How to attach files to a PDF document

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How to Attach Files to a PDF file

A lesser known fact about PDFs is how great they work as storage containers for other documents. We mean to show you, literally, how to attach files to a PDF document. We get it, this is not the typical value brag for PDFs, but we find it to be a very handy tool.

Why you care at work:

Let’s say you create this great summary of your brand-new project. You convert it to the PDF format (because you know how secure it is) and restrict it so no changes can be made. Throughout your summary you want to link to some data that’s stored on a network drive.

Only you realize that anyone outside your network cannot access it. Thankfully with an app like Soda PDF you can attach those files directly to your PDF. By doing this, anyone can get that extra info, even if they have no internet access.

Showing off your technical prowess is a great way to impress your boss.

Why you care at home:

PDFs will print files, exactly how they appear on screen. This lets you arrange your family photos from last Thanksgiving in the perfect way. All while knowing the formatting will never get messed up.

You send this off to your mother, who immediately requests certain pictures so she can print them out and hang them on the wall. When you attach files to a PDF document, your mother already has them.

PDFs are all about making your life a little simpler.

How to Attach Files to a PDF Document

A PDF is a versatile format. In addition to all the ways you can modify the file, you can also use it as a storage container. You can attach other files to it which can be extracted at a later time.

  • On the Comment tab, click the Attachment button.
How to attach files to a PDF document -Soda PDF
  • Click anywhere on the document to see the Open dialog box. Choose your file and click Open to add this file.
  • The attachment icon will appear on your page.
  • To open your attachment, make sure you are in the View mode and click the attachment icon.
How to attach a file to a PDF - Soda PDF
  • To save an attached file to your computer, switch to the Edit mode, right-click the attachment icon and choose Save Embedded File to Disk… in the context menu. 
Comment PDF - Edit PDF - Soda PDF
  • Alternatively, click the Extras panel icon on the right-hand side of the application window.
  • Click the Paperclip icon to open the Attachments section.
Attach file to PDF - PDF editor - Soda PDF Desktop
  • You can add any attachments by clicking on Add or Plus icon. This will open a Browse window allowing you to go through your computer looking for files to attach. 
How to attach files to a PDF - PDF editing - Soda PDF 14
  • You can right-click on an attached file to OpenSave, or Delete it. 
How to attach file in PDF - Soda PDF software
  • Click here to type a file description.
Attach file to PDF free - Soda PDF
  • Click the three dots to find the options Save all attachments and Delete all attachments.
Attachment - Edit PDF - Document management software

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