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Benefits of Having a Soda Anywhere Plan for Your Business

BrowserEasy adoption

Soda PDF Anywhere is a reliable, intuitive, and portable workflow platform that professionals can use on desktop and on the go. Its breakthrough technology allows users to access features from any device or web browser, making it the very first fully functional online PDF solution on the market. In addition to our unmatched features, we’ve also got you covered in our deployment process. Gone are the days of complicated integrations- Soda PDF adapts to your environment, making adopting it a breeze. We know how busy life can get, and with Soda’s complete PDF application, you never have to worry about accessing important files again.

Plan-based model

On top of all these benefits, Soda PDF Anywhere has adopted a plan-based model, allowing businesses to be billed automatically (either monthly or yearly) rather than having to pay a one-time fixed rate. Having a monthly plan helps businesses stay within their budget, giving them the ability to opt out come renewal time. Staying within your annual budget becomes easier since the initial investment is smaller than that of a perpetual license.


Now, businesses can ensure Savingsthey’re always up to date with the latest version of the software and the latest features and improvements. Similarly, signing up for a plan-based model ensures company loyalty as businesses are compelled to stay on top of client needs and market trends. With this model, individuals using the service are more likely to be engaged with the brand, keeping up to date with the companies’ progression and overall growth.


This ongoing communication between the user and the service provider establishes a relation where the suggestions, needs, and wants of the customers are met more efficiently and with greater accuracy. The flexibility of registering for a plan-based service is vital for businesses as well, as they are able to cancel the plan with no lost investment.


Alternatively, features can be added (or removed) as the business grows. Therefore, plan-based models are easier to scale, eliminating the chance of losing out on an investment of a large, one-time fee. A Soda PDF Anywhere plan will allow users to receive ongoing communication with a clear understanding of new features, services, and support options available, simplifying the process of renewing and upgrading your plan.


CloudEasy collaboration

Not only will you have a flexible business model, the Soda Anywhere plans will also allow your business to benefit from collaborating in multiple ways. Data stored is remotely located, meaning no user is responsible for hosting on a media server. You can simply create an online account and access Soda PDF from any device.


Soda PDF Anywhere allows users to send documents via synced Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive & Box applications. Instead of having an independent user document, projects can be created in a shared workspace, allowing multiple users to work on the same project at once. Individuals can also add or change users from the online account, allowing for a flexible workspace no matter where you’re located. Soda Anywhere gives users the tools necessary for effortless collaborations among team members, allowing for a more efficient workflow and improved quality projects.

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Meet the first fully functional online PDF solution on the market. With Soda PDF Anywhere, you can work on your PDFs, well, pretty much anywhere. Available both on desktop and online, you can finally take your work with you on the go. To use Soda PDF Online, all you need is a modern web browser and a connected device (PC, Mac OS, smartphone, & tablet).


Soda PDF Anywhere also offers brand new (and exciting!) features, including batch conversion, Bates numbering, and Soda E-Sign. The batch conversion feature saves you time by letting you convert multiple PDFs at once, Bates numbering allows you to index your important documents for easy identification, and E-Sign makes it possible to prepare, send and track documents for e-signature directly within the app.


Click on the image below for a detailed list of all new features, improvements and bug fixes in Soda PDF Anywhere. Our release notes are available in all Soda PDF languages for your convenience.



You can also visit our What’s New page for more detail, and you can even try Soda PDF Anywhere by downloading the FREE TRIAL.


We hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve cooked up for you!

The Soda PDF Team

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What is a SaaS Model?

SaaSUnderstanding SaaS

SaaS, which refers to Software as a Service, is a software delivery model that offers subscription-based plans. SaaS also enables the users of a given software to access it on the web, through virtually any browser. In other words, clients rent the software instead of purchasing it, and they can use it on the go, as long as their device is connected to the Internet.


Advantages for businesses

Software as a Service can benefit many businesses if used properly. It can help save money, time and resources, three key components that are invaluable to any company.


Cost savings: Unlike perpetual licenses that have high upfront fees, subscription plans offer monthly or annual fees, which allows businesses to save money in the long run. It also eliminates the risk factor, as the subscription can usually be cancelled at any time.


Accessibility: The fact that SaaS enables subscribers to use the software online means work can be done anytime, anywhere. This is especially useful for users who often work remotely or have long commutes.


Storage: Since the software is hosted externally (in the cloud), businesses save on local storage space as they do not necessarily need to have the application downloaded on all devices.


Deployment: Rapid deployment is made possible with SaaS as there is no physical software or specialized hardware that need to be installed. A software that is available online also significantly (if not entirely) reduces compatibility issues as a web browser and an Internet connection are all that is required to use the application.


Updates: No more spending time and money on updating software. With a subscription plan, the application will always remain up to date, offering the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes.


