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How to Replace or Add Background Color in a PDF Document


add background color in a pdf thumbnail A visually stimulating PDF usually requires adding or replacing the background of the pages in your document. The standard white background does its job but has no personality. PDFs primarily communicate information, so, adding an artistic flair increases the engagement of anyone reading it. Learn how to add background color to your PDF to give your document that extra touch! 

Pages on a PDF are comparable to the slides in PowerPoint presentations. Similarly to PowerPoint presentations, customizing the look and feel of your pages creates a unique experience. The goal of your visual aid should be to compliment the story of your presentation.


Keep reading to find out how to add background color to your PDF document (you artist, you!). 



Why Add a Background to a PDF?

The potential customization in the PDF format makes it a fantastic compliment to conventional slideshows. You may present the information to an audience using Microsoft PowerPoint, but slideshows are not a secure way to deliver key information after the fact. Complimenting your presentation with a secure PDF ensures that your audience members can receive the presentation without any fear the content will be compromised.


Most PDF editors will let you change the PDF background for the pages in your document, or replace any existing ones. Let’s look at how this can be done using Soda PDF.



How to Add a Background in a PDF

You can add a background in a PDF to all the pages in your document at once, or you go can through them individually.

  1. Firstly, open the Edit Module.
  2. Click on the Background

add document color pdf background


  1. After that, Click the option in the Page Range section that best corresponds with your need.
    1. All – This will update the background for all pages in your document.
    2. Current – This will update the page currently displayed in Soda PDF.
    3. First – This will change the appearance of only the first page.
    4. Last – This will update only the last page.
    5. Range – You can update a range of pages at once.
      1. You can create a combination of single pages and page ranges. Enter single page numbers into the box to only choose that page.
      2. Indicate a range of pages by entering the first and last page number separated by a dash. Eg. 9-15.
      3. After each unique page or range, add a comma to separate them to choose them all at once. Eg. 7, 9-12, 18

add background color in a pdf 1


You can choose to update the background with a new color or you can import a custom image as a background for your PDF pages.


How to Add Background Color:

  1. Click on Color
  2. Click on the box under Current Color.

add background color in a pdf 2


You can choose between the basic colors presented or you can set up a custom color.

  1. Click on the color you would like to use.

add background color in a pdf 3


As a result, the Current Color box will update with the new color you have selected.

add background color in a pdf 4


How to Use an Image as a Background:

  1. Click on the Picture
  2. Choose the to browse your computer and select an image file.

add background color in a pdf 5


  1. Use the + or to change the scale of the image. Increase the number to zoom in or lower it to make it smaller. You can also enter a number directly into the box

add background color in a pdf 6


  1. If you chose the wrong image, just click on the red X to clear the selection and start over.

add background color in a pdf 7


Now that you have prepared everything you are ready to apply your background.

  1. Click on OK to finalize.

add background color in a pdf 8


You will see this status bar appear confirming your changes have been applied successfully.

add background color in a pdf 9

Finally, you’ll see your new background change the look and feel of your document!


Want to add background color to your PDF? Then download the free Soda PDF desktop app or try the web app.



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