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The Best Smart Home Devices 2020 (Practical and Affordable!)


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Welcome to our best smart home devices guide for 2020. 


Before we get to the show, listen to some cool things that happened to the office this week:


  1. A cat owner watched in shock as a litter box changed itself 
  2. A machine reheated our cold pizza perfectly
  3. One employee was literally forced out of bed…by their RUG!
  4. Someone’s lighting got emotional and turned blue on its own
  5. A set of lost keys played Marco Polo with their owner (Sort of…)
  6. One guy from IT sat in his hammock while his grass cut itself (His wife was none the wiser…)


We’re going to share the best, most fun, coolest smart home devices so you can live life your way.


“Alexa, play the best smart home gadgets of 2020”


Amazon Echo Alexa - Soda PDF


Overview of the Best Smart Home Devices of 2020 (Alexa, Next, Echo, Google Home, etc.)


WARNING: This is unlike any other smart gadget review out there.


We wanted to get a little weird. Dare we say even have a little fun in the process!


You already know about Amazon Alexa and all the Google smart home stuff. So we’re going to stick to the fringes, and bring you some must have devices for the home.


  1. The Litter Robot – A Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box
  2. Alarm Clock Rug – A Robot That Rips You Out of Bed
  3. Nanoleaf – Lights With Emotions and Rhythm
  4. Tile Pro – Never Lose Your Keys Again
  5. Verdmo Wireless Soil Moisturizer – Save Water and Keep Your Plant Friends Alive
  6. Amazon Smart Oven – “Alexa, microwave my pizza”
  7. Husqvarna Smart Lawn Mower – Your Grass Now Cuts Itself
  8. Smart Egg Tray – Your Fridge Tells You When Eggs Go Bad
  9. Kohler Smart Toilet – Sit on the Iron Throne
  10. Hatch Baby Grow – A Smart Changing Table and Scale


This is going to be a ton of fun!


#1 – The Litter Robot 




Litter Robot - Soda PDF


The Litter Robot is the solution for cat servants that never want to scoop again!


Now, your master’s bathroom will automatically clean itself and leave a fresh pad of litter every time. The result? No odor, no litter all over your home, and no stains on your floor!


Here’s how it works


Instead of tracking their litter all over your home, the Litter Robot instantly separates the clumps from the litter into the box below. You just empty your master’s tray into the garbage like a good servant, and problem solved.


350,000 cat servants no longer scoop. Now it’s your turn!


#2 – The Alarm Clock Rug


Ruggie is the alarm clock for sleep lovers.


Ruggie - The Alarm Clock Rug - Soda PDF


This smart rug literally rips you out of bed. You have no choice but to get up and step on it to turn it off. No snooze button available.


This is the alarm clock reinvented, and the easiest way to a healthy, productive day even if you sleep like a rock.


Good Night's Sleep - Soda PDF


Setting your feet on the ground is the best way to wake up in the morning. It signals to your brain that it’s time to get out of bed and start crushing it.


Instead of that groggy feeling you get laying in bed, your mind and body get a jolt of adrenaline and you’re ready to take on the day!


Our Favorite Feature – Ruggie


Here’s the coolest feature. You know how you always dream of taking on the day the night before, but hit the snooze button 10 times in the morning?


Ruggie prevents all of that. You normally have to step on it for 3 seconds to turn off the blaring alarm, but your previous night’s self can change it to up to 30 seconds to force you to get up!


Talk about prepping for the next day!


#3 – Nanoleaf Rhythm Lights


Nanoleaf Rhythm Lights - Soda PDF


Nanoleaf Rhythm lights turn your favorite songs into symphonies of color.


These triangular-shaped lights recognize music rhythm, and automatically sync to the beat. That way, they bob and jive in line with the drums and bass, creating the ultimate light show.


They’re the perfect addition to any man cave, studio, kid’s room, or even bar! They even chance color to reflect mood.


NOTE: Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


#4 – Tile Pro


Never lose your keys again. Now THAT’S a powerful tagline.


Tile Pro - Soda PDF


Tile Pro is a tiny tile that attaches to your keys and lets you keep track of them right from an iOS/Android App.


Next time you lose them, they’ll RING loud enough for you to find them anywhere. The app can even show you their physical location in case you drop them.


If you’re especially clumsy (Like us), Tile has your back. They’ve even got a smart sticker you can put on your phone in the life-altering event you lose it.


Check out their products on their….wait…where did we put that link?




#5 – Wireless Soil Moisturizer 


What if your lawn could talk? NOW IT CAN!


Wireless Soil Moisturizer - Soda PDF


Nevermind how awkward it would be apologizing for all those years of cutting it with a blade (More on THAT later).


