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VR Chat Spaces: A World Where Anything is Possible


New to VR Chat?


Sorry, let’s try that again.


Are you new to, or just came to learn about, the increasingly popular Virtual Reality chat trend that is soon going to be the next big thing? Well then, this blog post has got you covered!


Imagine being whoever you want and going wherever you’d like, exploring vast customized virtual worlds, and interacting with tens of thousands of new friends from across the globe. 


You can take the Titanic from Belfast to New York (and actually get there), watch movies on the moon, and play capture the flag against your favorite movie characters from the 20th century…all in less than sixty minutes.


Without further ado, Soda PDF is proud to present a beginner’s guide to the most advanced socialization tool ever made! In this blog, we’ll cover the basics of virtual reality chat, the most exciting spaces, and tips for making new friends from around the world.


What is VR Chat and How to Get Started

VR chat is just like real life. Just with a few “minor” differences, and the fact that it is in a virtual space and not actually a physical one.

  1. You can be whoever you want (Your avatar)
  2. Your avatar can be anywhere you want at any time (Choose your world)
  3. Do anything, meet anyone, or go anywhere you want at any time


Think of it like a MASSIVE meeting ground where you, your old friends, and thousands of new friends can hang out and be whoever (or whatever) you want to be. In VR chat, you can make your fantasy world come to life right before your eyes!


Simply choose an avatar (your character and how they’ll look in the virtual world), build your own world (or even enter a previously created one), and start socializing with whomever is there. User generated content means there are no boundaries. The only limit is your imagination.


Check this screenshot out to get a better idea:


New Term: Avatar

To be clear, we’re not referring to the movie here. In VR chat, an avatar is defined as a computer-generated character that represents you. Most VR chat spaces come with hundreds of avatars to choose from, and most of the selection comes from characters in pop culture.


The only difficult decision you will likely have to make in your VR chat experience is figuring out what you’ll look like. If you have played any role playing games in the past (or currently play them) then you’ll know how much fun it is to create your character from scratch.


The choice and customization is all up to you. The best advice that we can offer is to take your time when creating your avatar and to make sure you’re having the utmost fun while doing so!


Once you have chosen your avatar, you’re free to explore any existing VR world created by another user or create your own.


No matter what you’re into, there’s something for you in VR. You really can defy the limits of reality and yourself and really let your imagination soar to new heights!


Best VR Chat Spaces

Facebook, Steam, Twitch, YouTube. The list goes on. It seems like everyone is getting in on the VR chat craze nowadays.


The VR trend is going to pop soon, and before you know it, familiar chats around the water cooler will happen entirely online. Just you wait and see!


Our beginner’s guide will have you prepared for when this VR trend really takes off, and all of the knowledge you gain from this blog will give you some talking points for when you’re ready to chat all about it!


Here are the best and most popular VR chat spaces to look out for, and forward to, in 2020.



VRChat is blowing away the competition and set to run away with the entire VR space before long. This strange, intoxicating world is available for FREE through Steam and has exploded in popularity since its initial release back in 2017.


With up to 20,000 users exploring the world at any one time, VRChat the best place to get started in VR for newbies. It’s easy to meet new people, create offline friendships, and even date. Yes, DATE! (Isn’t that crazy?)


Some of our favorite VRChat features are:

  1. Full body avatars with lip synching and eye tracking
  2. Amazing lifelike hand gestures
  3. Fun games like bowling and capture the flag
  4. Watch videos with family and friends
  5. Create custom avatars


Have you ever watched a movie in a space station with your friends? Me neither.

But thanks to VRChat, now you can! And it’s easy to get started. You can log in through Steam or directly through VR Chat.

Before you do, just make sure that someone is responsible for getting te popcorn before blasting off to space. And let’s make sure we’re going to be streaming a science fiction film, too.


Facebook Horizon

Facebook Horizon is like the Sims on steroids, except instead of simulated characters, you actually are the Sims.


Facebook’s VR chat space is less intimidating than VRChat in our humble opinion. Instead of something wild, intoxicating, and borderline lawless, Facebook Horizon is calmer and has a more familiar, soothing look and feel for the user experience.


You can meet and socialize with other people, play games like solving puzzles or one-on-one sports, or even create your own worlds with their drag-and-drop builder.


The simplistic drag-and-drop world builder is actually our favorite part. Check out how easy it is to create your own world:

Remember the days of using Messenger to contact your friends to get their attention on Facebook?


Well, Horizon takes this chat system to new heights and you’ll love being able to create your own virtual and imaginative chat spaces for your friends and family to share!


Sansar – The Social Network of VR Chat

Sansar is one of the newest chat spaces from the makers of Second Life (the precursor to today’s VR).


This massive multiplayer world has thousands of worlds for you to explore, massive socializing events to meet new players.

Sansar also has perhaps the most life-like avatars in the industry. Don’t believe us? Here’s an example:


No other chat space lets you go to concerts, attend meet and greets, or be on podcasts–all inside the game. Sansar really is like an alternate universe where you can be whatever or whoever you want. The choice, as always, is up to you!

Plus, there are so many events it’s like Sansar is its own social network!


So if your avatar is of utmost importance to you, then you’ll probably prefer to do your virtual chatting in the world(s) of Sansar! We look forward to seeing you there!


Tips for Socializing in VR Chat

Trying to make friends in VR sounds easy at first, but it can actually be overwhelming for new users. First of all, you’re just trying to wrap your head around how everything works without feeling like what some online folk call a “noob”.


Noob, for the record, is short for newbie and don’t worry, we’ve all been there at one point.


In virtual reality, you enter these open and vast worlds, and everyone is already entrenched within their cliques. Some appear as avatars you don’t recognize. You might not even know what the hell you’re actually even doing here anyway.


Don’t worry, making friends and socializing in VR is super easy. Even easier than real life, sometimes.


Here’s some tips we recommend for new users:

  1. TALK TO PEOPLE – Seriously, stop overthinking things. Just go talk to people. Don’t force your way into a conversation, but wait for a good opportunity and add something to a group conversation. Introduce yourself and say something valuable. It’s like any other social interaction.
  2. Play games: Different worlds have different competitions. These are probably the easiest way to meet like minded people in VR chat.
  3. Go to social events: VR Chat and Sansar have tons of social events. Go to them! You can even “work” a DJ booth or concert and meet people mingling nearby.
  4. Start in worlds with a small population: Where is it easier to meet people: A crowded club with loud music or a quiet venue with space to breathe and room to mingle? Exactly. Start in worlds with fewer people and you won’t feel so overwhelmed. They’ll probably even invite you in to chat.
  5. Make a fun, unique avatar: Most of the people you meet will have stock avatars or boring custom ones. If you create a fun one, people will start asking you how you did it. It’s a great conversation starter!
  6. Try to meet people offline too: You can save friends and see when they’re online. If you guys are in close proximity, why not try to meet in real life too? You know, that scary reality thing we all have to deal with?


VR chat is the most incredible socializing opportunity in the history of the world. Don’t let it slip by!


Plus, you can use some of these icebreaker tips to apply to your offline world (remember that one?) and perhaps meet new people, and hopefully discover that they are fellow users or avatars in the virtual reality world you live in!


It’s FREE to get started. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can step into a boundless realm where you can be anything you want to be. Just remember to go outside and meet real people from time to time!


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