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Best PDF viewer for Linux operating systems


pdf viewer for linux

So, you’ve decided to make the switch to Linux – now what? There’s always a learning curve when you adopt a new OS, and Linux is no different.

At least if you’re trying to figure out which PDF viewer is compatible with a Linux OS, you’ve come to the right place.

The best PDF viewer for Linux is by far and away Soda PDF, although there are alternate options available, too.


Why Soda PDF?

Since Soda PDF has a web version that allows you to access all PDF features online (including its PDF viewer), all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser to complete any PDF task on Linux.

Soda PDF Online basically gives users the freedom to use PDF features without having to download a desktop application. It’s convenient, reliable, and portable.

Best of all, all essential features are offered for free.


What other features can I use?

Soda PDF Online is way more than just a PDF viewer. It’s equipped with a full set of PDF features, including:

  1. PDF viewer (incl. cbz & cbr)
  2. PDF converter
  3. PDF editor
  4. PDF reviewer
  5. Forms creator
  6. Security options
  7. OCR
  8. E-Sign

There’s no other PDF solution that will offer your Linux system all these features without even having to download an app. So, Soda PDF Online is a no-brainer.


Does Soda PDF Online have annotation tools?

Sure does. Soda PDF Online is the “Jack of all trades” of the PDF industry. It has an array of annotation tools at your disposal, such as:

– Digital sticky notes

– Highlighting

– Underlining

– Strikethrough

– Stamps

– Shapes

– Freehand pencil



Although Soda PDF can offer you a full-featured web-based PDF solution, it does not have a downloadable desktop app for Linux OS. So, if you’re looking for an offline PDF viewer for Linux, Evince is a great option.

Evince supports the following file formats:

– Portable document format (PDF)

– Postscript

– Djvu

– Tiff

– Dvi


– SynTex

– Cbr, cbz, cb7 and cbt



Another viable option is Okular. It offers more than just a PDF viewer; it also allows you to annotate your pages and use markup tools such as highlighting and underlining.

Although Okular can handle basic PDF tasks, it does not support advanced ones such as PDF converting, editing, forms creation, OCR, E-Sign, etc.



If you’re looking for a PDF solution that offers both basic and advanced PDF features, Soda PDF is the only one that can get the job done. All you need to do is open the web app in your browser and start using your PDF viewer for Linux.


Don’t believe us? Give Soda PDF Online a try!

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