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  1. 2Document View

    • Use the Single function to view a single page at a time. Use the “Continuous” function to scroll through the document continuously. Use the “Facing” function to view two pages at once. Use the “Facing Continuous” function to view two pages at once and scroll through the document continuously.
    • Use the 3D View function to grab the edge of each page and flip it over just like a real book.
    • Use the Fullscreen function to enter full screen mode. Certain navigation and document view options will still be available at the bottom of the page while in full screen mode.
  2. 3Side By Side View

    • Use the Side By Side View feature to view and work on two documents on the same screen. You can also use the “Synchronous Scrolling” feature to scroll through both documents at the same time.
    • The Change Documents function allows you to change one or both of the documents you wish to view side-by-side.
  3. 4Page View

    • Use the Fit Page function to fit a single page of your PDF file on the active screen.
    • Use the Fit Width function to zoom in on the active page and have its width fit that of the window.
    • Use the Actual Size function to zoom the active document to 100% of its actual size.
  1. 5Rotate

    • Use the Left rotate function to rotate the document 90° counterclockwise. The Right rotate function will rotate the document 90° clockwise. The document will revert back to its original view mode once closed.
  2. 6Tools

    • Use the Snapshot tool to capture a specific part of your active PDF file and copy it to the clipboard. Once captured, you can either paste it anywhere on the same PDF file, create a new PDF from the snapshot, or paste it on an entirely different document or program (e.g. MS Word, MS Excel, MS Paint, etc.).
  3. 7Options

    • You can access the Options menu directly from the View feature’s ribbon. This allows you to set the default layout settings such as “Document View,” “Page View,” and “Page Size.” You can also change the default measurement units and you can decide whether you want Soda PDF to start-up in full screen mode or in normal mode.
  4. 8Documents

    • Choose the Multiple option to open all new documents in new tabs within the same instance of Soda PDF. Choose the Single option to open all new documents in new windows within multiple instances of Soda PDF. Changing these settings will prompt you to restart Soda PDF in order for the changes to take effect.