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How PDF Software Makes Life Way Easier for Students


If you think PDF software is just for celebrities, business moguls, professional athletes, royalty, and the political elite, think again. It’s actually perfect for students too.


OK, seriously. PDF software is a game-changer for students. From taking notes and sharing project responsibilities to studying and finally getting organized, PDF can do it all.


PDF Makes Studying and Notetaking Way Easier


Imagine having a piece of paper or a book in front of you. 


But except for boring real life, this paper comes with built-in highlighting options, annotation capabilities, shapes, pencils for drawing, and a bookmark that instantly lets you return to where you left off.


Soda PDF notes why students need pdf


Oh, and you can share with anyone at any time (without having to give your notes away).


That’s PDF!


Say you have to read War & Peace in lit class. In the moments between nodding off due to boredom, you can highlight whenever a new character comes into the story (every 3.8 seconds), make a note on an important event, draw little arrows to denote connected events, and add thoughts at the end of a chapter summarizing what happened.


Soda PDF shapes why students need pdf


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a godsend for students. Take a snapshot of text from any book and it instantly becomes an editable, shareable PDF. Now, instead of marking up a book and selling it back “used,” you can try to pass it off as brand new and get a higher fraction of the “new” price…albeit still a tiny fraction.


Soda PDF OCR tool why students need pdf


NOTE: You can use PDF to store brainstorming sessions, and anyone with access can add ideas to the doc. From there, it automatically updates any time someone with permission adds to it (more on permissions in a bit).


Also, this is 2019. Go digital.


PDF software lets you combine files together into one massive digital file and take it with you everywhere you go instead of lugging books and notes around like it’s 1919.


Soda PDF merge tool why students need pdf


Actually, that whole merging thing deserves its own section…


PDF Lets You Merge Everything Into One App


Before PDF, you’d have to have MS Word, Powerpoint, and a slew of other apps open, wasting time and brainpower flipping back and forth.


Or worse, you’d have to carry around notebooks full of barely legible scribbles just to have a chance at passing Chem 101.


PDF lets you merge everything into one file so you can take it on the go, study from one place, and save your back for later in life.


Soda PDF merge files why students need pdf


Keep Projects (And Life) Organized 


Group projects are always a good time (except for that guy who never does his share and always shows up late).


But PDF makes them so much easier. No more chasing people around for their papers, no more “oops, I forgot,” no more making multiple copies of notes, cheat sheets, or text.


PDF will completely change your student life workflow.

  1. eSign: Divvy up different aspects of a project and force people to sign off on them when received and completed. Now, Mr. Slacker won’t be able to say he forgot. NOTE: eSign in no way guarantees he’ll do it, but you can remind them they signed a legally binding contract saying they would. 
  2. Checklists: Checklists are a great way to keep track of a project and what needs to be done next.
  3. Collaboration Made Easy: Soda PDF integrates with Google Drive and Sharepoint so you can skip multiple steps in the collaboration process. As soon as you finish a doc, it’s automatically available to everyone in the group on any device.



Keep People’s Grubby Hands Off Your Work


Presentations and essays are 99% of being a student. With Secure Permissions, you can make sure nobody makes unwanted changes to your documents or claims them as their own.


Soda PDF secure files why students need pdf


You can still share with anyone you’d like. Imagine being able to give every student in class a copy of your presentation or everyone in the group a copy of your paper WITHOUT worrying that someone will steal it. You can set different access restrictions so certain people can view while others can directly edit.


Unlimited Storage


No more USB sticks or piles of notebooks. Soda PDF integrates with storage services like DropBox and Google Docs, so you can save files and access them anywhere without having to physically store it.


Soda PDF storage drives why students need pdf


Soda PDF Even Revamps Your Social Life


You can make flyers, posters, and other signage for parties, clubs get-togethers, or student outings.


Soda PDF print modes why students need pdf


If you’re more of the business type, you can use your PDF editing software to create anything from business card designs to logos and more. The only limit is your imagination.


The thought might never have occurred to you, but PDF technology is a great idea for students. Studying, group projects, presentations, and storing documents will never be the same again. And with Soda PDF Anywhere, you can access any document at any time so you don’t have to carry notebooks and textbooks with you everywhere you go.


Check Soda PDF online and start your FREE TRIAL today!



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