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How To Format PDF Text For The Perfect Document


how to format pdf text

We know that it can be a bit tricky to format text in a PDF Document. PDFs are super visual, that means things like line spacing matter. We are proud of the slew of options available in Soda PDF to make each page perfect. 

In this article we’ll briefly go over all the different formatting options available, while showing you how quick and easy it all is. For more information, click here for a full breakdown of how to edit text. .

Regardless of the option we’re explaining, the first step will be to select your text. We’re not going to mention it each time, so these instructions come after you’ve selected your text.


Text Font

Soda PDF will work with any font available on your system.

  1. In the Edit Tab choose the Font Dropdown.
  2. Pick your Font.


Update Font Format Text PDF


You will have access to any System Fonts (Fonts installed on your device). You can cycle between these at any time.

There are also Document Fonts. These are fonts that were used by the person creating the PDF. They are embed into the document, which allows you to see the font, but you don’t actually have access to this font.

Soda PDF will do it’s best to match this font with one available on your system that looks similar to it.

Standard Text Formatting

We split the format options for text into two categories. This one focuses on changes that impact the text directly. Later on we’ll discuss annotation based formatting (it’s still visually a format PDF text tool).


We don’t need to explain to you what bold and italics are. Be mindful that if these are options are grayed out, you may be using a font that does not support them, check to see if a bold or italicized version is in your font list.

  1. Choose the B to bold.
  2. Choose the to italicize.


bold italics format text pdf


Font Size

  1. Click the font size dropdown and choose a new size.


  1. Use the up or down font size arrows.


Update Font Format Text PDF


Font Color

  1. Click the color selector.
  2. Choose your new color.
    1. Click here to learn more about custom colors.

choose color format text pdf


Advanced Text Formatting


If you are dealing with exponents, chemical equations or formal titles, you will pleased to find we support superscript (the little characters on top) and supscript (the ones on the bottom).

  1. Choose the option you want to use.


superscript subscript format text pdf`

Horizontal Scaling

You can proportionately increase or decrease the size of your text while respecting other formatting.

  1. Use the dropdown to change the scaling.


horizontal scaling format text pdf


Character Spacing

You can also control how much space is between letters, with 0 being the standard spacing.

  1. Type a number into the box or use the dropdown to update the spacing.


character spacing format text pdf


Text Annotations (Underline, Highlight & Strikethrough)

Text annotations are a layer place on top of text. When you underline text, the text remains unchanged but an independent layer is added on top. Anyone reading your PDF will think the text is simply underlined.

Underline, Highlight and Strikethrough all follow the same steps, but will all help you format PDF text.

  1. Pick one of the options.
  2. Choose your color.
    1. Click here for more information about picking a custom color.

underline highlight format text pdf


You can leave comments on any annotation. Click here for more information.

Since the annotation is not attached to the text, it will remain should you remove the text. It’s easy to delete it.

  1. Right-Click on it.
  2. Click on Remove.


remove annotation format text pdf


Paragraph Formatting Options

Paragraphs are created in Soda PDF any time you use the Enter key inside of a text box. These formatting options will be set only for text you’ve selected.

Text Justification

These are the standard options.

  1. Choose the justification option.


justification format text pdf


Line Spacing

This will control the distance between lines of text within a paragraph.

  1. Choose the option from the dropdown.


line spacing format text pdf


First Line Indent

When you start a new paragraph, it has an indent. This lets you control the size of the indent.

  1. Choose an option from the dropdown.


first line indent format text pdf


Space Between Paragraphs

This is like line spacing, only it’s the distance between paragraphs in your text box.

  1. Surprise! You will use the dropdown to set your distance.


paragraph spacing format text pdf


Bullet Points/Numbered Lists

You’ll need to make each entry in your list its own paragraph (you can use paragraph spacing to control the space between them). Use the Enter key to make a new paragraph.

  1. Choose the dropdown for bullet points
  2. Pick one from the list.


bullet point format text pdf


  1. You can also pick numbered list option.
  2. Choose the appropriate formatting.


numbered list format text pdf


Format Painter

The format painter will carry over any of the text formatting features (unfortunately not the annotation features or the paragraph formatting, we’re working on this to get it to you ASAP). This is a key feature when you format PDF text.

  1. Select some text with the good formatting.
  2. Choose Format Painter.
  3. Select the text that needs the new formatting.
  4. When you release the mouse button the formatting will be updated.


format painter text pdf


Feel free to download Soda PDF and you can format PDF text for your own documents.

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