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The Best Video (And Music) Streaming Services for 2020


best video streaming services

What do you have in common with Friends and The Office? All 3 of you are leaving Netflix and heading to one of our top selections for best video streaming services of 2020.


Nobody binges more TV than us, so we thought we’d put together this list based on available shows, format, and pricing. More selection, better quality, and competitive pricing? Why wouldn’t you want to leave Netflix and head somewhere else?


Let’s go!


P.S. If you’re interested in Friends or the Office, they might not be where you’d expect to find them….


The Best Video Streaming Service of 2020 – Disney+ Streaming (Star Wars, Marvel, Etc.)


Disney Plus best streaming service


This might be personal bias, but we are obsessed with Star Wars and Marvel movies, so there’s no way Disney+ could be anywhere else but the top spot.


Netflix used to be the big dog on the block, but that was a long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.


Disney announced that all of its big-budget superhero blockbusters and its Star Wars content will be available on their streaming service, but the thing that has us more excited than Darth Vader in a rebel scum shooting contest is all of the original programming based on Marvel and Star Wars.


A new series based on the adventures of Boba Fett AND a Dr. Strange original starring Elizabeth Olsen alongside Benedict Cumberbatch? Cancel EVERYTHING and load up on chips and ice cream, because we’re having a binging party.


Did we mention the price is only $7?


It might be awkward the first time Netflix sees you out with Disney at a restaurant downtown, but you’ll get over it. We’re all adults here.


NOTE: Disney’s streaming service is perfect for nerds like us who want to geek out on Star Wars and watch superheroes all night, but it won’t have the same selection of other genres like most streaming services. So keep reading to see our other top picks.


Best Video Streaming Service 2020 Runner Up – Amazon Prime Video


amazon prime best video streaming services


Amazon Prime Video is probably the best all-around streaming service now, and will only get better in 2020. As far as the service itself and the movies available, it’s unmatched.


It’s only because Star Wars and Marvel are such mega franchises that Disney got the top spot.


If you’ve already got an Amazon Prime membership, then you’re already signed up for Amazon video streaming!


There are a ton of great movies to watch—everything from Hot Fuzz to the Shawshank Redemption—but unlike most other services, Amazon lets you sign up for other channels so you can watch your favorite shows, too (and manage them all from one place).


If you want a great service that has basically every movie imaginable and still lets you integrate with other 3rd-party services to watch original content, Amazon Prime is the answer. And, it’s only $9 a month (or included with your Prime subscription).


The Best of the Rest


HBO Max – FRIENDS, Dr. Who, DC Comics, Adult Swim, The CW, NBA (Maybe)


HBO Max best video streaming service


NOTE: This is the DC streaming service if you’re into DC comics.


Friends is leaving Netflix for HBO Max. That’s all you need to know.


But we’ll still bore you with some more content…


HBO Max doesn’t have the heavy hitters of some of the other platforms, but it will have a ton of original content by 2020. And, it has something that most other platforms can’t compete with: access to WarnerMedia, a company that owns everything from CNN to TNT, Cartoon Network, and Turner Classic Movies.


That means with one program you can watch the NBA, Gone with the Wind, Adult Swim, and Major League Baseball, and we haven’t even mentioned Batman or Superman (or Batman vs. Superman!) yet.


And, if British time lords are your bag, baby, Doctor Who has jumped on the HBO Max bandwagon for 2020, too! Oh, yeah…and FRIENDS.


Spectrum Streaming Service – All of Your Favorite TV Networks in One Place


spectrum best video streaming service


Spectrum’s streaming service is great if you like to binge TV networks and happen to have their internet service.


It’s only $15 bucks a month too. Not bad.


Networks included are:

  1. The Weather Channel
  2. Nickelodeon
  3. MTV
  4. BET
  5. Animal Planet
  6. Bloomberg
  7. Game Show Network (count us in, Johnny!)


We love Billions, so anything that lets us binge all night listening to the sweet notes of Paul Giamatti’s voice gets a spot on the list.


YouTube TV – Best for Live Streaming (ESPN Streaming Included)


youtube tv best video streaming service


YouTube’s (actually, Google’s) live streaming service is going to turn us all into subscribers by 2020.


Seriously, the cloud DVR function got us hooked instantly. You can store your favorite shows up to 9 months with NO STORAGE LIMITS. That means you save any show you want to rewatch forever.


Thing is, it’s expensive compared to other products ($50), but that’s still a lot cheaper than most cable packages.


YouTube TV lets you stream every major network and 70+ more channels!


If you’re a sports fan, the ESPN live streaming option pretty much seals the deal here.


NBC Streaming – THE OFFICE!


nbc best video streaming service


We don’t know too much about NBC’s upcoming foray into the streaming market, but we do know that The Office, Netflix’s crown jewel, is going to be exclusively available on NBC. That’s enough for most people.


FUN FACT: NBC invested 100 million bucks to get the rights to the Office!


The only other show announced for the platform is the smash comedy hit A.P. Bio.


We might as well just rename this The Office streaming platform, though.


BONUS – The Best Music Streaming Service – Apple Music


apple music best streaming service 

“You better lose yourself in the music, the moment… no, seriously, Apple Music has 50 million songs, so you’ll probably get lost” – Eminem


Apple’s Music streaming service hits all the right notes, even allowing you to download your favorite songs and play them offline at any time from your phone or tablet.


Not that we are ones to peer pressure you, but 50 million people are already using it. So why aren’t you?


Our favorite feature is the new music discovery feature that recommends original music you might not have heard yet based on your music tastes.


They also have original music channels, many with world-famous artists at the helm. Another neat feature is the social sharing mechanism that helps connect artists with their audience.


And at only $10/month for all-you-can-eat, this is a pretty cheap but tasty music buffet.


Ready to go binge TV for the entire weekend and feel bad about it Sunday night before you sleep? SO ARE WE! These are the best video (and music) streaming services for 2020! Let us know which one is your favorite!


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