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How to Attach Files to a PDF Document


How to Attach Files to a PDF


A lesser known fact about PDFs is how great they work as storage containers for other documents. We mean to show you, literally, how to attach files to a PDF document. We get it, this is not the typical value brag for PDFs, but we find it to be a very handy tool.


Why you care at work:


Let’s say you create this great summary of your brand-new project. You convert it to the PDF format (because you know how secure it is) and restrict it so no changes can be made. Throughout your summary you want to link to some data that’s stored on a network drive.


Only you realize that anyone outside your network cannot access it. Thankfully with an app like Soda PDF you can attach those files directly to your PDF. By doing this, anyone can get that extra info, even if they have no internet access.


Showing off your technical prowess is a great way to impress your boss.


Why you care at home:


PDFs will print files, exactly how they appear on screen. This lets you arrange your family photos from last Thanksgiving in the perfect way. All while knowing the formatting will never get messed up.


You send this off to your mother, who immediately requests certain pictures so she can print them out and hang them on the wall. When you attach files to a PDF document, your mother already has them.


PDFs are all about making your life a little simpler.


Method 1: Pin the File on the PDF


You can attach files to a PDF document by pinning that file anywhere on your page.

  1. Open the Review Tab.
  2. Choose Attach File.


review tab attach file to pdf


Your mouse icon will update to a cross shape.

  1. Move your mouse over to the part of the page you want to pin your file.
  2. Left-click the mouse.
  3. A Browse window will open, choose your file.


You’ll see a pin icon appear on your page.


pinned document attach file to pdf


Whomever receives your PDF can open the attached file by clicking on that pin. We wanted to warn you that your file will be embed into your PDF, it’s easy to spike up the size of your PDF by attaching to many.


Thankfully you can compress PDFs with Soda PDF.


You can modify the color and opacity of the pin icon.

  1. Select it while in Edit Mode.
  2. Open the Properties
  3. Switch into the Appearance
  4. Configure your pin’s aesthetic.


pin properties attach file to pdf


After you make any changes, you can save them as a new default for your pin.

  1. Click the Set as Default.


set as default attach files to pdf


Method 2 – The PDF Storage Bin


We recognize that not everyone needs to attach files to a PDF page. Another option is to use the Attachments feature to store your files at a document level.


This makes it EXTREMELY easy for the person reading your PDF to access them when they need those files.

  1. Click on the Paperclip
  2. Then choose the Add


add documents attach files to PDF


  1. A Browse window will open.
  2. Select your file(s).
  3. Click Open.


You’ll see your files are added to the Attachments section.


documents attach files to PDF


Anyone receiving your file can click on one of the files to see more options.

  1. Click Open and the file will be opened.
  2. Choose Extract if you want to save this file locally.
  3. With Delete the file is removed from the PDF.
  4. In the Description section you can explain why the document is in the PDF.


document options attach files to PDF


The EXTRACT ALL option will save each document in your PDF at once.


extract all documents attach files to PDF


Method 3 – Linking a File to Your PDF


This option is only useful when the people receiving your PDF have access to where the linked files are stored. The main advantage is links don’t have a significant impact on file size, keeping your PDFs lightweight and email ready.


This option is great when working out of shared virtual drives or network drives. The downside is that if that person is not on your network, they will be unable to open the files you attached.


It’s really easy to add that link.

  1. Open the Insert Tab.
  2. Choose Links.


 insert link attach file to PDF


Your mouse icon will change.

  1. Move your mouse to the part of the page you want to add your link.
  2. Hold down the left mouse button and drag your cursor.
    1. You’ll see the link area with a blue highlight.
  3. Release the mouse button.


open file action attach file to pdf



Your link will now appear on your document. Anyone who clicks on that link (with access to the document location) will open it.


link on page attach file to PDF


We encourage you to download Soda PDF and try it out.


Let us know how you chose to attach files to a PDF.

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