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Make your PDF smaller with just a few clicks.

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How to compress a PDF file:

  • Drag and drop or upload the file you want to compress from your device.

  • Select your preferred compression level.

  • Download the compressed PDF to your device.


Reduce PDF sizes for easy sharing

The Soda PDF online compression tool allows you to reduce PDF file sizes directly from your browser. By shrinking large files, they become much easier to send to others.

Simplifying PDF compression

By uploading your file to our online tool and allowing Soda PDF to compress it, you can then easily store or share the final result.

Select your PDF compression levels

After uploading your PDF file, you can choose from two compression levels to adapt your file size.

Trust in secure PDF compression

With our online tool, all files uploaded are handled with complete privacy. You remain the rightful owner of the PDF file, and after 24 hours any information stored is deleted.

Premium quality PDF compression

While Adobe may have pioneered the PDF format, Soda PDF provides high-quality online tools. Try our free tool to compress a file in any web browser, including Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Quickly compressing without sacrificing file quality

In seconds, your PDF document will be compressed for easy sharing. Our compression tool ensures your formatting remains intact.


Will the quality of my PDF be affected after being compressed?

The quality of your PDF may be slightly affected if you choose a high level of compression, however our technology minimizes the quality loss.

How do I check my PDF file size?

After compressing your PDF, our compression tool will show you the size it has been reduced to.

Can I compress password-protected files?

Password-protected files must be unlocked before compressing them.

*Size and daily usage limitations may apply.