Drawbacks of SaaS

Compliance: Any business that adopts a SaaS model must ensure they are satisfying the different requirements and regulations of countries that have strict rules where data storage is concerned. If organizations follow proper protocol, there shouldn’t be any compliance issues.


Security: Although this is a concern that is decreasing due to state-of-the-art encryption levels and security, the fact remains that the cloud cannot guarantee that stored data will remain unbreachable.

If you want to learn about the history of SaaS, check out this article.

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The Benefits of Using Cloud Storage

Cloud StorageWhy is it called cloud storage?

We’ve all heard these words before: cloud storage. But most of us don’t fully understand what it is, or what it means. For starters, the word cloud, in the tech world, essentially means Internet. The reason why this name was adopted is because of how the Internet was usually represented in the past: a huge cloud of complex network connections.


What is cloud storage?

Now that we know the origins of the word cloud, we can move on to what the cloud actually is. For the sake of keeping things simple, think of the cloud as an external storage solution that allows you to save, share and view your documents online instead of on your personal hard drive.

But where is all this data being stored? Well, it’s not stored in thin air, that’s for sure. Depending on the cloud storage you’re using, your data will be stored in that corporation’s physical servers. Most of the time, these corporations have many servers that save your data in multiple locations, just in case.


What are the advantages of using cloud storage?Connected Cloud Storage

– You can access your files anytime, anywhere, on any device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet). No need to transfer files onto USBs or email files to yourself;

– You can sync your files so all files will be up to date on all devices, all the time;

– You can collaborate on your files with your coworkers at work or with your teammates at school;

– You will save on personal storage space, which means your hard drive will be less cluttered and will perform better;

– You will save time since you don’t have to buy an external hard drive and manually back up all your files.


Cloud connectivity & integration

Luckily for you, most cloud storage services are integrated directly within applications that you already use. Say you’re working on a Word document and you want to save a copy online. No problem! Microsoft Office has cloud storage integration that allows you to send your files to certain cloud storage services directly within the software.

If you regularly work with PDF files, you’ll be happy to know that many PDF software have built-in cloud connectivity as well. Soda PDF allows you to send your files to your Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box accounts directly through the app. It even has Evernote integration to accommodate all users.


What are some of the top cloud storage providers?

– Google Drive

– OneDrive

– Dropbox

– Box

– Amazon Cloud Drive

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The Digitization of the Healthcare Industry

Industry overview

Healthcare TabletThe healthcare industry handles an unsurprisingly large amount of data on a daily basis – patient records, test results, analyses, consent forms, research material, etc. Before computers were introduced into the workforce, healthcare workers had to keep track of all data on paper. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Well, sort of.

It’s true that when you walk into most clinics or hospitals, your information (i.e., name, phone number, address) is entered and saved in their computer’s database. But what happens to your test results? Your doctor’s medical notes? Your medical history? Unfortunately, this data is still kept on paper in many healthcare institutions and not transferred to an easily accessible electronic database.


Collecting data

So how do we solve this problem? Digitizing most processes would definitely be a step in the right direction. Having all patient records saved in a secure electronic database is way more efficient than having paper folders and filing cabinets – it’s easier to search for and find information, and it helps keep everything organized.

Healthcare workers can save all their written data in PDF format and rest assured the documents will be kept safe. They can add passwords and set permission levels to ensure extra security. It’s even possible to merge all relevant PDF files for a given patient into a single file so that searching for and finding specific information about that patient can be done within seconds.


Accessing data

Healthcare Tablet 2Sure, paper documents are easily accessible… if you haven’t misplaced them or if they’re right in front of you. But if you save electronic data, you simply need to do a quick search to find what you are looking for. Healthcare professionals can carry around tablets to maintain electronic health records, and they won’t have to worry about losing the data because they can automatically save it in their database.

The healthcare industry can also adopt the use of cloud storage services, which means the data would be accessible online, through any web browser. Some PDF software such as Soda PDF have cloud services integrated within the app, so you can send your PDF files directly to your preferred cloud storage.


Archiving data

PDF software are often equipped with tools such as PDF/A converters that make long-term archiving possible. With the amount of patient data the healthcare industry manages, archiving is not only useful, but necessary.

The PDF/A format has specific requirements to make sure whatever software is used in the distant future will be able to support the file and display all its contents properly. This is especially useful for the healthcare industry because it is extremely cumbersome to have to keep every patient’s medical records long-term. If everything is kept in an electronic database, it does not take up any physical space, therefore data can be kept for a much longer period of time.


Communicating with patients

Another innovative way to improve the industry’s processes is having web portals clients can access to view their profiles, book appointments online, and download helpful guides (e.g., information relating to pregnancy, parenting, dieting, exercising, dealing with certain diseases, etc.).

Some healthcare institutions may also send out newsletters that patients might be interested in, so it’s always a good idea to have a mailing list people can sign up to.