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6 Tools You Need To Use for Easier Document Management



Are you working from home or are you a business that’s in desperate need of simple and effective document management solutions?


If your desk is cluttered with printed pages or you’re having a hard time organizing your important files or finding and securing critical information, we have the 6 tools you need to use in order to simplify your document management for good.


So what are these tools and how can they help you streamline workflows, increase productivity, and accomplish any of your document goals in just a few clicks? Read on to learn more about Soda PDF, the easy-to-use document management software solution!


The 6 tools you should be using for simpler document management

If you’re looking for quick, one-click solutions to your document management problems, look no further than these helpful and easy-to-use PDF tools.


Best of all, Soda PDF’s online tools are available from any device with internet access, meaning that you can quickly merge, compress, convert, split, secure and even electronically sign your documents from any web browser, from anywhere!


Without further ado, here are the 6 tools you should be using to simplify your document workflows:


Merge PDF

Do you have precious information spread across different documents that should all be compiled together in one centralized file? If so, our Merge PDF tool is for you!


PDF Merge - Online Tool - Soda PDF Online


Using PDF Merge, you can combine various file formats such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents and even image files into one single PDF document.


Simply upload the files you wish to merge into our online PDF Merge tool and then click MERGE. In seconds, our software solution will begin to combine these file formats and convert them into a PDF document.


You can then proceed to further modify your newly merged document using our other online tools (see below) or simply download the PDF document and consider this task complete.


Convert PDF

Notice how when using the PDF Merge tool, your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files were converted into a readable, editable PDF document?


Well, using Soda PDF’s PDF Converter tool, you can easily import or export any document as a PDF in seconds.


PDF Converter - Online Tool - Soda PDF Online


Do you have a PDF document that you wish to turn into a PowerPoint presentation or maybe even as an HTML file? Simply upload a PDF document you wish to export as a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, or even as an image file and click CONVERT.


Soda PDF’s software solution will automatically begin to convert to or from PDF in seconds. Best of all, the layout and structure of your original file will be kept intact throughout the document’s conversion to another file format. Yes, it’s really that easy!


Split PDF

Did you just receive a PDF document that has a ton of information but you really just need to extract a few pages for safekeeping or modifications?


If so, try Soda PDF’s Split PDF tool, which allows you to upload a PDF document or any file format and then extract either all of the pages or a range of pages from the uploaded document.


Split PDF - Online Tool - Soda PDF Online


You can quickly create new PDF documents from existing files simply by splitting the document into pages and then extracting any number of those pages as a new PDF document. You can select the range of pages, allowing you to take pages numbered four to seven and even two hundred to one thousand and turn those pages into a new document.


If you ever need to quickly consolidate or send relevant information to your customer without giving them the entire company’s documentation, then this is the tool for you!


Compress PDF

Does your boss or colleague need a heavy file sent to them yesterday but you’re having trouble getting around the ‘File size exceeded’ limitations? If so, may we humbly suggest using Soda PDF’s Compress PDF tool to quickly reduce the file size of your documents for increased (and simpler) shareability.


Compress PDF - Online Tool - Soda PDF Online


Compressing a PDF can sometimes affect the quality of your document, however, using Soda PDF’s easy-to-use Compress PDF online tool, you’ll be able to select the type of document quality you wish to use.


Soda PDF’s Compress PDF tool makes overcoming any ‘File size exceeded’ headaches a breeze. Simply upload your heavy file, compress to your optimal size, download your newly compressed document, and share that information with your intended audience in seconds!


Password Protect PDF

Are you looking to keep certain work documents for certain eyes only? Tired of having your information pried open and constantly changed without your permission? Use Soda PDF’s Password Protect PDF online tool to keep your documents private and secure with 256-bit AES password encryption.


To secure your documents, simply go to our online Password Protect PDF online tool:


Password Protect PDF - Online Tool - Soda PDF


Upload the document you wish to secure with a password, enter the password you wish to use for when users try to access this information, and voila! You’ve successfully secured your document with a password encryption!


Anytime a user tries to access this file, they’ll be prompted to enter the password you’ve created in order to open the document. Your users won’t be able to see the content of your PDF document unless you share your newly created password with them. Pretty easy, right?


E-Sign PDF

Finally, the last tool we’d like to mention is our FREE E-Sign PDF online tool:


Sign PDF - Online Tool - Soda PDF


If your business has been slowed down by this pandemic and you’re in need of a remote signature solution to get contracts, invoices, agreements, and other documents that require a legal signature, be sure to use our electronic signature solution: E-Sign!


Using our E-Sign PDF tool, you can easily create your own electronic signature and apply it to any document in seconds. Need to include additional signers too? No problem! Our FREE electronic signature tool also enables you to add additional signers to your document and send the document to for e-signatures in real-time from anywhere via their e-mail inbox.


Keep track of signatures and streamline any signing ceremony by keeping a safe distance between people and paper using our E-Sign PDF tool.


Soda PDF: The all-in-one document management solution

Haven’t heard of Soda PDF before? We’ve been an industry leader for over a decade. Soda PDF is a very popular Adobe Acrobat alternative and can easily replace Microsoft Word as your go-to document editor.


Soda PDF has all the powerful tools you need to simplify your document revisions, convert multiple various file formats into PDF, secure your important information with password protection, electronically sign contracts and invoices, and much more!


Soda PDF - PDF Tools - Soda PDF Desktop or Online


Best of all, Soda PDF’s easy-to-use tools are available via two different software solutions: Soda PDF Desktop (for Windows users) and Soda PDF Online (for MAC users).


Manage documents offline using Soda PDF Desktop

Are you a Windows user that’s looking to split, merge, compress, convert, secure, and add e-signatures from one software solution? Try Soda PDF Desktop:


Soda PDF Desktop - All-in-One PDF Solution - Soda PDF


Soda PDF Desktop has all of these 6 document management tools we went over, plus comes packed with even more powerful PDF tools that allow you to: edit any PDF, create new PDFs from hundreds of file formats, comment using sticker notes, set file permission levels, pencil draw on PDF, measure distances, and much more!


Plus, once you’ve modified your document using Soda PDF Desktop, you can simply click on the mail icon at the top of the application and send the file to your recipients directly from Soda PDF Desktop! 


Work from any web browser using Soda PDF Online

MAC users, have no fear! All of these 6 powerful document workflow tools can also be found in our fully-featured online PDF software solution, Soda PDF Online:


Soda PDF Online - All-in-One PDF Solution - Soda PDF


Rather than use several different online tools from several different web links, Soda PDF Online allows you to modify any document to your needs directly from any web browser on any device with an internet connection.


That’s right, just like with Soda PDF Desktop, you can edit, create, convert, merge, split, secure, comment, E-Sign PDFs, and much more all from one simple software!


Create an account & enjoy a FREE 7-day trial to Soda PDF!

Ready to put Soda PDF’s easy-to-use tools to work? Simply log in to your Soda PDF account in order to get access to your tools via our software solution.


Haven’t created a Soda PDF account? Get started for FREE! Best of all, whenever you create a Soda PDF account, you’ll get access to our entire suite of PDF tools & services with a 7-day trial version, allowing you to get a taste for our powerful document management software.


Be sure to download Soda PDF Desktop or work online from any web browser using Soda PDF Online and accomplish your document goals faster than ever using our powerful, easy-to-use PDF tools!

6 Tools You Need To Use for Easier Document Management
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