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The Best Online Fax Services (Send Faxes for Free!)


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Need to send a fax quick for personal or business reasons (What year is it)?


We’ve reviewed the best free and paid fax services for personal and business use. Sending a fax is actually really easy – and could even be free. But if you choose the wrong service, you could pay extra and put your personal data at risk. 


Stick to a trusted service reviewed here.


Online Fax Services: The Surprising Reason They Still Exist


Faxing – that Stone Age technology long surpassed by superior technology (EX: The horse and buggy) has almost totally gone extinct.


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Or has it?


AmericanBanker.com reports that there are over 43 million fax machines still in operation. And Business2Community.com reports that over 17 billion documents are faxed annually.


Oh, and it gets crazier. In Japan, perhaps the most advanced nation on Earth, 100% of businesses used fax machines as of 2013!


So why are people still using a technology that’s already in the Smithsonian Museum?


Seriously, there are fax machines in the Smithsonian.


Actually, there are some real reasons:


  1. Fax Machines Don’t Require the Internet: All you need is a landline, something even very rural areas have.
  2. Faxes Can be More Secure Than Email: When was the last time you heard of a virus sent via fax?
  3. Faxing Still Has Higher Legal Standing: For example, signatures sent via fax are legally binding, whereas emails are generally not depending on jurisdiction.
  4. Reliability: Assuming you’ve got the correct phone number, there’s no chance your fax ends up in the spam folder. You get a confirmation as soon as the receiver gets your fax. With email, you don’t.


OK, so now you know WHY you need to take a trip back to 50,000 BC and use the modern equivalent of flint and wood. But what exactly makes a GOOD online fax service?


There are dozens of services, so why choose one over the other?


Here’s the criteria we considered:


  1. UX: As always, UX is first and foremost. Chances are you’ve never used an online fax before, so a simple user interface is key. All of our selections are super simple (Aside from one).
  2. Speed: You’re already wasting precious time sending a fax when you could be emailing a document, so the least we could do is recommend something fast! These services will send your faxes in minutes or less.
  3. Fax to Email: Most online fax services send faxes as email attachments. Some make this very easy. Others make it inexplicably complex.
  4. Cost: Most of the options here are either paid or “Freemium” where you get a small sample of the software for free but have to pay to unlock more features. Paid services are perfect for businesses but useless for one-off personal use. If we were you, we’d stick with #1 if you’re looking for the best FREE online fax services.


OK, without further adieu. Here are the best online fax services for 2020:


The Best Online Fax Services of 2020


Here’s our list of the best online fax services of 2020:


#1 The Best Free Online Fax Service for Personal Use – Fax Zero


FaxZero is by the far the fastest and easiest way to send a personal fax anywhere in the US or Canada for FREE.


And unlike pretty much every other service on Earth, FaxZero gives you up to 5 faxes a day for free PLUS they replenish every day. Just enter the sender’s info plus the receiver’s name and fax number, attach your docs, and enter whatever text you want to appear on the cover page.


BOOM, you just sent a fax. If you need a quick, free way to send a fax to the government, medical facility, or any other reason, this is by far the best.


And remember what we said about ease of use? Yeah, you can’t beat it.


FaxZero - Fax Information


One big downside is that the free version of FaxZero includes their branding on your cover page. It’s not a big deal unless you’re a business, then it looks very unprofessional.


In that case, we recommend option #2.


#2 The Best Online Fax Service for Business – eFax


eFax is the world’s leading enterprise fax solution, used by millions of customers worldwide in industries like:


  1. IT
  2. Health (HIPAA)
  3. Legal
  4. Financial
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Real estate




Most fax services just send faxes over the web. eFax takes it a step further with added compliance help, fax annotation, mobile apps, added security, and more features than you’d ever expect for Stone Age technology.


They’re the leading choice for enterprise fax clients, but they’re still perfect for small businesses. Their cloud fax solutions let small businesses and startups save on operating costs while still allowing for nearly infinite storage and unlimited faxing capacity.


