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5 Tips to Make the Most of Your PDF Reader


PDF reader

Using a PDF reader can be extremely beneficial, especially if you’re made aware of all the awesome features you have at your disposal. We’ve compiled a list of tips that will make your e-reading experience more enjoyable – and way more efficient.


Tip 1 – 3D Reader Mode

PDF Reader 3D View Mode

Sick of reading digital files the old-fashioned way? Soda PDF offers a unique 3D reader that lets you flip through pages just like a real book! All you have to do is activate the 3D reader mode and drag the pages whichever way you want.


Plus, Soda’s PDF reader is compatible with .epub, .cbr and .cbz files, which means it can support comic books and digital publications. We know nothing can replicate the actual feeling of a paper book, but our 3D reader comes pretty darn close.


Tip 2 – Markup

PDF Reader Highlight Underline

One of the main pros of reading a digital file with a PDF application is that you can use an array of markup tools to keep track of important information. The most popular (and in our opinion the most useful) are the highlighting and underlining features.


The Highlight feature comes in handy when you want certain passages to pop out of the page, especially since you can choose the color. Underlining works in much the same way, also allowing you to choose whatever color you want to use.


Tip 3 – Sticky Notes

PDF Reader Comment Sticker Note

The sticky notes feature is available in Soda PDF’s more advanced Review module. It’s an extremely valuable annotation tool that allows you to add your personal comments anywhere in your PDF file.


Once your notes are added, a small comment box will appear that indicates the location of the notes you’ve left. You can either hide the box so it doesn’t clutter your page (especially if you’ve added multiple comment boxes), or you can leave it in plain sight. You also have the option to change the text style (bold, italic, etc.).


Tip 4 – Bookmarks

PDF Reader Bookmarks

Another great feature you can use in our PDF reader is bookmarking. If you’re reading a digital book that already contains bookmarks, you can easily jump to your desired bookmarked page.


If you have Soda PDF’s Edit module activated, you can even add your own bookmarks to your files! Bookmarking makes it easy to find your way around a file and keep things organized.


Tip 5 – Snapshot

PDF Reader Snapshot

Is there an inspirational or funny quote you would like to save? Snapshot is your answer. It’s a nifty tool that allows you to capture a specific part of your digital file.


You can basically take a picture of any part of your page, and it will save it to the clipboard. You can then paste it into another PDF file, or you can paste it in an entirely different document (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, etc.).


NEW: You can now take a snapshot of your whole page at once!



Move aside Kindle, Soda PDF is the new digital reader document reader in town. If you’re not convinced, check out our blog post on the ultimate PDF vs. Kindle smackdown. 


Now that you know about all that awesome features that Soda PDF has to offer, you can start using Soda PDF to read eBooks, digital comic books, recipe books, and more!


Soda PDF supports 100+ document formats – so the digital document world is your playground.


Download Soda PDF to read, annotate, and share documents today!



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