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Human Resources: How to Keep Candidate Resumes Organized


Candidate resumes

Hiring a new employee takes time. Finding the perfect employee for the position takes even more time – that’s why it’s called a hiring process. Luckily, there are ways to simplify the process. Follow these simple steps to learn how to organize candidate resumes and make the hiring process fun again!

The Hiring Process

When a company is looking to hire a new employee, there are several steps they must follow before making a final decision.


The HR manager must:

  1. Go through all the resumes that have been submitted
  2. Choose the ones that are the most relevant
  3. Review and compare each one to pick the top candidates to interview.


Once the top candidates have been chosen, they will go through an interview process. During, the candidate will be tested to evaluate their skills and qualifications to make sure they are a right fit.


There can also be a preliminary phone interview to make sure the candidate is serious about the job. The HR manager will then schedule an in-person interview to further discuss the role with the candidate. 


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Next Steps

At this point, the HR manager will probably have already communicated their top picks with the hiring manager of the department. The manager of the department can then choose to be present during the interviews or can let the HR manager take the lead.


If the interviews and testing go as planned, the HR manager will pick the top candidate and will run reference checks as well as background checks. If all goes well, the HR manager will make an offer. 


Annotating Candidate Resumes

Thanks to document management software such as Soda PDF, you no longer have to print out candidate resumes and make annotation by hand. No more looking around for a highlighter. No more post-its. No more red pens.


With PDF software, you can do all those things with a touch of a button. You can easily add digital sticky notes with your personal comments and use the pencil tool to draw whatever you want.


You can also use the highlighter and the underlining tools anywhere on the candidate’s resume. Even add shapes such as arrows if you want to point something out.


The best part about all the digital annotation tools is that even if you print out the candidate’s resume to bring it with you to the interview, the annotations will be printed, too!


Comparing Candidate Resumes

If you want to compare and read through two candidate resumes at the same time, Soda PDF has an exclusive Side-by-Side View feature that lets you view two documents side-by-side. You can scroll each individually or synchronously so it’s easier to compare different candidates’ skills and experiences.


You can also annotate and edit each document independently without having to switch between tabs. This will save you precious time and boost productivity.


Forwarding Resumes to Hiring Managers

Sending candidate resumes to your hiring manager is easy when done electronically. Once you save all your comments and annotations, you can send the top resumes via email for feedback.


If your company uses cloud storage to share and store files, you can simply save the top resumes in a shared folder instead of emailing them. Soda PDF has cloud storage directly integrated within the software. Som you can send your files either to a shared Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or Box folder.


Hiring the Best Candidate

Once you’re ready to make an offer to the best candidate, you want to hurry the process along and get them to sign the contract as soon as possible, especially if they have other offers lined up. The best and fastest way to get a signature is by doing it electronically.


Electronic signatures are very safe, and they save you the time and energy of sending the contract to the candidate, having them print it, sign it, scan it, and returning it to you. Soda PDF has an integrated e-signature solution that allows you to prepare and send contracts for signature within minutes.


The candidate would then simply have to check their email, open the contract, and e-sign with a click of a button. By simplifying the signing process, you increase your chances of signing on the top candidate before someone else does.


Sounds easy, right? So stop wasting time and money, and start hiring with Soda PDF today!



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