Here are a couple of reasons eFax is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized companies:


  1. Both local and national numbers: eFax empowers your company to do more business both nationwide and in your own neighborhood. They give you a local fax number so neighborhood clients trust you more and they also give a nationwide toll-free number even if you’re a one-man-band.
  2. Lifetime storage: Securely store all of your faxes online for the lifetime of your subscription, and easily access them at any time through your client dash.
  3. Mobile app: The name says it all. Fax anywhere at any time from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Can’t beat it!


Of course, all of this comes at a price. eFax plans start at about $14/mo billed yearly. And if you need a corporate solution, you’ll have to get a custom quote. It won’t be cheap but it’ll be worth it.


If you don’t have that kind of money, keep reading.


#3 The Best Online Fax Service for Small Businesses – FaxPlus




FaxPlus gives you a reasonable facsimile (See what we did there?!) of eFax but with plans starting at $4.99/mo billed annually and the ability to pay monthly if need be.


That’s why it’s great for small teams and solopreneurs with heavy fax burdens (Is this really real?).


The Basic plan only gives you 100 faxes per month, but it gives you a dedicated fax number, mobile app, eSignature, and unlimited secure fax storage.


Personally, we loved the interface so much more than most other services. It’s extremely easy to navigate and the colors are really easy on the eyes, that way you won’t feel worse than you already do about having to send a fax.


If you want to kick it up a notch and get the higher tier plans, you can even integrate FaxPlus into slack or Zapier. Perfect for remote, agile teams!


#4 The Best Affordable Online Fax Service – SRFax




SRFax is the next best option for cash-strapped entrepreneurs and very small businesses that has two key selling points.


  1. Their lowest tier plan is only about $3/month and it comes with email to fax
  2. There’s a 60-day free trial – NO QUESTIONS ASKED


If you’re really cash-strapped you can use the limited version and cancel after a few weeks (Not that we recommend it. Only use in case of emergency).


As far as features, you can’t beat it for 3 bucks. Fax to email, local download (Keeps your files on PC), and the SRFax printer driver that lets you send a fax using ANY PROGRAM, so you don’t waste time logging in or fumbling with programs you don’t understand.


#5 The Best Online Fax Service for High-Volume Faxing – Nextiva


Nextiva is an all-in-one business phone suite that also offers faxing – and lots of it.


The lowest pricing plan ($8.95) comes with 500 pages total. That’s like a short novel of faxes.




And if you go over your allotment, it’s only 3 CENTS per page. That’s 70% less than other services on this list. 70%!


It’s got all of the features you could possibly need, and most of them are the same as the others you’ve already seen so no point wasting your time. Just know that this is the service you need if you foresee a heavy dose of faxing in the near future. How ironic to use the word “future” when talking about faxing.


Online Faxing Plus PDF!


The beautiful thing about online faxing is almost all support sending PDF docs, including our #1 option, FaxZERO.


So in case you need to make medical records, legal documents, real estate papers, or any other type of signed, official document using Soda PDF, it should definitely work with online faxing. If it doesn’t, choose a program that’s with the times!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the best online fax service?

A: The best online fax service depends on your budget and needs. Do you need something cheap? Go with FaxZero. Need something for business, choose eFax.


Q: Is online faxing safe?

A: Yes, online faxing is safe and most services use multiple types of security technology to secure your sensitive data. Sending a PDF is even more secure since they can’t be altered!


Q: Can I send a fax in Gmail?

A: Yes, you can send a fax in Gmail. Enter your recipient’s fax number followed by @Fax. Then attach whichever doc you need faxed, and let gmail handle the rest!


Archive your faxes with Soda PDF


The portable document format, or PDF for short, is a perfect medium for archiving your faxes and keeping all of your important documents in one centralized place.


You can even archive PDFs containing your faxes, taxes, legal or medical documents by converting your file into the PDF/A format. But you’ll need a PDF editor for that.


Luckily for you, Soda PDF is the best PDF software on the market and is available online or offline. Edit, create, convert, merge, split, annotate, secure, sign and yes, archive your PDFs with ease. Our easy-to-use tools make accomplishing any and all of your document goals easier than ever before.


Get a taste for Soda PDF today with a FREE download of our desktop application, or try one of our powerful online tools directly from your web browser!

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