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Type your name, draw, or upload an image of your signature and click Sign. It's that easy!

The information you provide for your E-Sign PDF document and online electronic signatures will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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NOTE ON ACCOUNT CREATION FOR ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES: If you sign in with a company email or a third-party account such as Google, Microsoft, or Facebook, or you decide to create your account using one of these third parties, the name associated with your third-party account will be the same name that appears on the electronic signature package that you create using Soda PDF.


How do you E-Sign a PDF document?

1Open a PDF to Sign or Send to Signers

Choose the document you want to upload and prepare to e-sign online for free. Upload the document from a specific folder on your computer, or simply drag & drop directly from your desktop. You can even get documents from a cloud storage system like Google Drive or Dropbox to electronically sign documents using Soda PDF Online.

2Set Signer Details

Once you upload your document, the next step is to create a signature and apply your signature to the PDF. Or, you can choose to include additional signers to your document. Fill out your signer's details by providing their first name, last name, and email address. Next, indicate where these signatures are required in your PDF by placing either your signature or their signature field anywhere on your PDF.

3Send for Signature

Once you've prepared your PDF document using our online tool, your signers will receive an email to apply their signatures to your document. Once you click "Send", your signers will then each receive an email with instructions for adding their electronic signatures to the document, click the link, and proceed to review the document. Your signers will then create & add their signatures to the document.

4Sign and Download

You will need to wait until each signer has signed the PDF file before it can be available for download. You may also track or send reminders to your signers by creating your own Soda PDF account. Once all parties sign and fill in their esignatures, you will receive an email informing you that the signing process is complete along with a link to download your signed PDF. Select Download File to retrieve your file. Enjoyed using our Sign PDF online tool? Be sure to share your experience with others on social media!

Learn more about the security of Esign

The ESign Act & How to ESign documents

Esignatures are a secure way to get the approval of multiple parties. These types of signings are part of the Esign Act that was passed by Congress and adopted in the United States as a service for an electronic record for contracts or agreements that need to be facilitated for both global and national commerce. Today, the act of electronically signing documents has never been more popular. Unlike digital signatures, which hold no legal terms or power whatsoever, esignatures are legally binding and hold the same weight as a handwritten signature on a signed document, contract or agreement would.

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How to Sign PDF

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Add signers to your PDF documents using our E-Sign feature. Simply open Soda PDF Desktop or Soda PDF Online and use the Request Signature tool to send your document out for esignatures.

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Electronically sign PDF documents using Soda PDF’s easy-to-use E-Sign tool. Simply open a PDF document in our Desktop or Online PDF software solution and click on the E-Sign feature.

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Digital signatures vs. electronic signatures: what’s the difference?

Unlike digital signatures, electronic signatures (or esignatures) are a representation of your legally binding hand-written signature that can be applied to contracts, invoices, or agreements remotely.

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