Persiapkan dan kirimkan dokumen Anda untuk ditandatangani secara elektronik hanya dengan beberapa klik saja, lalu lacak perkembangannya. Prosesnya mudah dan gratis*

Informasi yang diberikan akan ditangani sesuai dengan Kebijakan Privasi kami.

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NOTE ON ACCOUNT CREATION FOR ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES: If you sign in with a third-party account such as Google, Microsoft, or Facebook, or you decide to create your account using one of these third parties, the name associated with your third-party account will be the same name that appears on the electronic signature package that you create using Soda PDF. Creating a Soda PDF account for the first time? Enjoy access to a free trial for 7 days.


Pilih file yang ingin ditandatangani

Pilih dokumen yang ingin ditandatangani. Tahan & letakkan file Anda atau cari file yang tersimpan pada komputer atau layanan penyimpanan cloud.

Atur Rincian Penanda Tangan

Daftarkan nama dan alamat email penanda tangan. Katakan pada mereka di mana mereka perlu membubuhkan tanda tangan pada PDF dengan menempatkan kolom dalam dokumen Anda.

Kirimkan untuk Tanda Tangan

Penanda tangan akan menerima email permintaan tanda tangan mereka. Mereka dapat mengeklik tautan dan meninjau dokumennya.

Tanda Tangan dan Unduh

Penanda tangan dapat mengatur dan membubuhkan tanda tangan pada dokumen. Setelah semua tanda tangan dibubuhkan, dokumen akan tersedia untuk diunduh.

Tahukah Anda?

Tanda tangan elektronik, evolusi nyaman dari tanda tangan digital

Tanda tangan elektronik online merupakan cara mengikat secara hukum untuk mengambil persetujuan beberapa pihak. Tanda tangan elektronik utamanya digunakan saat berkolaborasi dengan orang lain. Tanda tangan digital adalah tool penanda tangan lokal. Informasi Anda diambil ke dalam sertifikat yang menggunakan algoritme matematika untuk membuat sidik jari digital unik.

Pelajari lebih lanjut mengenai cara E-sign mengikat secara hukum dan aman


Our intelligent e sign tool uses the sender’s and signer’s email addresses to authenticate e signatures for any PDF sign document. The only way to access and sign e-sign packages is through your personal email access, which ensures that only the designated signer or signers can view, edit, and add their signature to the files. Our secure technology establishes an encrypted link between our web server and your browser so that all data remains private. We only store each file on our server for 24 hours to limit any unauthorized access.

The e-sign PDF signatures & files are then permanently removed from our PDF online servers. As the sender of a document, your permissions will differ from those of the signer. In the PDF sign process, signers only have the ability to add their signature to the document, senders are given administrative permissions and access to the documents, which allows them to create, edit, review, and track any signature for their documents. All e sign files are made available to users through the Soda PDF inbox.


A digital signature might be used to approve or reject documents internally, but an e-signature is primarily used by a business or an individual as a legal signature solution for when they or every required signee cannot directly be in the same room or location. Whether to approve contracts, sales forms, agreements, or to save time and increase productivity, our software can help provide you and your signees with an electronic signature experience that keeps a safe distance between people and paper.

Easily sign PDFs and get e-signature requests through your email with Soda PDF. Apply your electronic signature using our E-Sign tool and start remotely signing your documents today! Signing files electronically isn't the only solution Soda PDF can provide! Our powerful PDF tools are here to support you with any document goal.

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Try our Soda PDF Desktop app or our Soda PDF Online products today for work or personal use. Our new software version, Soda PDF 12, allows you to process files on any device, anytime through your computer, tablet, and smartphone. Soda 12 also introduces a new, simpler signing process too! By choosing one of our 360 plans, which gives you both Online and Desktop access to Soda PDF, you can use your account to put our many other PDF tools and services to work, directly from your web browser or desktop.

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