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Best Screenshot Apps



Today, we’ve got all of the best apps for taking a screenshot on any device. Whether it be Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, or any other device, there’s an app for capturing screenshots.


Imagine being able to edit, annotate, organize, and store all of your screenshots then instantly add them to collaboration tools like Slack or Trello. Pretty awesome, right?


Your days of Command + Shift + 4 are gone–if they ever existed in the first place!

The Best Apps for Screenshots – At A Glance

Here’s a brief overview of what we cover:

  1. Screenshot apps for Andriod users (2019 update)
  2. The best screenshot app for Windows
  3. Screenshot apps for Mac (Free and paid)
  4. Best high-end screen capture software


And here’s a list of the best apps for taking screenshots in order of performance:

  1. Snappy
  2. Cloud App
  3. Lightshot
  4. Marker
  5. Tinygrab
  6. Camtasia
  7. Greenshot
  8. Screenie
  9. CleanShot
  10. Skitch


Ready to start taking screenshots? We thought so!


Snappy – The Best Overall Screenshot App in 2019 (Best Features)



  1. Price:  FREE
  2. Coolest Features:  Sharing Features, UX, Price
  3. Works On:  Mac


Snappy is hands down the best screenshot app for Mac in 2019, and in our opinion the best overall on the market now.


It’s already used on 2 million smartphones, and by big names like Microsoft (Ever heard of them?).


It’s so feature rich that we can’t believe it’s 100% FREE. Snappy takes screenshots (“Snaps”) in a single click from your browser, then lets you share, annotate, password protect, and even resize your snap all from the same window (So you don’t have to have so many tabs open).


Check it out:



From there, Snappy makes sharing your screenshots with colleagues, friends or family a breeze:



The overall UX and price give it the top spot easily. No other app even comes close to the usability, quality, and convenience while maintaining powerful features and annotation.


Cloud App – The Best App Functionality



  1. Price: FREE – $9
  2. Coolest Features: GIFS!
  3. Works On: Mac, Windows, Linux


Cloud App might be the best screenshot tool available in terms of quality, but the price and UX of Snappy banished this app to #2 on our list this year.


That being said, Cloud App is next-level though. It’s a screencasting, gif-making, screenshot-taking powerhouse. Really, if not for Snappy’s great interface, Cloud App would have surely snapped #1 on our list.


Check out these features and tell me that you’re not impressed with what Cloud App can offer:

  1. Enhance your screenshots to take beautiful shots
  2. Streamlined arrow and box creation
  3. Insta-blur sensitive info
  4. Emojis



Did we mention you can also create GIFs to explain difficult information?


Cloud App is the best tool out there for enterprises. It even gives you access to analytics so you can see who has viewed your content and from where. The only issue here is you need to get a custom quote on pricing, we all know how that goes…


Light Shot 



  1. Price: FREE 
  2. Coolest Features: Search similar images
  3. Works On: Mac and Windows


Light Shot is a lightweight, fast, and super bare-bones screen capture program that works right out of your upper menu.



This is definitely the easiest software to use, and the instant share (You get a cool unique URL), save, and search functionality are super convenient.


You can even select different functions like copy or save using hotkeys.



Here’s the list:



Overall, we recommend this to users who are just looking for something fast and convenient. Nothing too special about the functionality here.


Marker.io – Screenshot And Bug Detection for Slack



  1. Price: FREE 
  2. Coolest Features: Slack integration
  3. Works On: Everything


If you depend on Slack for work, Marker.io is exactly what you need to send simple, visual instructions to team members (HOW DID YOU MISS THE MEETING AGAIN?).


Marker has all of the standard annotation features, except now you can turn them into direct Slack messages. Check it out:



The tool is best for collecting bugs and managing feedback. It lets you:

  1. Track feedback in one place
  2. Explain issues visually
  3. Instantly explain technical data like screen size and browser



We highly recommend it for designers, project managers, quality testers, and developers.


TinyTake – Maintain Your Entire History in the Cloud



  1. Price: FREE – $99/yr
  2. Coolest Features: Drag-n-drop file sharing
  3. Works On: Everything


TinyTake is another screenshot, screen-share, and video recording software that stores everything in the cloud.


What we love the most is that it stores all of your images and videos in a personal gallery for quick referencing and re-sharing. That and it’s easy to share large files with anyone even if they don’t have a TinyTake account (Rare feature).


Nothing gets our juices flowing faster than a drag-n-drop menu.



