Adding watermarks with Soda PDF

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If you include a watermark in your documents, they will look more professional and help to promote your brand identity. With Soda PDF’s Watermark features, you can quickly add and edit watermarks to multiple documents. In this brief How-to, we’ll show you how to add and remove watermarks using Soda PDF’s Edit Module.

Access the Watermark Feature

Open the Edit Module within Soda PDF and select the Watermark feature.

Configure Your Watermark

Your watermark can be altered in a variety of ways. Whether you select a text-based or image-based watermark, you have total control over how it appears.

Make your choice of font, size, color, and style for text-based watermarks.

Alternatively, to create a personalized watermark, upload an image file.

The watermark’s scale, placement, rotation, opacity, and position are all modifiable. You can set these settings as your default with just one click. To make sure you’re satisfied with the changes, you can also preview them.

Apply Your Watermark

Step two after configuring your watermark is to apply it to your documents. You can streamline your workflow and save time by applying watermarks to multiple files at once with Soda PDF’s Batch Watermark feature. Click “Apply” to add the watermark to your document.

Remove a Watermark

With the Edit Module, you can get rid of watermarks from your documents. Under “Remove Page Marks,” choose “Remove Watermark.” By choosing the particular pages you wish the watermark to be removed from, you can get rid of it from your documents.

With Soda PDF, adding and removing watermarks has never been simpler. Enhance your documents with unique watermarks that reflect your professionalism and brand identity.

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