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How Online Apps Are Changing Study Habits for Students


I know that when you check your phone at least 50 times a day, it’s probably not to look at a study app.


Let’s face it – you spend the majority of your time online talking to friends and posting on social media. So far, it’s just been for fun – but that is about to change.


The smartphone era has exponentially increased how much information you can access within seconds. You can easily look up essential resources wherever you are, at any time, and you no longer need to stop by your local library for information gathering.


And with that, let’s take a closer look at how online apps are rapidly changing the study habits of students in the age of smartphones.


1. Higher Engagement

Engagement – one of those hot buzzwords you’re hearing so often right about now. If you’ve got good engagement on Instagram, you’re winning the social media game, right?


So why not try to generate some good engagement with the information you’re supposed to be learning about in school? How about you start winning when it comes to your study habits? You’ve heard of higher education, so why not get higher engagement when it comes to you your studies?


Online apps come with an attractive, interactive interface, which can make studying easy and appealing. App developers are also continually updating to make sure that users aren’t getting bored and are consistently engaged with their online presence.


Meaning, these developers want their users to be logging in every day and engaging with their content on the daily, and they strive to keep things fresh and current for their audience to keep them coming back for more.


So, with that buzzword in mind, the ultimate goal is to get yourself in the habit of becoming more engaged with your studies.



Try the My Study Life app, which is geared towards that keeping your focus on your learning.


2. Individual Learning

Ever get bored in class because you think your teacher isn’t very good at their job?


It could just be that you are struggling to respond to their particular (and stubborn) style of teaching. It’s not a one-size-fits-all audience, but the teacher certainly might feel that way as a traditional syllabus often sticks to one way of learning.


With an online app, you can try systematic learning on for size. This can help you try a new approach, appealing to your individual interests.


We suggest giving Coggle a try, which is an app that’s intended to help you potentially map out what your professor’s looking for in essays.



This way, you can use mind-maps to hone in on the arguments that your professor wants to hear from you in response to the way they’ve structured their course.


3. Available All the Time

Even the school library isn’t open 24/7 – and that’s one of the best places to get some study done. But your smartphone on the other hand never closes, that is, unless you run out of battery or shut it off yourself.


With an online app in your smartphone or web browser, you can study on your time, whenever that may be. You don’t have to wait for a classroom to be free or the library to open the next day. You can even stay in bed in your pyjamas!


The flexibility that an online study apps provide allows you to fit more into your schedule while achieving the same study goals as before.


4. Open Communication

Many study apps come with group chats and forums. This makes it easy to communicate with other students and even your teachers.


This means that if you have a question about what you’re studying or you’re not sure you’re studying the right thing, you don’t have to wait until the next day at the end of class when you can catch your teacher.


Consider pitching to your professor the idea of creating a class group chat in which students can discuss projects, share notes and other group activities that keep the class connected.


We suggest checking out Slack, a message app in which you can create different channels to discuss about different subjects concerning academia.



On the flip side, any teacher within the channels can also keep track of their students and make sure they’re on task–as well as even read their group messages!


5. Entertaining Aspect

Sitting with your hefty textbook, some photocopies and a faded yellow highlighter could become a thing of the past.


When you take your study online, memorizing facts and preparing for your exams can be fun and entertaining. From games and illustrations to interactive graphics, they’re a lot of resources that can help you study better.


There’s nothing like good old flashcards to help you study. We suggest checking out Chegg, who help students by allowing them to make their own flashcards, which is a good way to memorize important images such as paintings or cathedrals or molecule structures.



6. Sustainability

When things move to being digital, trees are saved.


If you’re studying through an online app, you’re saving paper. This is because not as many resources are needed for you to study, so your learning materials are limited to what’s in your smartphone.


Because you can access everything online, you can also be voting for a more sustainable environment at the same time.


7. On Time Updates

When you’ve got three or four papers on the go, it’s easy to miss important announcements.


If you’ve got it all consolidated into a study app, you can receive notifications to remind you about important dates and scheduled meetings.


Not only does this make you more organized, but it also guarantees that you won’t miss another important reminder.


The Value of Study Apps

As you spend more time on your smartphone, you learn that you can do virtually anything through it.


Studying through an online app is the way of the future. Not only can it help you keep things organized, but it can also make studying a worthwhile, satisfying process.


Another satisfying process? Writing and documenting all of this newfound knowledge on the only documentation software you’ll ever need!


Try Soda PDF Anywhere today with our free download, or try it for free in our web app and see how we can help out in turning those study habits into winning essays and presentations that your professor will love!


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