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The Best Online Survey Makers (According to Need)


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We’ve put together a list of the best online survey makers. Want it?


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Just kidding. 


There are dozens of survey tools out there, but each one serves a totally different purpose. 


Oh, and if you choose the wrong one, your whole lead capture strategy will either cost way more than it should or won’t be capable of handling all the leads coming in (ask us how we know…).


Here are the tools we use on a regular basis in our business.


First, Why Not All Survey Makers Are Created Equal


Survey tools are awesome. We just want to say that.


How else could anyone make a fully functioning survey that converts cold traffic into warm leads in a fun, engaging way? And all with 0 coding experience?


And the cool thing is, even the most basic, FREE survey tools cover pretty much everything a business needs. You can use any of the free tools on this list and capture tons of leads for free.


But there’s a problem…


Some form makers are afraid to commit to you: They’re great in the beginning, but when you turn the pressure up, they buckle.


What we mean is, they’ll do fine when your traffic is low, but once it starts to pick up and you’re getting a lot of submissions, they might stop working. The result? You lose a lead.


Don’t worry, all of the ones on this list have proven to work either based on our own experience or on research from other companies.


What are the best online form builders out there?


Survey says…


The Best Online Survey Tools 2020


#1) The Best Online Survey Tool Overall – Survey Monkey


Survey Monkey is the world leader in online survey creation and trusted by 98% of fortune 500 companies.


No other platform offers this level of power for turning insights into action and drastically improving the efficiency of your business.


Survey Monkey’s intuitive platform empowers businesses of all sizes to quickly create surveys, quizzes, pop-ups, and just about any other type of form in existence.


But its real advantage comes from how it provides feedback on your insights.


Most online survey tools just create surveys and give you some feedback. Survey Monkey offers insanely powerful insight tools that analyze that data and spit it back to you in the form of actionable business insights.


You can:


  1. Gather information from their worldwide audience
  2. Use their market data to test your business strategies
  3. Use their experts to create marketing campaigns
  4. Optimize customer feedback with their Customer Experience service


That’s just the beginning. If your business is serious about using customer insights to grow, this is the ONLY option.


Of course, it all comes at a price (and quite a steep learning curve).


If you’re a smaller business or solo act, keep reading.


#2) The Best Free Online Survey Tool – Google Forms


Google once again dominates everyone by taking our top spot for the best free online survey/form creation tool. It’s not Survey Monkey, but it’s pretty dang good.


It’s the easiest, cheapest ($0!) way to collect valuable info from customers, and it features tons of design options and color schemes.


With Google Forms, any business can build a quick survey, questionnaire, or form, collect valuable data, and analyze it for improved business results in minutes. And it’s totally free.


All you have to do is take the “Embed Code” from the form and directly paste it onto your site, then BOOM—you’ve got a fully functioning form.


Added Bonus – Google Forms connects directly to Google Sheets, so you can easily import, organize, and analyze all the info you bring in to further optimize your business.


Google Forms is a bare-bones survey maker compared to other entries on this list, but it’s simple, powerful, fast, and free. You’ll have 0 issues if you only need a basic form builder.


If you need something with more power for your blog, keep reading.


#3) The Best Online Survey Tool for Bloggers – Convertful


Convertful is an insanely powerful online form builder for bloggers that turns visitors into customers with some of the most engaging pop-ups, scroll boxes, games, and other awesome tricks we’ve ever seen.


It’s the highest-rated form builder out there, and no other survey tool has all of these cool games attached to it:


  1. Spin the wheel
  2. Scratch card
  3. Segmentation surveys
  4. Welcome videos


Convertful is lead capture software, but the survey aspect is so strong that it made this list.


Why you’ll love Convertful


There are few brilliant features that make this the choice for WordPress bloggers:


  1. One-click installation – Just click, install, and you’re ready to go. Doesn’t get any easier.
  2. Anyone can use it – The interface is cleaner than Mr. Roger’s rap sheet (we hope), and the drag-n-drop editor is very intuitive. We had 0 issues building our custom form and we’d never even used it before.
  3. Match to your website – Most survey tools either make life a living hell trying to customize the color or don’t even offer the option. Convertful is fully customizable, so it’s easy to match the form’s color to your brand.


And the FREE plan is all you need to get started. If you want to upgrade, prices start at $9/mo.


#4) A Fun Online Survey Maker – Typeform


TypeForm is one of the most popular survey makers for 2 reasons:


  1. It’s extremely easy to use
  2. It does things completely different from competitors


The interface is just as clean as Convertful, but the tool is even easier to use.


And unlike pretty much every other tool on this list, it delivers each question to you one by one, making it easier to edit in precise detail or put more thought into each question (resulting in more accurate and useful feedback).


Next, it delivers each question to the user one-by-one, which increases the fun and engagement of the form. Seeing 12 questions to answer all at once puts a lot of visitors off.


There’s a reason why Apple, Nike, and Airbnb use TypeForm….


Bringing questions to life like this is the most user-friendly way of collecting visitor data. It even comes with free access to millions of images and videos, making your surveys even more engaging.


The downside is there just aren’t as many customization options or business insights. So it’s kind of in a no man’s land right now. It’s not as powerful as Survey Monkey but not as easy as Google Sheets or other alternatives.


Still, it’s really awesome, and if you like a very modern, engaging visitor survey, TypeForm is it.


Bonus Mention




JotForms is a quick, easy, and relatively new survey tool that makes this list for one reason and one reason only:




Templates on templates on templates. They’ve got 300+ survey templates ready to go right out of the box.


Need event feedback? Check.



Employee training feedback?


Rate My Website Form


It’s all here and then some.


JotForms isn’t as powerful a survey builder nor as in-depth an insight tool as the other entries here, but if one of their templates fits your need, it can save you tons of time and effort.


Instead of building your own form and customizing it, just take one of their templates and paste it into your site.


Of course, if you need heavy customization options or deep business insights, it is lacking.


All in all, it’s definitely worth a look.


Did you know you could create forms with Soda PDF?


We might not be SurveyMonkey or Google Forms. And you definitely won’t find any spin the wheel games, but Soda PDF is perfect for creating simple forms and even surveys.


If you want to make a fillable form, just click on the Forms tab:

Forms Module - Soda PDF 12


And Soda PDF gives you a ton of options to create a form:


Form Fields - Soda PDF 12


Here’s a quick list of what you can add to your forms:


  1. Highlight Form Fields
  2. Text Field
  3. Check Box
  4. Radio Button
  5. List Box
  6. Combo Box
  7. Digital Signature
  8. Push Button


Bet you didn’t know we were that cool, did you?


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the best online survey?

A: The best online survey tools are Survey Monkey, Google Forms, JotForms, and Convertful


Q: What is the best online survey tool for academic research?

A: The best online survey tool for academic research is definitely Qualtrics.


Q: How can I do a survey online for free?

A: You can do an online survey for free by using a free online survey tool or a paid survey tool with a free option. Some are Survey Monkey, SoGo Survey, and TypeForms.


Q: Is Survey Monkey free?

A: Yes, Survey Monkey is free up to a certain point. A Basic plan allows up to 10 questions along with other limited features. From there, you’ll have to pay.


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