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How to merge multiple PDF files


Merge PDF filesIt’s important to know how to merge PDF files. Combining multiple files into a single PDF is crucial for complicated projects. The permanency of the PDF format makes it ideal for securely delivering that final piece of work.

Any file format that can be printed can be combined into a single PDF. This expands the potential beyond the professional world, translating perfectly for your personal projects. From photo collages to creating a master volume of your favorite author’s complete works, the possibilities are endless.

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How to Convert PPT to PDF



Today we’re going to describe to you how to convert PowerPoint presentations (PPT) as PDF files.

We’re going to do this through two methods:

  1. Saving PowerPoint presentations as PDF files.
  2. Using Soda PDF to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a PDF.

Method 1: Saving the PowerPoint file as a PDF using Microsoft PowerPoint

This way is pretty easy – all you’ll need Microsoft PowerPoint and Windows OS.

When you save a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF, its format and layout become locked in. Anyone using the new PDF file will be able to view it, but not make any changes.

How to save a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF:

  • In PowerPoint, Select File > Export.
  • Click on “Save a presentation as PDF.”
  • Click “Create PDF/XPS Document,” then click “Create PDF/XPS.”
  • In the “Publish as PDF or XPS” dialog box, choose a location to save the file to. If you want it to have a different name, enter it in the File name box.

Changing what the final saved PDF will look like

If you want your saved PDF to look different than your original PowerPoint file, you have some choices. At “Optimize for,” select “Standard” for higher quality (this is good if you want to print it). Select “Minimum size” to make the file smaller (if you want to send it as an e-mail attachment).

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Soda PDF v.14 Release Notes


SodaPDF 14

We’re happy you’re here! If this is your fist time checking us out, WELCOME!

If you’re a seasoned Soda Pro, sit back, relax, and read on!

We hear you – Soda 14 includes some of our most requested updates by our users – that means YOU!

This time, we’ve decided to do what we’re best at, and that’s service! Soda 14 users can count on superior service, as well as great new updates.

We’re listening. To you.

Notes! We’re pleased to bring you our latest release notes for Soda 14. As always, we’ve made enhancements and fixes that help improve your user experience. This version of Soda will also auto-update on the main application screen. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

New Features in Soda PDF v.14

This release introduces a new and improved Soda PDF Desktop Home screen UI, along with an integrated Live Chat service which allows you to get in touch with a customer support agent whenever you need help from an expert.

Additionally, this update includes a new feature suggestion option allowing users to provide the Soda PDF product team with feature requests for future updates.

In this release, we’re excited to introduce to you a new module that allows you to quickly fill out and sign forms on your desktop. We’ve also included some updates to our E-Sign solution that we hope you’ll enjoy using! Make sure to let us know what you think!

Enhancements in Soda PDF v.14

Many users have requested ability to add text indentation, and we have added this feature into the product. The new Append/Prepend feature allows uses to add a page or document to their PDF file. This is an awesome way to create a report or document from several individual pages.

We’re also happy to announce that we have added some much-requested (by you!) features to our Soda PDF Desktop, including the ability to create bookmarks for merged documents, extend the Soda PDF Desktop window, read aloud content on your device by text-to-speech, and more!

We’re happy you’ve chosen Soda – we’re listening. READ MORE

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How to Email Excel File as PDF



Looking for a quick and easy guide showing you how to email a Microsoft Excel document as a PDF?


You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll show you how to transform your Excel document into a PDF in a flash!


How do I email an Excel document as a PDF attachment?

Sooner or later, if you’re working with Excel files, you’re going to need to email your spreadsheet to someone. If they don’t have Microsoft Excel, Google sheets, they won’t be able to easily view the Excel document in its native format.


You have a few options. You could program complex macros in Excel to e mail your spreadsheet. That route is generally more advanced than what the typical Excel user can handle. It involves the quick access toolbar, the file menu, file tab, folder path, dialog box options, and more.


Powerful, but kind of a headache. You’re looking to easily send over an Excel worksheet to a mail recipient for them to peruse, right? We’ll show you how to get that file to your mail recipient fast, without diving through dialog box options.



The easiest way to get around this is to turn your Excel document to PDF format before creating an email message and sending the PDF in the message body or as an attachment to an email message.


Excel is a go-to in spreadsheet documents, but it’s not the best format for quick sharing and viewing of information. So it’s no surprise that you’ll need to go from Excel to PDF documents at some point if you want to easily share them over the web. It’s a handy way to take Microsoft Excel data format display it in the easy-to-view PDF format.


We’re going to be using the Soda PDF web-based tool to transform Excel documents into PDFs today.

How to convert PDF to Excel online

Here’s how to turn your PDF file to Excel using the Soda PDF free online conversion tool:


  • Go the Soda PDF site.
  • Select the Online Tools menu from the home page and go to the “View all tools” section.
  • Select Excel to PDF from the menu.
  • Drag and drop the file. You can also select and change the orientation of the pages within the file if you like.
  • Download your PDF file when ready and view it in your browser.
  • You can then send the PDF attachment over email or share it however you like.


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