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Real Estate Transaction Checklist: How to Close the Deal


Real estate transaction checklistA real estate transaction checklist makes the closing process simple by putting all relevant information in one place. With a checklist, you can easily track your transaction progress and quickly access important data.


In this blog, you’ll discover:

  1. The benefits of a real estate transaction checklist
  2. How to create a checklist to close a contract
  3. How Soda PDF makes it easy to create checklists, secure them, and share with everyone involved from attorneys to agents


So you’ve signed the contract. Great news!


But your work is far from finished.


Buyers, sellers, attorneys, lenders, appraisers, inspectors — these are just a few of the people involved in a real estate transaction before you can close. If anything slips through the cracks, the deal won’t go through.


The Solution: A Real Estate Closing Checklist

Realtor Mag’s handy checklist makes the sales process easy for your agent, saving valuable time and streamlining the sale.


But why not blaze your own trail and make a real estate closing checklist template that’s unique to your company?


Better yet, why not easily create one with digital PDF software, secure it, and instantly share it with everyone involved in the process both inside of your agency and out?


What to Include in your Real Estate Transaction Checklist

Each deal is unique, but there are a few items every list must include.


  1. Address
  2. Date of sale
  3. Buyer
  4. Seller
  5. Attorneys
  6. Broker
  7. Closing officer
  8. Lender
  9. Appraiser
  10. Inspectors


Always be sure to include contact information and important dates. If you want to be detailed, you can include counter-offers, contracts, request for repairs, and anything else you think you’ll need.


Can it get any easier? Yes. Here’s how.


Create Shareable and Secure Checklists to Close Contracts with Soda PDF

There are plenty of templates out there for you to choose from, one being the previously mentioned transaction checklist from Realtor Mag.


You can even whip one up on MS word if you’d like. The problem with each is that you’ll be limited in what you can create or edit, and you won’t be able to secure the documents or share them easily.


If you would like to have a quick and easy way to create documents, secure access via passwords and multi-step verification (there is a lot of sensitive information in each checklist), and share them among all parties involved, Soda PDF can help.



Create, Secure, and Share With Ease

1.Create your List:

With the Type Text feature in the Edit tab, you can add each item to your real estate agent closing checklist.


Break it down into digestible subsections and be sure to include pertinent information for all parties. It helps to add a project’s closing date to keep everyone motivated to get things done.


Tip: If you want to get creative, add checkboxes by going to the Forms tab and selecting CheckBox. It’s a fun and practical way of keeping track of items.


Check out our video below for a full tutorial on creating checklists in Soda PDF.


2.Secure your Document:

Sales information can be sensitive, so you’ll want to make sure that only the right eyes see your document.


Soda PDF adds a new dimension to security by allowing you to protect your files digitally. Use the Password Security or Secure Permissions feature to put your doc under lock and key.


Check out our blog post here to learn about setting password and security restrictions using Soda PDF.


3. Save and Share:

Wouldn’t it be great to have one central location where your checklist would be instantly available to everyone instead of emailing it back and forth, or worse, sharing a piece of paper or copies? That’s what our cloud folder is for!


Dropbox, Google Drive, and the rest of our cloud options make it easy to share the list with anyone who needs to see it. Need to make changes or verify the contact details of a contractor? Now you can in just a few clicks.



Signing the contract is just the beginning of the next phase of the deal: closing. With a real estate transaction checklist made with Soda PDF, you can make the closing process simple, effective, and fun!


Download Soda PDF and start checking off your list!


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