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6 Reasons Businesses Should Use Web-Based Apps


6 Reasons why Businesses Need Web App

Web-based applications allow companies of all sizes to improve efficiency, make things easy and vastly improve their service. Cloud-based apps let anyone, anywhere immediately access data, communicate with teammates, and serve clients.  On top of that, they come with real cost savings!

We’ve got 6 reasons your business needs to use web-based apps. By the end, you’ll want one of your own!


What Are Web-Based Apps?


You know apps on your phone like Camera, Notepad, and Uber? How about apps on your desktop like company accounting software, Garage Band, or Microsoft Word?

Those ARE NOT web-based apps!

Web-based apps are the kind that you can access via a web browser. For example, Soda PDF Online (probably the greatest online app for PDFs), Trello (project management software), or Gmail.

See the difference? Ok, Word does have a limited web-app version.

Instead of working with software limited to only certain computers, these apps work within a supported browser (like Chrome, Firefox, or Opera). Instead, these cool apps can be accessed from anywhere. They might also have corresponding apps for your phone, but the key is that they are based on the web.

The sheer breadth of innovation in the cloud app sector has revolutionized how we work. You’ll see the impact in productivity, socializing, time tracking, sales, project management, and nearly every other field.

It’s cheaper and easier to complete projects than ever before. You have web apps to thank for that.

Here are 6 reasons your company should be using web-based apps NOW:


1- Increase Accessibility Exponentially

As long as you have access to a device with an internet connection, you can access web-based apps.

Compare that to apps stuck on your desktop or apps made only for mobile devices. Now, your fickle Millennial employees won’t complain when they can only work from a computer at the office instead of on the go using their laptop, phone, or tablet. So, even if they have the latest Mac or some high-priced tablet they never take their eyes off of, they’ll never be able to say, “I didn’t have the program at home!”.

For example, our customers swear by Soda PDF Online and how easy it is for them to make PDFs anywhere. By using the online version, they can turn any document into a PDF, then sign, seal, and deliver it to anyone. All while using their tablet at Starbucks (Free Wi-Fi definitely helps)!


2- Reduce Work and Costs

If you want to create your own company app, going up into the cloud will reduce both work and costs. Think about it; you won’t need to pay multiple developers to create a custom app for each platform. You only need one app in perpetuity. Boom! Insane savings already.

On the working end of things, imagine not having to handle multiple versions of the same document. Imagine being able to store information in one central place. The entire project can be updated and accessed with only one login.

Speaking of storage…


3- Cloud Storage is Vastly Superior to Local Storage

Cloud applications let you store everything in one central database. This eliminates the need for storing the same data across all your servers. This not only makes your life easier, but it also improves the speed of your software because it won’t have to fetch data from multiple locations.

Web-based apps are stored on one strong, central server in the cloud, making them faster, more secure, and more efficient.

As long as your cloud app is secure, there is no reason to keep on using local storage for anything. You can even rent out virtual servers if you don’t have the space for a fancy server room. While we’re on the topic of security…


4- Cloud Apps Improve Security

It may sound counter-intuitive, but cloud-based apps are often MORE SECURE than local counterparts. Even though they are connected 24/7.

These servers are  maintained by professional web administrators and held to the highest standards. Their skill allows you to protect your data from prying eyes or human errors.

For example, if a computer is damaged with an application on it, you have a couple of choices. You can trust that software in the hands of the repair technician or lose time as you uninstall the software and have it reinstalled after repairs are done.

With cloud-based apps, damage to devices isn’t an issue. You can quickly get back to business as usual with your username and password.

A bonus benefit is that all updates happen server-side. Using web-based apps is the end of annoying software updates interrupting your task.


5- Cloud-Based Apps Are Easily Scalable

If you buy a program that only works on desktop or is native to a smartphone, it’s nearly impossible for it to grow with your company. Chances are, you’ll have to wait to buy an updated version (and install it on EVERY company device), or you may not even get that chance.

With a web-based app, you can usually just upgrade your plan to accommodate more employees. If it’s your company’s own app, just keep adding users or your own or updating the app via the cloud. The benefit here is adjusting your licensing on the fly (which will instantly update on all devices).

With Soda PDF Online, you can start small and build up quickly (for cheap). And, you still get access to all of the same awesome features you would from our normal app: eSign, markup, cloud storage, multiple conversion methods, etc.



6- Maintenance

If you’re a company whose clients need your application, maintenance is a major expense. You’ve got to install your app on your client’s devices and monitor and update it at regular intervals. This is pricey AND time-consuming.

Some small businesses don’t have the budget or manpower to unleash this type of app on their clients. This limits their growth and earning potential.

With a web app, your client only needs access to the server. That’s it! No maintenance required.

Web-based apps make running a small business simpler, cheaper, and more lucrative. It’s pretty clear they’re becoming more popular and affordable by the day. If you haven’t started using them, you should immediately.

We highly recommend checking out Soda PDF Online if you need to make high-quality PDFs that are secure, signable, and searchable. You won’t need to install any software, and your entire company can access them on the go from anywhere at any time.

Join the Online PDF revolution and try out the app today.

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