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5 Reasons Why IT Pros Choose Soda PDF


IT pros

We all know how expensive the advanced versions of specialized software can be, especially if you’re a business with hundreds of employees. But what if we told you there’s an affordable PDF software out there that offers significant discounts if you buy in bulk? And what if we also told you it comes with several other services specifically designed for IT and business users? 

Read on to find out why exactly it’s in your company’s best interest to choose Soda PDF.


1. Volume licensing discounts

With Soda PDF, you can earn significant volume licensing discounts for purchases of 5 licenses or more. And if you require 10+ licenses, you save up to 25%! We’re proud to say Soda PDF offers the best value proposition on the market, and we’re very flexible.

So if you’re an IT professional working for a company that requires 5, 10, 50, or even 100 PDF software licenses, don’t bother buying them individually – you’ll be wasting time and money. Contact Soda’s sales department and they’ll make sure to accommodate your needs.


2. Multiple deployment options

Installing PDF software on each individual computer is not fun for anyone, especially for the tech specialists. It takes up a lot of their time and is a complete waste of resources. Luckily, Soda PDF can adapt to any IT system and environment.

Soda PDF can be deployed from one server to multiple systems at once. That way, there will be an enterprise-wide deployment and the time saved will be significant.


3. Maintenance plans

A Soda PDF maintenance plan guarantees that the software will stay up to date on all devices. Basically, your company will be eligible for 1 free upgrade to the next version of Soda PDF. There are cumulative volume discounts available for multiple purchases of the maintenance plan.


4. Premium support

If IT pros are having issues with Soda PDF or just want help getting started, there is always a dedicated team of usability and technical support experts that are available exclusively for businesses.

Remote assistance is also available if needed. Our support team can easily connect to your device to fix the problem more quickly.

5. Free 30-day trial

It’s natural to be a little skeptical when it comes to purchasing a new software (or anything, really!), and we completely understand. That’s why we offer a free 30-day trial of Soda PDF so you can play around with it and make an informed decision.

If you’re not convinced by the end of the trial period that Soda PDF is awesome, then it’ll just be disabled and that’s the end of that – no strings attached.

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