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Keep your invoices tidy – Convert to PDF and store online


September is not only about school`s opening. Adults also return from their holidays back to their everyday routines. A routine which most often involves productivity, work and the least interesting but very important part of invoicing.

Much as we are excited to jump into the new project, we need to be sure that we have been paid for the previous one. Getting organized and making sure invoices are delivered on time is a big part of this lost art of invoice delivery. This great article on proz.com features a comprehensive list of tips for freelancers who invoice clients regularly.

Keeping those invoices tidy and keep running is easier said than done. But let`s face it, technology and computers have been our allies on this for a little while now. In previous posts we have Invoicing is one the cases where we want to share something which we do not want to be changed. Read our full blog post on when to use PDFs. As PDF ensures your format and content will remain unchanged, we advice you to always convert your invoices to PDF format before sharing.
On this post we will showcase how you can use the Soda PDF online services PDF creator and converter to Keep your invoices neat and tidy so that you can spent your free time planning the winter holidays. It is a simple two step job.

Step 1 – Convert to PDF

Once you have created your free account, you can login on your personal space and convert your file to PDF.

Soda PDF online services will create a PDF version of your file and will store both the original and the converted file into your personal online storage.

Step 2 – View and Share

Your files are available for you to view and share from everywhere and any device. No need for software and application downloads. All is in the fingertips of your browser.

Online storage ensures you will not need to be looking around in piles of paper and old emails for finding that last invoice of last year. All is kept nice and tidy on the online storage space of Soda online services.

We hope this post will motivate you into a digital paper free and stress free new season.

The Soda PDF team


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