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How Students Can Manage Their Schedules & Stay Organized


The real first lesson of your academic life isn’t about how to get good grades. It’s not about how to integrate into campus life either. Those types of things will come naturally to you, if you study hard enough that is.


The first lesson is the dreaded moment when you realize how important, and vital, time management is. To go out with friends or to get to work on that upcoming term paper? Should I organize my notes for my next class, or can I afford to spend many hours playing video games?


The art of time management

Time management is especially tricky for students. There’s a plethora of distractions and many interesting time wasters that they’d rather be doing than studying.


The first step in perfecting your time management skills are to prioritize getting your work done, for then the fun really begins!


Here’s a few suggestions for students manage schedules, and who need help in learning tricks to optimizing their time.


Mark, your calendar. It will become your best friend.

Calendars may look and sound boring at first glance, but they are practical for staying organized and keeping an eye on upcoming deadlines (and perhaps parties, too). Just make sure your work is completed beforehand!


Using your calendar is simple. Whether a Google user, especially one equipped with an Android phone, or an Apple fan, you will find it particularly easy to add reminders or events to your calendar.



Another good tip is to set yourself objectives or goals leading up to your deadline. For example, if you add a notification for when your term paper is due, be sure to add goals leading up.


Term paper due on October 30th? Be sure to add goals leading up to the date. For example: research topic, schedule time to write, get coffee, write paper, proofread, get some sleep.


Marking your calendar to stay abreast of your upcoming deadlines will prevent you from stressing over them later. Plus, you can also structure your social life based around the fact that you’ve planned and organized the homework ahead of schedule.


See for yourself how online apps can be helpful in developing study habits.


Apps that help build and maintain your schedule

Here are a few apps we recommend to use as a calendar to keep you organized and help build your schedule.


Timetable (for Android – available on Google Play)


Android users, look no further than Timetable for helping build and organize your schedule. With Timetable, you can add your class schedule and color code them for simplicity and ease. This makes your schedule look colorful, but also is an effective way to keep track of your time, which ultimately will keep you organized.


You can even add tasks to help keep track of upcoming homework or even breakdown the steps you’ll need to take to get to the final product. For example, set a weekly task of studying for your upcoming test so that way you’re more than prepared for when its time to take the exam.


Studios (for iOS and Andrioid – available on Google Play)


Similar to Timetable, Studious is another app that will help you organize your classes and the homework that comes with those courses.


The biggest draw of this app is the fact that you can get notifications and reminders for your tasks. For example, your phone will vibrate when its time to get down to writing that first draft of your essay. You could hit snooze I suppose, but then you won’t be doing this app, or your academic career, any justice.


Another impressive feature that Studious provides is the fact that it contains campus and university maps, so you’ll never have trouble finding the building or the classroom that you’re supposed to be in.


Don’t forget, there’s always the calendar in your phone, but it has significantly less features than the apps listed above, and if you’re a full-time student you’ll want some way of color coding or differentiating between your courses and classes.


Apps that help students stay focused & organized

Living in the digital age that we find ourselves in, its easy for us to become distracted. We have so much access to knowledge, games and media that we find ourselves succumbing to YouTube holes and spending late nights trying to level up.


So, how can one (especially students) manage schedule and cut out these distractions to focus on other, more pressing and quite frankly more important matters? Here’s a few apps that will do just that!


AppDetox (for Andriod – avaliable on Google Play)

Phones are distracting. It’s just their nature. From social media, to message group apps, to face-to-face video chats and the traditional texting method, we’re constantly on our phones and communicating with each other.


This is why students have such a hard time staying focused, because there’s a plethora of distractions just waiting to grab their attention. Have you ever considered taking a “digital detox” from it all, perhaps to study or get that term paper completed on time?


Well, look no further than AppDetox! This app prevents the user from accessing the internet or other applications that distract you (hello, Instagram!) so its a must have if you’re looking for a students manage schedule app.


Again, for those students who are looking for a break from their constant connection to the digital world, this app is for you! Distractions are inevitable, so do yourself a favor and get prepared in advance. Take a much needed “digital detox” with AppDetox!


Forest (for Andriod and iOS – available on Google Play)

For students who are environmentally conscious (and we should all be at this point), there’s an app that will surely help you focus on your studies and block out distractions, because the life of a virtual tree depends on it!


Forest keeps you focused on your studies for thirty minutes by starting a timer that ticks down and as the time goes by, a tree will grow. If you move away from the app, say to text your friend who wants you to join him or her at that party tonight, the tree will die!



Hence Forest’s “Stay focused, be present” tagline. It encourages you to consider the importance of focusing on the task at hand and to not allow for distractions.


A solid, uninterrupted thirty minutes of studying or researching or writing will go a long way in helping you study and staying organized. If you make this a habit for each and every day, you’ll find yourself becoming more organized and prepared each and every day. Its that simple!


So, if you do download this amazing app, be sure not to let any trees perish under your watch! And don’t spend the entire thirty minutes waiting and watching that tree grow, you should be using that time to study, after all!


We’ve got a few more app suggestions to help you get organized this semester. Check them out!


The importance of making a habit out of managing your schedule

With a combo of an organizer and distraction blocking apps, you’ll find yourself feeling a lot more prepared for school and growing more confident in your study habits.


What’s more is the fact that if students manage schedules effectively, you can hand in your term papers ahead of time, which would really impress your professor. If you even apply this thinking towards your future job, say you’re delivering on objectives far earlier than their due date, your boss will be very impressed.


Getting work done ahead of time means there’s more time to enjoy the more entertaining (and distracting) things in life. Building a homework-life balance is highly important, and if you’re able to master this skill, then everything become a lot easier to manage.


So be sure to develop into one of these people and university is a great place to start. Don’t fret if you’re feeling disorganized or don’t think you’ll ever be able to get focused, check out some of our helpful tips for starting the process of organizing your life!


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