 is reasonably priced and is arguably the best photo editing software you’ll ever find on the market.


Be sure to check out inPixio Photo Clip 9 today, and if you’re already sold, then what are you waiting for? Purchase Photo Clip 9 and start augmenting those precious pictures of yours today!


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