How to create a link to open a web page

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Soda PDF can add a link over any pre-existing document element. These links can be set up to perform several different actions. This article will cover opening a webpage with your link.

  • The first step will be opening the Edit Module and selecting the Link feature.

Once the Link feature is active you will be able to choose the target area for your link. The mouse icon will change to confirm your selection. Move the mouse icon over to where you would like to place your link. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse. You will see a blue rectangle as you move the mouse, allowing you to decide how big or small the link will be. The area inside this rectangle will be your link.

  • When you release the mouse button you will see the Add Action window below. Choose the Open Web Page option.
  • In the window which opens enter the website’s URL.
  • Click on Apply and the action will be added.

You can see the action appear in the center portion of the window.

  • When you click Add your link will be configured.
  • To test your link switch to View Mode in the top right corner. Clicking on your link will now open your web page.
  • You can open the properties to customize your link. First, make sure you are in Edit Mode.
  • Click on the link and select the Properties icon on the right sidebar.
  • Alternatively, you can right-click on the link and choose Properties.

The properties window will appear on the right.


Click here to learn more about link properties.

While in Edit Mode you can also resize and move your link around your document.

  • Hold the left mouse button while your cursor is over a circle in the purple border and drag your mouse to change the link size.
  • Hold the mouse button and drag the link box to change its location.

We mentioned that links in Soda PDF can perform different actions. We have articles covering everything you need to know about links. Click below to learn more about that subject.

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