How to save one page of a PDF

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How to Save One Page of a PDF - Soda PDF

Looking to save or extract only one page from a PDF document? Look no further than Soda PDF’s easy-to-use Split PDF online tool!

In this article, we explain how to extract one single page from a PDF document and save it as a new, single-page file with Soda PDF. It’s easy, fast, and best of all: it’s FREE*!

As soon as you’ve successfully used our free Split PDF tool, you can simply open and organize pages within your web browser, or once you’ve downloaded saved as PDF, preview your new PDF document directly from your desktop computer.

Are you struggling to figure out how to save one page of a PDF as a new file? Sometimes the simplest tasks can be the most frustrating to solve. Hence why we suggest using the quickest, simplest, and most effective PDF software solution today:

Meet Split PDF: An Easy-to-Use Online Tool from Soda PDF

Thankfully, there’s Soda PDF, a simple, free online tool that can help with your PDF needs – including extracting just one page of a PDF file using their Split PDF tool.

If you are looking to extract any number of pages from a novel, notes from a work report, or any other PDF document, you’ve come to the right place. You can do this (and more!) easily and quickly with Soda PDF’s free-to-use online tool called Split PDF, all in just a few clicks.

How to extract one page of a PDF document

  • Go to the Soda PDF website from any device with an internet connection
  • Click on the Online Tools menu dropdown and select Split PDF
  • Drag and drop the file that you want to extract a page from.
  • Choose the option to ‘Select pages to extract’
  • Manually select a single page or a range of pages within your document
  • Click ‘Split PDF’ to start the extraction process, which only takes a second
  • Download your newly extracted page document and you’re good to go!

As mentioned, you’ve got other options when it comes to saving pages from a PDF. If you want to save multiple single pages as individual PDF documents, you can select several pages within the same Split PDF tool on the Soda PDF website.

The selected pages will the saved in the order you picked them in a new file. You could also save every single page as a single-page PDF document. This is handy when you want to split several images into several individual files.

Other easy-to-use PDF document management tools from Soda PDF

Soda PDF doesn’t just allow you to extract pages and save individual PDFs. If you want to extract and save one page of a PDF they’ve got you covered, but what if you need more PDF management options? We’ve got all your document tasks covered:

  • Compress PDF – Reduce the size of your extracted single-page PDF.
  • E-Sign PDF – Generate a contract and add a digital signature to your PDF.
  • Protect PDF – Secure your new PDF file with a password after creating your PDF.
  • Fastest PDF to MS Office Converter – convert your PDF to other file formats like Word, PPT, JPG, or Excel.
PDF management tools - Compress PDF - Convert PDF - Soda PDF

Where does my original PDF file go?

It’s common for users to have security questions when it comes to online PDF tools like Soda PDF. Our online tools are used by thousands of users each day and each page contains top-level security features. Suffice to say, our online tools are 100% secure, and your data and file security will be kept safe.

Whenever you upload a file to the Soda PDF servers, it’s removed after one hour. During that time, you can always continue working with your file with every tool at your disposal. There are a host of easy-to-use online tools on the Soda PDF website that are just a click away.

Can I extract one page of a PDF file Offline?

If you’d prefer to work offline, don’t worry – Soda PDF has got you covered. All you need to do is download the Soda PDF app from their website and install it on your computer – it works on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Split PDF pages offline - Soda PDF desktop

When you’re working with the desktop version, you won’t need to have an internet connection to perform your PDF management tasks.

Is Soda PDF really free?

*Our online PDF tools are free to use though can be subject to daily, hourly, or certain usage limitations.  If you’re looking for a fully-featured PDF software to use online or offline, Soda PDF offers both of these 360-degree document management solutions via our flexible and cost-effective Business Solutions or individual product plans.

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