How-to guide for merging digitally signed PDFs

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Seamlessly Merge Digitally Signed PDFs: A How-To Guide

At Soda PDF, we recognize how crucial it is to merge your digitally signed PDF documents without compromising their integrity. This post will explore the complexities of combining digitally signed PDFs and present a straightforward but efficient workaround to complete the task without difficulty.

Understanding the Challenge:

PDFs that have been digitally signed are intended to guarantee the content’s integrity and authenticity. But combining these kinds of documents presents a special difficulty. The integrity of the document is compromised when digital signatures are merged into PDFs using traditional techniques because the signatures are either erased or rendered invalid.

Our Solution:

Thankfully, Soda PDF provides a strong answer to this problem. With our creative workaround, you can easily combine digitally signed PDF documents without sacrificing the authenticity of the signatures.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Open the Create & Convert module within Soda PDF.
  • Navigate to the Merge feature and click on it to initiate the merging process.
  • Add the digitally signed PDF files you wish to merge by clicking on the plus icon.
  • Identify the digitally signed documents by the signature icon displayed on them.
  • Upon adding the documents, you’ll be presented with the option to either Remove the signature from the document or Remove the document from the list.
  • Click on the “Remove signature” button for each document to proceed with the merging process, ensuring that the integrity of the signatures is maintained.
  • Once all signatures are removed, click on the Merge button to initiate the merging process.
  • After successful merging, you can easily add the digital signatures back to the consolidated document using Soda PDF.

The innovative features and user-friendly interface of Soda PDF make it the easiest tool to combine digitally signed PDF documents. With the help of our in-depth guide, you can easily combine files without compromising the integrity of the signatures, enabling you to optimize your document management procedures.

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