The smart soil moisturizer from Verdmo automatically detects when it’s time to water your plants, garden, or lawn, then tracks your water usage. This one tool saves up to 40% on water usage alone.


The best part? Set up is done in 5 minutes. Set it up, connect, and watch as its sensors tell you exactly when your lawn needs water and how much to feed it.


How did we EVER live before this?


#6 – Amazon Smart Oven


Amazon Smart Oven - Soda PDF


Amazon’s smart microwave is a struggle-free, stress-free, certified for humans device.


This 4-in-1 kitchen must-have is another Amazon Alexa or Echo gadget, and comes with over 30 built-in presets like preheat, flip your food, or thaw.


Here’s the most amazing part…


You can scan select packages (With their app) for heating instructions, and the smart oven AUTOMATICALLY learns how to cook it (The end is near). No babysitting the microwave, no guessing games, no nothing. Just delicious food cooked automatically.


Amazon Smart Oven 2030 Meme - Soda PDF


Unlike most devices on here, this one is ACTUALLY easy. Just plug it in, connect to the app, and tell it to start cooking. The microwave can fit a 5-pound chicken!


#7 – Husqvarna Smart Mower


This mean, green, automatic lawn mowing machine keeps your lawn the envy of the neighborhood rain or shine with 0 effort on your part.


Husqvarna Automower 115H Robotic Lawnmower with Smartphone Control - Soda PDF


This smart mower from Husqvarna works with Amazon Alexa or Google Smart Home. So you only need your voice to make it start mowing.


Don’t worry about it going haywire – it’s bounded by an invisible fence (Kind of like those dog fences your annoying neighbor has). And you can control the path via your app if you need to.


It’s good for up to .4 acres and 2.4 inches of grass. And no worries about disturbing the neighbors, it’s basically silent. So you can even run it at night!


#8 – Smart Egg Tray


The Smart Egg Tray from Quirky and GE ensures you’ll never eat bad eggs again.


Smart Egg Tray - Soda PDF


Talk about life changing.


This app syncs to your phone so you can view how many eggs you have at all times. And even show you which ones are oldest. That way you can eat them first and maximize your egg efficiency.


As if this weren’t awe inspiring enough, the app tells you when an egg has gone bad, saving you from mild inconvenience.


#9 – Numi Intelligent Toilet


This is the closest thing to the Iron Throne outside of Westeros.


Numi Intelligent Toilet - Soda PDF


Behold: The Numi Smart Toilet from Kohler.


Built-in wifi, Bluetooth compatible for your favorite playlist, heated seat and a foot warmer_this is the ultimate bathroom experience.


Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and fumbling for the cold toilet seat in the dark. Now imagine being guided to the toilet via an enchanting blue light and being greeted by a warm seat.


Then, when you walk away, the toilet flushes itself and turns off your music.


Need we say more?


#10 – Hatch Baby Table and Scale


Hatch Baby Table and Scale - Soda PDF


The Hatch Baby Grow smart changing table and scale is parenting reimagined.


The plush foam upper is the ultimate experience in child comfort, but that’s just on the surface.


This changing table tracks weight, feeding sessions, growth, and diaper changes. Then, it facilitates easy sharing via the Hatch Baby App.


Not only is this one of the most comfortable baby changing tables, it is the ultimate child health smart gadget. Is your baby getting enough breast milk? Is their growth on the right trajectory? Are they the right weight compared to other babies?

You can do it all here!


Which gadget is your favorite? We asked around the office, and our top 3 were unanimously the litter box, automatic lawn mower, and the alarm clock rug. If we had to pick an absolute favorite, it would be the litter box.


Let us know which one you choose!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I use smart home devices?

A: Most smart home devices are extremely simple to set up. Just connect them to the app, configure the settings, and start using. For example, the Amazon Smart Microwave connects to the Alexa app, then it’s ready to start taking orders.


Q: What is a smart device?

A: It’s hard to say exactly what a smart device is. But it’s most commonly a device that connects to wifi and works either automatically or mostly automatically. Basically, it’s a machine that you can configure using an app, then set it to work on its own.


Q: Which smart home devices are available?

A: There’s a smart device for nearly everything. The list is endless. Some of the most popular are:


  1. Smart home cameras
  2. Smart microwaves
  3. Smart TVs
  4. Smart lawnmowers
  5. Smart lights and window shades


Most of these devices either make life far more convenient (Smart lawn mowers) or more efficient (Smart bulbs save energy).


Q: Are smart homes bad for your health?

A: No, absolutely not. There’s no serious health risk. That is, unless you’re addicted to shopping for new gadgets.


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