The gallery is simple and intuitive too. Just simply take a glance below and tell me this isn’t the cleanest and most organized gallery you’ve ever seen:



If you’re looking for a tool with one-click sharing, TinyTake is it. Just right click and you can instantly save or email your screenshot to anyone.


Camtasia – The Best Video Capture Tool



  1. Price: $249 
  2. Coolest Features: Too many to list
  3. Works On: Everything


Camtasia isn’t a tool for screenshots per say, but it’s so darn good that we have to include it here.


Camtasia is actually a video recording tool that’s perfect for tutorials, recording meetings, explainer vids, YouTube, and webinars.


Check out some of these features:

  1. Royalty free music and sound effects
  2. Titles and annotations
  3. Import presentations
  4. Create quizzes


That’s just the first layer of this delicious cake, too. Anyone can make a professional video with little to no experience.


Simply record your screen, add effects, throw in some music, and you’re done. The interface is extremely simple to navigate and almost self-explanatory.


It even comes with a mobile app, so you can quickly transfer footage and other files from your phone into the software.


Greenshot – Open Source Screenshot Software



  1. Price: FREE or $1.99 in the App Store
  2. Coolest Features: Open source plugins
  3. Works On: Everything


Greenshot might look like it’s from 2003, but don’t be fooled. This open source screenshot software is quick, lightweight, and 100% FREE. And for all of the tech geeks out there, it’s open source, meaning you can install a huge range of plugins.



That’s great from a user perspective. You get a super fast program, but can add a ton of functionality as you go along.


TIP: Dropbox is a MUST!


We personally like how easy the editor is on the eyes. Take a look:




Screenie – Take Timed Screenshots



  1. Coolest Features: Timed Screenshots
  2. Price: $9.99
  3. Works On: Mac


Screenie is another screenshot program for Mac with one amazing feature: Timed screenshots.


Let us explain…


You know sometimes you want to take a screenshot with a hidden menu, drop-down menu, or maybe some extra info that only appears when you hover over an icon? It’s basically impossible with most basic screenshot sites.


A timed screenshot lets you initiate the process, do whatever you’ve got to do on the screen, THEN take the shot.


It also stores all of your images in a searchable database and lets you change image file type.


CleanShot – Customize Your Screenshots



  1. Coolest Feature: Hide Desktop Icons
  2. Works On: Mac
  3. Price: $19.99


CleanShot is a cool, sleek screenshot app that gives you total control over what shows up in your screenshot.


Get this, you know how some screenshots are so cluttered you can’t tell what’s going on? CleanShot lets you REMOVE ICONS from your desktop within the screenshot. Isn’t that awesome?


Just click the hide desktop icons function in the menu and they disappear.



BONUS: CleanShot makes it super easy to take screenshots of just a window. Like so:



Super helpful when recording videos or taking screenshots to help your team. The downside is the price. $19.99 is a bit steep for our blood considering the lack of bonus features. If hiding your icons is worth it for you, go right ahead.


Skitch – Take Screenshots for Evernote



  1. Price: Included in Evernote Subscription
  2. Coolest Features: Integration with Evernote
  3. Works On: Everything


Evernote is a godsend for busy professionals. It’s basically the only thing holding our lives together at this point. If you’re looking for help keeping track of your busy life, be sure to check out our how-to guide on note taking with Evernote.


Skitch is the native screenshot app for Evernote, and it’s a huge help for students, professionals, teachers, and anyone else that needs screenshots, screen casts, or annotated videos for teams, groups, or classes.


The editor comes with one cool feature that we haven’t seen yet: Stamps. You can put questions marks or even a REJECTED stamp right into the screenshot. Pretty cool!


You also get mini image editing capabilities like crop and resize. It doesn’t have any crazy powerful features, but it’s fast, simple, and already integrated into Evernote.


TIP: You can recapture a snapshot with Skitch, meaning you can take the same shot over again instantly for further explaining.




Q: What is the best screenshot app?

A: Snappy or CloudApp in 2019.


Q: What is the best free snipping tool?

A: Either Snappy or CloudApp. Read our review and choose which suits you best.


Q: How do I make screenshots clearer on Android?

A: You can make a screenshot clearer on Android by using an app with enhancement capabilities. CloudApp is the best in 2019.


Q: How do I take a screenshot in high quality/definition?

A: Apps like Snappy and CloudApp let you take incredibly high-quality screenshots. In fact, all the apps on this list do.


Q: What is the best free screenshot app for Mac?

A: Snappy.


There you have it! The best screenshot apps for every device. Let us know which one you’re going to use and what you think. We really feel like these apps are a game changer at work, school, and home. Enjoy!


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