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Soda PDF v.11.2 Release Notes


There’s lots of excitement surrounding the latest version of Soda PDF, so we’re pleased to provide you with the release notes for version 11.2!


Soda PDF 11.2 is the newest update to your preferred and trusted PDF software. The update contains new features, improvements and bug fixes, all directed towards giving our devoted users the best experience they could ever ask for!


So without further ado, let’s dive into these release notes for Soda PDF v.11.2! We hope you’ll agree with us when we say it’s our best version yet!


New Features in Soda PDF v.11.2

  • NEW! Sanitize document tool from the Secure & Sign functionality involves removing sensitive information from the PDF document, so that it may be distributed to a broader audience. The sanitization process will strip away everything but the content of a document: metadata, embedded content & attached files, scripts, hidden layers, embedded search indexes, stored form data, review and comment data, hidden data from previous document saves, obscured text and images, comments hidden within the body of the PDF file, unreferenced data, links, actions and JavaScripts.


  • NEW! Remove Metadata tool from the Secure & Sign functionality includes erasing potentially privacy-compromising metadata, namely document title, author, subject, keywords, date created / modified, application / producer.


  • The Password Security option from the Secure & Sign functionality allows users to limit access to a PDF file and protect their documents by setting password with a right click on the file in the explorer.


  • NEW! Batch Compress allows you to compress multiple documents at optimal efficiency while maintaining file quality through the Batch feature.


  • NEW! Combine Forms to a Sheet option from the Forms functionality involves aggregating the data collected through a form that had been provided for multiple people to fill out.


Enhancements in Soda PDF v.11.2

  • The application has been updated to new modern GUI framework.


  • Enhanced behavior of bookmarks. Ability to select a range of bookmarks by
    using Shift+Click.


  • Ability to select EU phone # format from the Forms functionality.


View Full Release Notes

Click on the image below for a downloadable version of the Soda PDF v.11.2 release notes.



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